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2021 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week 15 (Dec 16-20); Post Plays Here

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    POW 10-4
    Pitt +1 South Point
    Last chance for Pitt to stay alive.Tenn not really playing that well last 4,Pitt extra rest and line seems to favor Tenn.Close game but Big Ben wins one for VOLO.


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      NFL P.O.W. (6-8-0)

      Washington +12.5 (WYNN)

      This is a division game between two teams that are fighting for their playoff lives. Eagles will have an advantage at
      home, but the WFT will show up. This should be a close game. Washington did all it could to help Dallas win last
      week , and still had a chance at the end. Their performance should be better as the playoff odds get shorter.
      "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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        NFL P.O.W. (5-9 YTD)

        Tampa -11 (MGM)

        Staying with the hot hand. Tampa is hitting their stride, and they should keep rolling, especially at home and New Orleans without Payton.


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          Just a quick clarification on rules. If anyone submitted a play on any of the 3 COVID games this week which have been postponed by 48 hours, do they still have action for purposes of this contest? Different books have different house rules and treat this situation differently, some would still have action, some would be a refund. Wasn't sure how we were handling postponments for this particular contest. I used the first half total in the Browns game. I am happy to stick with my selection but if I need to select something else, I will do so.


          • gcotton
            gcotton commented
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            Making this executive decision now.....All plays made are still good. If for some reason a game is not played by Tuesday evening, any selections on those teams/games will be awarded one half point (0.5). I know not everyone will agree with this rule, but it is the only way I can think of keeping it fair, for the most part.

          • RacingCat
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            Seems reasonable to me, ultimately it's the same for everybody. Thanks for the reply.

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          I just posted this as a comment to RACINGCAT:

          Making this executive decision now.....All plays made are still good. If for some reason a game is not played by Tuesday evening, any selections on those teams/games will be awarded one half point (0.5). I know not everyone will agree with this rule, but it is the only way I can think of keeping it fair, for the most part.


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            Arizona - Detroit Under 47.5 BetMGM

            Letdown game for Arizona and Detroit reverts to its old inept self. After I saw on Vegasinsider that since 2015 Arizona
            is 14-0 to the Under as a Favorite of 7+ and Total is over 43 1/2. So theres that.


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              POW YTD (8-6)

              Cincy bungles +3 @ the donkeys Superbook 11:50am PST

              I'll bite as the number keeps moving denver's way. Don't know what I am missing, guess we'll find out tomorrow. Reading that games at altitude late in the season tend to favor the broncos. My eyes tell me denver is not a good team. Teddy 2 gloves as a dog is always a play, as a favorite not so much. I think burrow and mixon will both have big games. I don't see denver being able to run for 150+ yards and milk the clock, which from my vantage point is the only way they can win the game. Couple of deep strikes early to chase and higgons, wind the clock late with mixon. All said and done, I see cincy winning 27-17.


              • florabamaboy
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                my fav play of the day +3. Bengals play much better on the road than at home. Plus this is a must win game for them. and they have much more talent on offense.

              • Aztec10
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                Ugly game but they don't ask how right

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              POW 9&5

              OVER 44.5 new england-Indi Treasure Island 44.5

              History shows a lot of overs between these 2 teams.
              Brady out of the history books here but relacemtn wants
              to keep filling the shoes.


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                2021 NFL P.O.W. (7-7-0)

                Can't stop the bleeding. I've fallen from 7-2 to 7-7.

                Indy -2 -110 Caesars and Treasure Island

                Huge game for Indy at home. Not quite so big for the Pats. Mac Smith will be rusty, having only thrown the ball 2 times last game, so long ago.


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                  2021 NFL P.O.W. [11-3-0]

                  Chicago +6 (Circa)

                  I'm going back to the well and going against the Vikes. Traditionally they do not do well at Soldier Field in primetime. I think the Bears do enough to keep it close either way. I have a feeling this will be Justin Fields' breakout game.


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                    NFL POW (6-7-1)

                    Dallas Cowboys -11 (South Point)

                    Cowboys have most of their key players healthy again and have been playing good defense forcing turnovers, while the offense has been putting up points. The Giants got destroyed by the Cowboys with Glennon playing earlier in the season in a game in which he threw 2 interceptions, and I think we will see a similar outcome in this one.


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                      NFL POW (10-4)

                      Miami Fish -9.5 (All Respectable Shops)

                      Got cocky after clinching the playoffs and now I'm paying for it with a 3 game slide. So will also go back to the well to the source of my last win: Fading the Sad Sack Jets. Miami rolling with a 5 game winning streak. Tough final 3 games so for Miami to have any shot at playoffs will have to have a win here. Zach Wilson looking more and more like a draft reach....Tua looking less and less like one. Miami had me sweating this pick in the Meadowlands a month ago but fortunately they stopped the Jets on the goal line with a minute left to preserve the cover. Don't think this one will be as hard. Zach is going to have to introduce himself to his receivers as his regular guys are injured or Virused. Jets also will probably be down 2 OL starters. Jets historically stink against Divisional opponents having covered only 22% of last 23 such matchups. The Fish own them, covering 9 of last 10. Miami pretty good home favorite of late, covering 9 of last 11 such decisions. And where is the Jets Defense? Wasn't Robert Saleh supposed to be a Defensive Genius? (Funny how great defensive coaches suddenly aren't so great when they no longer have great defensive players....Cough, Cough, Pete Carroll, Cough). Jets dead last in points allowed and dead last in yards per play allowed. Don't believe Miami is a worthy double digit favorite but with the Jets coming to town, anything is possible.


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                        POW 7-7-0
                        Carolina-Buffalo Under 44.5 (MGM)

                        Doesn't matter which QB is on field for Panthers, Bills D can dominate here. Keeping the Carolina point total low ( pitch a s/o?)
                        Going up against top ranked pass D, Allen will rely on his and RB legs and long time eating drives.

                        Buffalo 21-3



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                          7-7 Buff u 44 1/2 BetMGM Bills are desperate and pissed off after almost pulling one out of the fire last week in TBay. Panthers struggle to score and Allen may be limited to the pocket with his foot sprain. Look for the Bills to dominate this one in wintry Orchard Park.


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                            NFL Pow. 9-5

                            Saints +11. Wynn

                            Division dog who always plays Tampa tough including beating them in the last 6 regular season games. I see another close game Kamara is back for the Saints and they keep it close…take da points here