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2021 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week 17 (Jan 2-3); Post Plays Here

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    POW 11-5
    cinny +4.5 South Point
    Home field and Cinny is a tough number right now and see this decided by a field goal.Happy 2022 and good health to all.


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      NFL POW 8 PTS
      BENGALS +4.5 bet mgm

      Bengals need the game a little more then the chiefs Bengals seem to have a little swagger ,I will take the 3 .5 .


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        8-8 Steelers +3 1/2 Points Bet Like the home dog here, especially with Pittsburgh's backs against the wall and facing a divisional opponent that usually results in a closely contested and hard fought game in the tough AFC North. I forecast a seesaw affair decided by a field goal or less and will gladly take the hook.


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          NFL pow 10-6

          Patriots -16-5. Westgate

          patriota have lost 2 in a row and rookie QB hasn’t played too well past month. They will run the ball then they will throw the ball and use this as a get right game for the young QB. I don’t see BB letting up here. Lay the big wood here……


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            NFL P.O.W. (7-9-0)

            Pittsburgh +3.5

            This may be the last home game for Big Ben which will make for an improved effort by the team. The Steelers have
            had good luck against the Browns on their home field in the past. Mayfield is still not 100% and several Browns are
            nursing some kind of illness/injury. Both teams need this game, but this will be Big Ben's night to shine . . . one more time.
            "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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              I forgot to post the source of the line. It is Circa.
              "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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                POW 8 - 8

                NY Jets plus 13.5 MGM

                I am just taking the biggest home dog. Sometimes its that simple.


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                  NFL POW 7-8-1

                  Dallas Cowboys -6.5 (Westgate Superbook)

                  Ever since Cowboys have gotten Dak and a few other key guys back from injury they have been playing good football on both sides of the ball. On the flip side, Murray has not looked the same since coming back from his injury, and Hopkins being out has certainly hurt. Cardinals defense hasn't been good against the run this year, and I think Cowboys exploit that with Zeke and Pollard. Two teams heading in opposite directions, and I think Cowboys win this by double digits.


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                    Las Vegas- Indianapolis Under 45 1/2 Circa

                    Even if Wentz plays game stays low and quiet as vegas shouldn't be able to put many points up
                    and Colts play on the consevative side.


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                      NFL P.O.W. (9-7-0)

                      Bengals +4 -110 (South Point, Stations and Caesars)
                      Cinci has a tight bunch and good team chemistry. I think they will be sky high for this game. Line keeps dropping. Should have grabbed it at +5.


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                        POW 8-8-0
                        Rams -6.5 (MGM)

                        Rams looking for division title with win, would like to care of it now rather than next week.
                        6-2 on the road.
                        Kupp and OBJ will run circles around the worst pass D, Baltimore will not be able to keep up against stacked LA D.



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                          POW 7-8
                          Giants-Bears UNDER 18.5 (Bet MGM)

                          ​​​​​​Have to go 2-0 over the next two weeks to advance to the playoffs, let's see what I can do. Just don't see where the points are going to come from here. Giants have been anemic on offense for weeks. Bears offense nothing to get excited about either. Looks like Andy Dalton will start today which means he is the 3rd different starting QB in the last 3 weeks for the Bears. Lack of continuity could be an issue on what is already a bad offense. The weather also looks like it's going to be rough this afternoon also. In a game involving teams from the two largest television markets in the United States, this just looks like a really boring game that most people will largely turn off at halftime. Just bet the first half so you don't have to watch the entire game.


                          • RacingCat
                            RacingCat commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Just to clarify, this is a first half bet only. I think I made that fairly clear in my write up but did not type it that way at the top of the post.

                          • RacingCat
                            RacingCat commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Well, I am officially eliminated now. I guess I should take into account when one team is so bad offensively that they turn the ball over and give the other team short fields. Simply embarrassing how bad the Giants are right now on offense.

                            Good luck to those who have advanced to the playoffs!!

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                          NFL POW 10-6
                          Detroit +8.5 (MGM)

                          Detroit is still fighting for every inch out there while Seattle could not care any less. Going to be a close game with a possible Lions W at the end.


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                            NFL P.O.W. (8-8-0)
                            Bills -14 (South Point)
                            Not a big fan of laying all these points but the Bills have done a good job of blowing out some bad teams and the Falcons have been blown out a few times themselves, dome team playing in really tough weather, Bills looking to solidify there playoff position, Bills rolling at the end of the season I hope the keep on stepping on the gas. Good luck all


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                              POW YTD (9-7)

                              da raidas +8.5 @ the dolts Stations 9:45am PST

                              Going to take a shot with this vegas team that controls their playoff fate. Colts getting many players back from last week's covid list which I believe has inflated this line a few points. Full disclosure this whole covid protocol has been challenging for my handicapping skills, or lack there of.... Expect the raiders to throw the kitchen sink at the colts defense this morning, even w/o waller. Who knows how carson wentz will play coming off the covid list as there hasn't been much info shared on the matter this week. Raiders seemingly alive due to smoke and mirrors, but think carr will throw a couple td's and jacobs will keep colts defense honest to a point with 75 + rush yards. Colts will get theirs, but raiders won't be deterred today. Game ends on a field goal, 30-27 Raiders!