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2021 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week 16 (Dec 23 - 27); Post Plays Here

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    SF -3 MGM

    I should have grabbed this one earlier but thats ok, I still like it. SF wins this one by 7. Like two ships going in completely opposite directions. Tenn had the hot hand early and looked dominate with their rb king Henry. But now they are just looking for someone(s) to try and fill that gap. The defense is being exposed as they get tired because the offense isnt sustaining runs anymore. SF is finally getting everyone all humming together. Grappolo throwing for over 70%, deebo running/catching, and kittle is as dominate as ever. SF is a team to watch as they are getting hot at the right time. I will take the ship headed in the right direction. GL all.


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      NFL POW 9-6

      SF -3.5 (MGM and everywhere)

      I dragged my feet on this pick like a fool and now have to eat the hook. Oh well, I still think SF is the much better team that is peaking at the right time. Tennessee hasn’t been the same since Derrick Henry went down. I don’t see how they score on the SF defense to keep this within a touchdown.

      Good luck to all my fellow players sitting on 9 wins.


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        2021 NFL POW (8-7)

        478 Da Raiduhs Pick (WA)

        I am a diehard Broncos fan. But I am not stupid. Drew Lock is starting for us. That is all I need to know. I hope I lose because I have a bet with a friend on who will finish higher in the standings between these 2 teams. Loser has to donate $100 to the winner's fave charity and I do NOT want that to be me but if Broncos lose it almost certainly will be


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          POW 11-4
          New England -2 Circa
          First time on a favorite in a long time but I think if NE wins and KC loses one NE is one seed,a big advantage and Bill knows this.
          Last game NE because of wind won by running,this time bombs away and NE always tough after losing.Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends at VFV and be thankful for all we have.


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            NFL P.O.W. (10-5-0)

            George Burns was once asked what sex was like at his age-- in the 90's at the time--
            " It's like trying to put a clam in a coin slot"

            Somehow that story seems perfect for trying to find a game this week--


            I think there's some value here as after last two weeks Az stock has fallen--They are a better team than the public is thinking--
            Anyway-- we will see--
            Have a happy Holiday and good luck to all


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              Kyler Murray still a bit gimpy, maybe improving, but DeAndre Hopkins is out for the season, or almost all of it. James Conner is ? Indy is hot off a big win, so AZ is a good contrarian play. And now the line is moving up, so Indy must have some COVID issues?

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              I have been busy with work and family affairs this week, but I am pretty sure I can say this is by far THE VFV post of the year, LMFAO!!!!

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            Baltimore-Cincinnati Over 44 1/2 Caesars

            Both offenses get it going in a little bit of a shoot out. Defenses banged up a little bit and see that exploited by both.


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              Well I'm done for the year but good luck to all of you still in it and Merry Christmas!


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                NFL P.O.W. (7-8-0)

                LA Chargers -10 (WynnBet)

                Houston is down a lot of players to illness. Chargers really need a win to stay in the playoff hunt.
                Looks like a blowout unless LA gets lazy with a lead and allows a back door cover. Seems like Houston
                goes from bad to worse. They even played away the first pick in the draft. Chargers big. Hope everyone
                has (had) a Merry Christmas.
                "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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                  NFL POW (6-9-0 YTD)

                  colts +3 (MGM)

                  This feels like a trap with the line moving so much towards the cards but I don’t think home field is worth 3 points and I absolutely think the Colts are better than the Cardinals who have outperformed preseason expectations on the backs of players who are no longer get playing or fully healthy. I’ll take the 3 points here in a game I expect the Colts to win.


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                    NFL P.O.W. 8-7-0
                    Buffalo +1.5 MGM

                    Playing the revenge angle, and it's a very recent revenge angle and bitter memory for the Bills. Still have to overcome Coach Hoodie though.


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                      NFL POW (7-7-1)

                      Bears/Seahawks Under 42 (South Point)

                      These two teams are 24th and 29th in points scored, and Seahawks are 4th in points allowed. I see the Bears spending most of the game with horrible field position due to Seahawks excellent punter, and not being able to move down the field to have many opportunities to score. Wilson has not looked right since his injury, and Seahawks virtually eliminated from playoff contention as a result of loss to Rams, so expecting a fairly uninspired offensive game plan and performance as a result.


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                        POW 7-7
                        LA Chargers -6.5 1st half (Westgate)

                        My opportunity to get over the .500 mark, I'll go with a chalk play here. Both teams with numerous COVID issues but the Texans COVID situation is worse in my view with several offensive linemen on the COVID list. Their offensive line sucks even when everyone is healthy, what's it going to be like today?

                        Austin Ekeler's absence is overrated, mostly driven by fantasy football hype. I will be surprised if the Chargers aren't able to move the ball up and down the field against a bad defense. Chargers should jump on them early. I prefer playing the 1st half rather than the full game just to avoid the potential lackadaisical back door cover in garbage time (see Rams-Texans game from week 8).


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                          NFL POW 9-6

                          Vikings +3.5. BETMGM

                          Taking a shot w / Minnesota fighting for playoff lives as home dog. Stafford has struggled with Minny and hoping Cousins plays error free ball. GLTA !


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                            NFL POW.


                            Patriots -1. Westgate

                            this is for the Division. Remember the GOAT of coaching wants to prove he can win a SB with out the Goat of quarterbacking. Simply put he owns josh Allen and the Bills and can’t see him loosing here at home. Furthermore coach Bill has a phenomenal record coming off a loss
                            Patriots roll on here………


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                              2021 NFL POW (8-7)
                              Pats (PK - south point)
                              i think this line has moved in the wrong direction, I don’t see what advantage the Bills have gained since their last match up and Bills missing Beasley & Davis is doing them any favors. Pats are a bad match up for the Bills & also not many coaches better than Belichick off a loss (no shame in losing to the surging Colts).