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Week 15 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • Week 15 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    Since Week 8, we've been through Cat 5 Hurricanes, then F5 Tornados, then some Sharknados and an earthquake...But Week 14 brought an eerie calm...Are we in the eye of the hurricane, or are we on the starting line of a highway to hell leading to Week 18?! Who the hell knows!! The main thing, we all live to fight another week, unless you were on LV! LOL...Geez KC, pump the brakes! ;-) CHI gave Compass and anyone else on them some reason to do a few shots, but A-Rod is A-Rod, and there was never a doubt in the end.

    Each week you survive, makes it tougher and tougher to find the better teams left for the stretch run...I'm in a pool where I have to pick TWO teams this week as there are 158 left and it had to be under 100 to have a single pick...Ugh.

    I'm sure you'll find a team to have some confidence in as you've mapped out a game plan weeks ago when you realized you were getting to low numbers in your pool.

    ADAM 2 could end at any moment with only 6-players left so staying off the big favorite might get you a big chunk of change in a hurry. ADAM 1 has a little longer to go, but it could get to a point where a chop happens with one upset.

    Let the games begin!


    [email protected]BUFF had one hellava comeback vs the World Champs Sunday and I wouldn't want to be CAR heading to Billsville this week as they are fighting for their playoff lives and if Josh Allen's ankle is OK, they'll be very tough to beat.

    [email protected]MIA is in the playoff hunt...Yes, they are, that's not a typo. They haven't been taking down the marquee names for the most part, and NYJ isn't a marquee name, so MIA should be able to take down their division rivals at home off a bye week. They'll probably be one of my two picks.

    [email protected]DAL has a big number to cover on the road vs NYG that might not have Danny Jones this week. NYG looked like dog crap vs LAC and DAL keeps finding a way to not beat teams big that they should beat big to be considered an elite team. Gotta think DAL can get the W with NYG limping along without Jones at QB and Saquon not his old self.

    [email protected]ARI has won all their road games...Sorry DET, your MINN magic won't help much here. DET had a huge Covid and injury report vs DEN, so they'll probably get a number of them back, but it's a tall order to take on ARI that has much more talent all around than the kitties.

    [email protected]9ers playing solid football with Kittle just playing like a man among boys. ATL still in the WC hunt and will try to make it interesting but in they end, SF has too many weapons to overcome. I'll probably use them as my 2nd pick as of now.

    [email protected]Tommy and the boys looking like they did last year at this point. They pounded BUFF until the didn't. They just have the feel they can still get the number one seed. NO will give them a game for a bit, but TB the stronger big brother and will give the Saints a noogie at home here Erin Andrews does therapy with a mascot.

    [email protected]The Lambs own the Seachickens and I don't see where they'll stop the Rams' pass game where Stafford might pass for 400-yards. Beat HOU last week like a drum doesn't vault you into the playoff race. IF SEA wants any chance at all to sneak in the playoffs, they have to win, but it's a very tall order unless they pull out all the gadget plays.

    Don't overthink it, but think about what the other players have left to choose from because if you are in a pool with single or low double digits, some hay can come your way in a hurry if you don't follow the herd...

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    CLEV just put 9 players into Covid protocol.... Check your team up to the minute before the deadline to make sure you don't get screwed by the BIG C!!!!


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        7 Rams on Covid list and counting...


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            Phins or niners is where I’m at


            • Seahawk Rick
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              I'm on both as now with my double pick madness...

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            Covid thing playing havoc with the contests
            say you saved the rams or clev or any team to get this far
            now what good did that do??
            Im looking at many teams this week but now have to reconsider them all…


            • Seahawk Rick
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              Yes, the Thursday deadline is a killer for Adam's pools. You don't know how many players might be back by Sunday for some if the teams and practice is disrupted

              Gotta find teams with no Covid and hope to the Survivor God's that nothing happens before Sunday. Brutal

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            Nota Bene:
            Watch out and read your pool rules regarding games postponed also forfeited games-- All pools are different and don't get caught trying to pick a slam dunk Covid game this week when, in fact - if it's postponed and the season is over- is game isn't played game is considered a loss--

            Meanwhile-- Looking at Dallas-- Az and Philly but worried about Philly due to rules in pool----


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              Can we trust Miami with all this covid ???


              • Seahawk Rick
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                What's the latest with Miami? Will focus on stuff tonight as I have a Sunday deadline.

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              Crazy thought for those still standing. What about jacksonville now that they have rid the room of the urbanator stink. Many teans have a game or 2 of a new coach bump. The jags are free, and I think young trevor has his best game of the season as ge doesn't have to listen to the whiny ass bitching from meyer evety time he goes to the sideline. Davis Mills, really?? His 1st win as a pro will be on the road?? Just saying....


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                I am still afloat in a pool, 3 of us still standing in the 2nd tier. They both have miami, why not take a shot w/ the jags?


                • Seahawk Rick
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                  IF I had two entries left, I'd think hard about using JAX...The carefree feeling can help them for sure. I'd put a grenade in my mouth if they knocked me out with many good teams I could have used instead of them. If I do 8-shots of tequila Sunday morning, maybe I go on them! ;-)

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                i LOVE Jax this week
                you make good point’s

                I have az and Dallas and Philly so

                looking at what others have to pick as well
                ss my choice

                but I think Jax wins


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                  ADAM POOL SUMMARIES....

                  Spread out fairly well, but it will be hard to go another week with zero being knocked out.
                  ADAM 1
                  Click image for larger version

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                  ADAM 2
                  Click image for larger version

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                    OK Boys...

                    I'm in double-pick mode and have a map through Week 17, as Week 18 is a crap shoot to plan for and I'll take my chances if I get that far. Have a couple of decent teams to juggle in Week 17/18 if I make it that far.

                    Have SF and MIA to use, but our good friend Volo says MIA has LOTS of injuries. They come off the bye, but doesn't mean they got a lot of players back. MIA will be a very popular pick IMHO as people want to save as many good teams as possible and steal a pick with a team like MIA. Need to look at them closer before shutting door...Gotta survive.

                    I'm thinking of PHILLY some as WTF has 20 on the Covid list right now...Doesn't mean many can't get two negative tests 24-hours a part, but it doesn't mean a ton will make it back by Sunday.

                    QB Hurts is still nursing the high ankle sprain and is splitting reps with Minshew...Minshew played well vs. the JETS.

                    Just getting into my homework...Need to see Covid issues all the way to Sunday morning the way it's going. Yikes.

                    I might have some more options once I move the chess pieces around...


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                      LIZ HURLEY FANTASY SURVIVOR PICK....

                      Caught Lizzy's attention with two-wins in-a-row! I went over to her pad to celebrate, but the Amazon outfit I had on didn't work as she saw me on her security cameras and did auto-lock on her doors while several pit bulls surrounded me, and over the fence I went...Damn!

                      W1: SF (W)
                      W2: DEN (W)
                      W3: NYG (L)
                      W4: NO (L)
                      W5: TENN (W)
                      W6: INDY (W)
                      W7: CAR (L)
                      W8: SEA (W)
                      W9: BALT (W)
                      W10: TB (L)
                      W11: CLEV (W)
                      W12: HOU (L)
                      W13: LAR (W)
                      W14: LAC (W)
                      W15: PHILLY

                      She's practicing FG's as Covid could hit a team and she wants to be ready to play!!!!!

                      Click image for larger version

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                      • yisman
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                        Caroline just called and wants to know if she is available.