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2021 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week 18; Post Plays Here

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    Originally posted by Winkyduck View Post

    Why? I clicked VI link and saw the line posted for Caesars. ANYONE could have done the same.
    Yes all is/was fine, but it's a play that provides too great an edge for this inner circle of participants.
    Okay as likened to beating a bookie. You advied others to do the same, which was noble.
    However had every guy here made this same play, it would have put a sour cherry on our humble challenge.

    GL with it just the same
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      Agree with a delay to Wednesday.
      Even contests at the books hold off on opening for play entries


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        As I did prior to this year's contest starting, I will gather suggestions this Summer and create a poll for all to vote on the ones I get. I already know that one of them will be waiting until Wed to start this thread each week. The only trouble with that is my schedule during the week. It's so much easier for me to start it on Sunday afternoons as I am normally home. But I will do whatever we vote on.

        If anyone has other suggestions, feel free to DM here or send me an email: [email protected]

        I won't reveal who suggested what, just that we received an idea.

        Thanks to all that help me out with this each week. And maybe one of these years I will actually make it to the playoffs of my own contest🤣.

        I will hand this thing off to Dave next week for the playoffs, as we use set lines and max units each week. I will post the final standings late Sunday (if no plays on the LAC/LV game) or early Monday at the latest.

        Beat of luck to all already in the playoffs and to those that make it in this week.


        • Bucky
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          Since the main issue appears to be with the VegasInsider site keeping stale lines for a few hours at the beginning of the week, I thought i would throw this out there: is there another site that could be used that is free for all that does not do this? I don't have an answer to it but maybe someone on here does? Or maybe it opens a whole new can of worms? Maybe something like VSIN?

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        First thank you for taking time to run this and the professional job you do.We all know some who enter are looking for a edge but to me that is not what this is all about.Why not just say no bets till lines are posted on Tuesday.Anyhow GL in playoffs.


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          2021 NFL P.O.W. ( 8-7 )

          Well, I wasn't able to defend my 2020 Regular season NFL P.O.W Champ, and it looks like I might not even make the Playoff rounds.
          So what does a guy do???

          He goes with the Worst team in the NFL, of course!

          Jags +15.5 ( BetMGM )

          Yes I know that's crazy to do and just after a beatdown by New England last week. losing by 40 Points!

          Well here are my reasons, and if I go down, I'm going down with a "Large Set" LOL

          In the last 12 games vs. the Colts, dating back to 2015, Jacksonville is 10-1-1 ATS

          also in those 12 games, the Home team is 11-1 SU

          in the last week of the regular season, these two teams played each other, with the Jags going 2-0 ATS and 1-1 SU

          and because of all that, I'm using the worst team in the NFL as my Win, you're in. Lose and I'm Out

          Good Luck


          • barnstorm
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            Those are some good trends. I've always wondered, what is the explanation given when someone counters with the argument that those trends were established mostly with players and coaches that non longer are involved with these teams now. And in Indy's case, maybe a playoff spot wasn't on the line. I guess a trend is a trend, but I'd rather find a trend for teams that need to win vs. home teams where the game is meaningless, or Jax might even being tanking for a better draft pick. If Jax wins and Detroit loses, Detroit gets the #1 pick. Of course, you just need a 15.5 point cover, not a win. GL!

          • IceTea 2
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            agreed that you would think with different players, coaches, etc. the trend wouldn't mean anything, how could it? but to me, it's more like a pattern. It's a way they play a certain team, be it a rival or whatever reason. Another example is KC vs. Denver. The Broncos haven't beaten KC since 2015? different players, Coaches, QB, but Denver still hasn't beat them.

          • Bucky
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            And to be fair, the Jags are used to it being a "meaningless" game on the last game of the regular season LMAO.

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          Thank you very much for running the contest, I believe I can speak for all of us [even though 99% of the time I wouldn't want to speak for anyone but myself] that we all appreciate what you do.
          Getting an advantageous line is what betting is all about, so keeping it the way you're doing it is fine with me. I very much also see the other side of the argument though and if you switch it to Tuesday/Wednesday then so be it, that would be fine too.
          You are putting in the effort, so whatever you decide is what we'll deal with.

          Thanks again and good luck


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            NFL P.O.W. [11-6-0]

            Pittsburgh Steelers +5 (Caesars) I think the Steelers keep it close and either lose by a FG or win outright. The Ravens are slumping and I think their season officially ends.


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              Coachv29, I agree, line shopping is a big part of sports wagering. But here, we are talking about an obvious flaw and bug in the system and Contest where a line is available on VegasInsider hours after it is no longer available at that Book or Casino. You would not be able to get that line if you walked into that Book or Casino in Vegas. It just hasn't updated on VegasInsider yet. That is not line shopping. That is taking advantage of a technical glitch in the website. That can be a couple of points or many points as we have seen recently. That's different than finding a legitimate half point difference of opinion in a line between Books.


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                Agree....not that big of a deal to me though.....I just feel like this subject can be taken a tad too serious.....but I totally agree with you.....good luck


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                  Philadelphia Eagles +5 Caesars

                  Eagles go into playoffs on an upbeat note. Just not convinced that Dallas has it all together yet and will take the home team here.


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                    POW 12-5
                    Bears +5.5 South Point
                    looking to go into contest playoffs on a winning pick and feel the games that mean something are too tough to pick.Chicago even when out of it still played hard.Vikings were eliminated last week and hope will throw in the towel and go through the motions.In a meaningless game go with who you think will play harder,so Bears.GL and for my friend Rick rooting for Tennessee to lose.


                    • Seahawk Rick
                      Seahawk Rick commented
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                      Go Texans!!!!!!!

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                    NFL P.O.W (10-7-0)

                    SF PLUS 41/2. Use MGM

                    To paraphrase Mr Dickens
                    ” It was the best of lines,it was the worst of lines”

                    Hoping this one gets 2 points—just a few games really matter this week this on does

                    I think SF -who has a terrific YPP average this year will at least cover in this one if not win

                    best of luck to all


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                      The one thing I am kicking around, and it is by no means going to happen without a vote, is to wait and start the new thread on Tuesday morning. I am very proud of myself for getting the standings updated each Tuesday morning (or Wednesday as was the case one week this season, lol).

                      Here is a little "behind the curtains" of how I do the report each week(as if anyone really gives two shits, lol): I usually go thru and grade all the plays at work and then change the spreadsheet at my desk before the day gets too crazy. I then email it to my home computer and then insert it to the website usually Wed morning. For some reason my network at work has VFV blocked🤷🏻‍♂️, lol...damn you local government, lol...I usually update the weekly total, as well as the YTD totals from my phone early on Tuesday morning. This would also be a good time to start the next week's thread. It would be somewhere in the neighborhood of around 7-7:30am ESDT. I would think that any issues with the opening numbers on Sunday being stale would be cleaned up at that point.

                      But again, this is totally just one idea I had when looking back at all my papers this morning. Will take every suggestion to heart and to the people for a vote.


                      • barnstorm
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                        Funny that your network at work blacks VFV. They probably have one of these filters on it that has a bunch of sites flagged and blocked, like porn and gambling and conspiracy theory sites, just so the employees aren't messing around on company time! :-)

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                      Definitely a filter thing…. When grocery shopping on Sunday mornings with the wife I can’t get on VFV or Vegas insider while I’m walking up and down the aisles….also blocked….lol


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                        9-8 Raiders +3 Bet MGM Taking the home dog here and giving myself a chance for the push. The final game of the regular season should be a barnburner and these games are always close. Vegas has turned the season around and get in with a win. The Chargers, on the otherhand, are (to quote Sir Winston Churchill) a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.