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Week 12 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • Week 12 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    Another week, another big favorite goes down and takes 35-45% of pools with them as TENN sucked Texan tailpipe the whole game...At home...In the rain! No such thing as a lock and playing the big faves consistently is gonna catch ya with your panties down at some point. I don't know if there's a Survivor archive but the biggest percentage loss rate for a one-month period must have been achieved these past 4-weeks.

    CLEV almost made an even bigger wipeout but held on against the lowly Lions for a W...I was sweating it, as I was on them, but every week is a close one for me so my BP only goes to 200 over 150...The Fireball helps!

    I know Compass is alive, and Steamplay is still in the mix. If anyone else is still in a pool, chime in and let us know so we can root you on!

    Week 12 is not the easiest week as there are many close matchups...Depending on how you've picked so far, you hopefully have a team or two to choose from with some sort of confidence, not that it amounts to anything the way the last month has gone, but advance anyway you can.

    Adam 2 is down to 21, so a big fave going down could take it down to single digits in a blink. Zag when the majority are zigging and chop time is close at hand. Adam 1 is down to 69. Million Dollar is down to 409.


    Not a huge amount of obvious games, but there's gonna be a lot of winners, just a matter of being on one!

    [email protected]DAL leaking a little oil, but at home on a short week helps. LV hasn't shown a lot lately, but as we've seen, on any given Sunday (Thursday!).

    [email protected]NE on fire and at home. TENN without Henry at RB have been a little lost. They need to dig deep to right the ship as playing Lord Belichick and a team getting better and better, and see a division title up for grabs.

    [email protected]Well, the last second Lamar scratch almost cost me my Survivor Pool Rollover thing I've been doing so you reallllllly need to be sure you have healthy stars ready to go. The Thursday deadline for Adam pool players is a handicap in this era of Covid.

    [email protected]The G-men have some good tools but they don't have any consistency. PHILLY is showing a lot of spunk and Hurts will be tough to contain and might be a division game to be on.

    Get through this week is all you can focus on...Hold out for every last piece of news you can get and hit the button!

    Good luck to those that are still in pools!!
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    Thoughts on BALT or PHILLY??? I have NE to use but hoping to keep them for Week 17 IFFF I get that far as there's a good chance I'd be in double-pick mode.

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      Circa is at 134.

      Knowing all remaining entrants have to pick a winner on: T-giving Day AND Sunday/Monday.

      Looking at the Sunday/Monday sked - IT IS BRUTAL! No "Gimmies"............. let's do this: How many people do we think will be left in Circa after Week 12? I'll go with: 50


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        GL to all alive.Looks like Dallas gets a lot of plays this week,if they lose and you are on right team,go collect.My guess same as yours,about 50.


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          Still in it but man rough week AND Picks have to be in by Wednesday at 11 east time

          Not crazy about anything lol

          Dallas has injuries
          gotta get past this week

          is Wilson playing??


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Wilson will play but I don't trust Seattle as far as I can throw them with the offense in disarray. Washington football team is good enough to be competitive especially at home on Monday night when they know everybody is watching....
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          • Aztec10
            Aztec10 commented
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            I think WFT is a viable optiin this week. Seabirds are toast, and offensuvely can't get out of their own way. Russell is the 2021 crab, cowers in the pocket when protection breaks down. Tough week no matter who you have left to choose from. Good luck.

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          Still alive - tough week coming up here. Waiting for injury reports to come out. Currently have Dallas locked in from weeks ago planning, but that may change with latest injuries.


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Semaj35... Are you in one of Adam's pools?

            After what we've seen the last month it's hard to trust any team against anybody, right?!

          • Semaj35
            Semaj35 commented
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            Yes Adam1. I agree very hard to trust.

          • Seahawk Rick
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            Great job being alive.... Compass and Steamplay are with you. Let's have you be the final three!!

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          I have Philly and Baltimore to use but I'm even looking at teams like Chicago and Houston. Will leave New England for another day.

          Philly and Baltimore both division games which is always a little scary no matter how much better you think one team is than another.

          Chicago with the Red rifle at quarterback is an upgrade over fields the way he's been playing and they have a decent D.

          Jets are sucking hind tit and and HOU has some swagger off the Tennessee win.

          I know, crazy thoughts but looking to find a way to week 13.

          Suggestions are welcome....


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            I usually make the cut line 1% - I don't think I've ever seen 14-teams get to that mark. Tells you Week 12 is tough, and many have burned a lot of good teams. Who was betting that CHI & HOU would be on the board?! LOL! Hell, I might be on one of them! ;-)

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20211123-121540.jpg Views:	21 Size:	203.5 KB ID:	23941
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              I lost all the real stuff that counts but I do have one entry left in a DK free league and another in a free one on a different site.

              Obviously a very tough week.

              I already used DAL BUF CIN

              so I get to choose from NE BAL PHI


              • Seahawk Rick
                Seahawk Rick commented
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                A pool is a pool! Win it!

                I'm a little leery of New England only because Tennessee is no slouch but without Derrick Henry they've had a tough time finding their way but I expect them to be ready to play against the Patriots. NYG

                You really got to wait and see how Lamar Jackson is going to be at late scratch was a big surprise to everybody considering last Friday they said he was doing fine. Cleveland seems to be a mess and not sure how a very banged-up quarterback it's going to fix anything versus Baltimore if they are at full strength with Jackson at QB.

                I do still like Philadelphia though even though it's a division game. Just a matter of if a new offensive coordinator will spark the NYG offense or just leave them the way they've been, which is mediocre. I'm going to watch the Philly / New Orleans game and get a feel for how well they played as New Orleans was without a number of their players but still they jumped on them early.
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              As Compass alluded to, 8:00pm Pacific Time WEDNESDAY deadline for Adam's pools this week!!!!!
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                Looked through Adam 1...One guy with 3-picks left and another with 2. In Adam 2, there is one guy with 2-picks left.


                • Semaj35
                  Semaj35 commented
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                  Sorry, but what does this mean?

                • Seahawk Rick
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                  If I read it correctly there is one person that has three entries left in Adam 1 and another person that has two pics left in Adam 2... Maybe I didn't look at it correctly but I'll go check.

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                Watch out on Chi

                Det maybe the play for betting purposes

                Looking at Washington for pick

                still have TB left so hearin is the conundrum
                Use best team in NFL if it loses I didn’t leave it on table
                find something else to wit Washington or Philly ?


                • Seahawk Rick
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                  I've got time to mindfuck myself on all this. Leaning Philly as of now but have BALT to use and if Baker is gonna start, I might go BALT as he's a Trainwreck right now.

                  Hard for me to go against Seachickens as that usually blows up in My face. If I don't take WFT, they'll win!

                  TB against Indy? I'm not signing off on that one. Take HOU over that option!! 😁

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                Easiest way to decide on this... if your life depended on it, who would you take? (it is your surivor life! lol)


                • Seahawk Rick
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                  I don't trust any of them!!! If I had DAL to use, I'd probably take them even though they are the top dog. Philly and BALT are on my radar.
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                Why did the NE line jump so much?


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                  Adam Pool Summaries...

                  Adam1 Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20211124-203159.jpg Views:	0 Size:	179.9 KB ID:	24012

                  Adam 2

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20211124-203320.jpg
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Size:	133.7 KB
ID:	24013

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