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Week 16 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • Week 16 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    The Lion's pulled one out of their booty's and took down ARI Sunday in a stunner. ARI possibly flat after Rams loss the weekend before, but DET just outplayed them and had the fire, which we've seen many big dogs come up with vs a perceived elite team. It's the same story we've had most of the 2nd half of the season. Sorry Compass...If I had ARI left, I would have used them along with SF in my pool where I had to pick two teams. Just plain sucks.

    NO taking down TB knocked some folks of pools to be sure. No other upsets that kicked many out, but in the million dollar pool, 14 went out on JAX!

    Gonna make it quick as I'm going to go watch the Seachickens funeral vs the Lambs at some friend's house...At least there will be alcohol!

    Yisman is left in a pool I think...Anybody else?! Make yourself known!


    [email protected]Hard to say...If SEA beats LAR, they have more motivation...If they lose, who knows. I'm writing this before SEA game is played.

    [email protected]Expect CLEV to be back at full strength after they played LV very short-handed with Covid issues. GB is just playing great and finding ways to win.

    [email protected]NO knocks off Tommy Boy, but CAR doesn't match up like NO does with them and I'd expect a bounce back from TB here as Tommy will cut through this D.

    [email protected].See how PHIL looks and comes out of the game injury wise. On paper, they are the better team and with Hurts back in the lineup, that makes a big difference. Glennon at QB for NYG isn't a spark that will light off an upset bomb IMHO.

    [email protected]LAC played KC tough and will be up for a game with HOU that they have to win to keep pace in the WC and possibly the division. After the ARI/DET game, does LAC have a letdown? I'll probably use them as one of my two picks this week.

    [email protected]Yeah, PITT getting a few wins, but not against the talent KC has and on the road in a very tough place to play. TENN did everything they could to lose last Sunday. PITT will have KC's attention and they won't take them lightly. Kelce on Covid list but has a shot to be back with new rules on it all.

    [email protected]WFT will be on a very short week and the travel back from PHILLY shortens the week even more. DAL is playing decent, but not looking like the class of the NFC by any means

    [email protected]IF Goff doesn't QB, this is a possible under the radar pick and can keep you off a big fave if you want to play it that way.

    Covid rules are different this week, but check as close to your pool deadline as you can as if you hear of a few players having it, many seem to get it in short-order
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    I think KC is so low as this grid is based off people in Week 1 pools and have probably used KC already.

    Click image for larger version

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      If I have to pick two teams in my pool, have LAC and KC slotted in with PHILLY is to use also. Not sure if a strategy is use PHILLY possibly to get off a big favorite. The goal is to survive, so need to ponder. KC/LAC not very attractive going forward even though they are favorites in remaining games.

      Feedback always welcome!
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        Still hanging in Adam 2. LAC feels like the best lock but I have 6 of the teams you mention above left to pick. A lot of decisions to make


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Any talk of a partial chop?

          You are in the place where if you zag, and the others zig and they lose on the same team, you could win it all in one shot. I'm sure the others probably have some good teams left that you've looked over to get a feel for how they might choose.

          In the end, you've got options... Just a matter of how you want to play it.

          Let us know who you take after the deadline Thursday!

          Good luck!
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        TB knocked out one of my entries. That one was down to seven entries and I was one of them. Now it is three guys. That one had 150 to the winner.

        the DK free one is all I have left. It has 20k in prizes and 266 left, out of the original 146,982. It began in Week 6.


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Wow! Fantastic you are alive in a pool that big! Great job!

          What are your best options this week?

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        The Puzzle...

        Have some decent teams left and will assume I'll need to pick two each week I stay alive. I would imagine there would be some sort of chop in Week 18 no matter how many players are left, and how good they think their teams are they have for that final week.

        One school of thought is I don't hold back and fire the best bullets I have the next two weeks (W16 KC/LAC W17 BUFF/TB) and let Week 18 play out with NE/NO/MINN as options. Not super appealing, but whatever it takes to get to 18 is one way to look at it.

        A few scenarios...

        W16: LAC/KC -- PHILLY available too --- KC has a few Covid issues -- PITT still in the hunt but not in the class of KC right now IMHO.
        W17: NE & either BUFF or TB based on who most likely needs to win in W18, then take the other team
        W18: MINN & TB or BUFF -- MINN not the strongest of teams playing a division foe CHI in MINN -- Seeing how they play vs LAR & GB the next two weeks will be telling.

        W16: LAC/KC -- PHILLY available
        W17: NE/NO -- Leaves me BUFF & TB for W18 if I can see they both will need wins to stay at a higher seed -- Need to see NO beat MIA soundly W16 off the big TB win. Flat?
        W18: TB/BUFF -- As I say above, will they both NEED a win?

