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TARB's line ... National Championship

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  • TARB's line ... National Championship

    Georgia 3

    Fully expect that my line is higher than the books will open up at. I project that the books will open at Georgia -1.5 to -2.5 points.

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    Spot on. I'm a Bama homer but this is not a good spot for us. Hard to beat the same team twice in a year, and we have already exposed the weaknesses they had to fix. Only way Bama beats them imho is by running the ball, which we didn't try last game cause he was hurt. Georgia is going to be an angry vengeful dog, this national championship is likely to be a heavyweight title fight with blow to blow going the distance. After last nights game i think Cincinnati has a better defense than Georgia, they were outstanding.


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      I had it Georgia -4 before Saturday's games. Need to watch Georgia game before making final adjustments to power ratings, etc. (was running around with family and not watching very closely) but guessing I'm going to have it pretty closer to 2.5 or 3 and no real opinion on side.


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        Are U kidding me? Does head to head count.? Kirby Smart cannot beat Nick Saban period. Look what happened last month……..