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Week 12 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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    Went with Cincy
    good luck to all except the Steelers


    • Seahawk Rick
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      May Ben the rapist choke on a drumstick...

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    Went with Dallas this week. Was a toss up between them and Patriots for me with titans ravaged with injuries. Decided on Dallas mainly because it appears CEEDEE is going to play. Other than that they are pretty healthy and LV is reeling.


    • Semaj35
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      Also I can save patriots for week 17 vs the jags. I honestly didn’t like Dallas anywhere else with their schedule.

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    Philly or BALT...That is the question...


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      Seahawk, always tough duty from where I sit taking road division favorites in survivor pools. No doubt the beagles look enticing due to what they have done the past few weeks. As you like to point out no locks in this league, but brownies continue to run out a beaten down qb which I think negatively affects their game plans. Mayfield hasn't been in the same area code as his receivers when taking shots down the field. Thinking out loud is all, and I am leaning toward your texans in my pool. Happy Thanksgiving.


      • Seahawk Rick
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        Yeah, as I've posted, if I hear Baker is gonna start, I probably go BALT.

        Jalen Hurts is a good runner and will give NYG fits I feel.

        If I have enough cocktails Saturday night, I might be on HOU!

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      The guy with two entries left in Adam 1 put them on DAL/HOU.

      The guy with three entries left is in DAL/DAL/HOU/
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      • Seahawk Rick
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        As Uncle Seahawk has said many times, if you only have a few picks, DON'T double-up on teams...He went from the driver's seat to trying to hail an Uber.

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      With the CLEVE win, Whooooooo let the dogs out?! Woof, woof, WOOF-WOOF!!...Lizzy let the dogs out...RUN, RUN, RUN-RUN!!!!!...Damn!

      W1: SF (W)
      W2: DEN (W)
      W3: NYG (L)
      W4: NO (L)
      W5: TENN (W)
      W6: INDY (W)
      W7: CAR (L)
      W8: SEA (W)
      W9: BALT (W)
      W10: TB (L)
      W11: CLEV (W)
      W12: HOU

      The future is so bright, you gotta wear shades!!!

      Click image for larger version

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        Putting NE in the mix too along with BALT and PHILLY.

        Was gonna use them Week 17 but can can make that week work with double picks likely...If I get that far.

        If I lost on Hou, I'd have to bury a hatchet in my skull . .
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          OK...Too much back and forth in my little Irish/German brain this week for me to think straight, so I called up John Clayton of ESPN fame that does local radio here and told him PHILLY or BALT are my main options and he likes BALT if he had to pick one of the two.

          Hopefully the Professor is prophetic...

          I'm putting my seatbelt on as it's gonna be a bumpy ride...And I have to wait all day for it to play out as it's SNF. Pass the Fireball...


          • Aztec10
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            Looks like the professor was prophetic about the beagles