        Still messing around with other combos and a QB injury can shake it all up...Maybe there's another way to think about it I'm not putting in the mix.

        One way or another I'll be on the biggest faves in LAC/KC/TB/BUF/NE if I get a chance to use them all. We know how that's gone the last 7-weeks!

        Chime in if you'd like!

        Click image for larger version

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        • mtheller
          mtheller commented
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          Just my two cents....

          Week 16 - KC/PHI.....or LAC
          Week 17 - LAC (if not 16)/NE.....or a Zag on Chicago (gotta think that NYG has two high draft picks next year and is going for the best QB available)
          Week 18 - TB/Buff

        • Seahawk Rick
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          That would be a gut check of a zag going on CHI, one of my jinx teams! Lol.

          Figuring out if BUFF and TB will need wins W18 is a question I can't answer right now. I don't want one of them to have nothing to play for but seems like something will be on the line for both with only one team getting a bye. That might become clearer next week if I make it that far.

          Like not being on a division game if possible.

          KC and their Covid issues are giving me an unsettling feeling...
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        • Compass rose
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        Whatever you are doing keep doing it.I like all of the above and my advice is listen to no one and go with what you think best,GL my man.


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Agree Volo. I'm just trying to cover my bases on ways to look at different scenarios as it's a unique situation to be in with having to pick two teams.

          Can't plan for Week 18 much if I get that far until next week to see what teams really need a win or who might be locked into a spot. Most will need a win IMHO.

          We'll see! Gotta get through this week first!
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        No deal in Adam1. Proposal was $6k each and play on for the $200k, but someone struck it down......Dumb


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Happens every year. A good chunk of the time the greedy one wins money. You've come too far to not get something out of it.

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        NO to possibly start rookie QB vs MIA. Covid issues.


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          Torn on kc with covid stuff.


          • Seahawk Rick
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            With a Thursday deadline, you just don't know what will happen with guys going on or off in the next few days.

            I've got till Sunday morning, but if I had to get in a pick tonight, I'd pass on them. That's just me though!

            Maybe they all come back by Sunday, but who knows for sure!

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          Interesting someone went on SEA. Not that they can't win, but off a loss that knocked them out of the playoffs will have an effect. Not sure of CHI Injury/Covid situation.

          As mtheller said, no chop in either pool.
          ADAM 1
          Click image for larger version

Name:	a1w16.jpg
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          ADAM 2
          Click image for larger version

Name:	a2w16.jpg
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            I got another W for Lizzy for Christmas, and she was over-joyed! Well...As in over-joyed, she only pepper sprayed me with a half a can instead of the usual full can when I ran up to her on the street to tell her the good news! Damn...

            W1: SF (W)
            W2: DEN (W)
            W3: NYG (L)
            W4: NO (L)
            W5: TENN (W)
            W6: INDY (W)
            W7: CAR (L)
            W8: SEA (W)
            W9: BALT (W)
            W10: TB (L)
            W11: CLEV (W)
            W12: HOU (L)
            W13: LAR (W)
            W14: LAC (W)
            W15: PHILLY (W)
            W16: KC

            Oh yeah, I be HAPPY!

            Click image for larger version

Name:	lizw16.jpg
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              Million Dollar Pool Teams Left...

              74 have Chargers to use and most/all will use them...But not many with KC/TB/DAL. PHILLY is in the middle. SEA is gonna get some love most likely along with ATL.

              Tempting to not be on LAC in case the bomb goes off! Hmmmmmmmm....

              Click image for larger version

Name:	milllist.jpg
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                Like Philly this week- Gmen starting qb and team has covid issues like everyone else--
                Good luck Guys


                • Seahawk Rick
                  Seahawk Rick commented
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                  Thanks Compass...

                  Locked in on LAC like most still have to use.

                  Between PHILLY & KC for 2nd team I need to take see how Covid issues go with KC with Kelce and Hill on the list

                  PHILLY possibly without top two off left tackles and RB. NYG run D not good.

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                We chopped Adam 2. We settled on taking $4900 and playing winner take all for the remaining 45,100


                • Seahawk Rick
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                  Great! Good to hear everybody is going to get something out of all the hard work you put in to get this far!

                  Congrats!!! Now go get a piece of the 45k... Or all of it!!

                  Who are you on?

                • Mrvolo
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                  Adam 2 not chopped?

                • Seahawk Rick
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                  Adam 2 did the mini chop, Adam 1 didn't do one. I'm sure they will now with it down to six people.