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2021 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week 18; Post Plays Here

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    POW 11-6
    LA Chargers -3 Bet MGM

    LA Chargers is 6-3 ATS in its last 9 games on the road.
    Las Vegas is 2-5 ATS in its last 7 games at home
    Las Vegas is 3-6 ATS in its last 9 games when playing LA Chargers
    Now you would think that this last game on prime time television would assist the home team.
    Lately, not so.
    Since 2015, the home team in the final prime-time game of the season has gone 0-5 outright and 1-4 ATS.

    Good luck to all.


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      NFL POW 9-8

      SF +4.5 (Westgate)

      Still trying to get playoff eligible and now down to a week of games with teams with differing motivation so rolling the dice with SF. My thinking is SF will play hard against a division rival and hoping the Rams and Stafford will do Stafford like things (can I get a few more of those tasty INT’s?!!).

      Best of luck to all and a huge thank you to GCotton for running another great contest this year.


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        NFL 2021 P.O.W. (10-7-0)

        Chargers -3 -110 (Westgate SuperBook) There are only 2-3 games that mean something to both teams and this one is pretty much an elimination game. I see that Waller might be back, but he's a game time decision coming off a knee and COVID. Jacobs is also nursing sore ribs, not good for a RB. And DT Hankins is questionable. I think the Chargers are pretty healthy as long as no COVID issues surface. As an Oregon Alum, I'm a Charger fan now rooting for Justin Herbert, but I'd also like to see the Raiders get in, so rooting for Jax to knock off Indy and Baltimore beat Pitt. That would put them both in if the Chargers win. Indy probably not going to lose to Jax though.


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          NFL POW 10-7

          Ravens -3.5. BETMGM

          Big Ben had his Heinz Field send-off on Monday night and now the Steelers have to head to Baltimore to face a revenge-minded Ravens squad. We've seenTyler Huntley be more than just effective thus I'll lay chalk and hold my nose the hook doesn’t get me.


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            NFL POW (11-6)

            Cincy +5.5 (BetMGM)

            Realize I'm a couple of Joes short of a starting Offense and I'm putting my fortunes on Woo Pig Sooie Journeyman Brandon Allen slinging it & Samaje toting the rock. But this line confuses me. Cincy doesn't have the Playoff experience to know they are supposed to tank the final week and stumble into the next round. Thanks to Drew Lock whiffing on that tackle yesterday, they now know they will not get the #1 seed BYE. Why not try to build on last week's great performance and roll into next week on a high note? They also have revenge from the improbable butt kicking the Browns laid on them earlier this year. In what world does this Browns team deserve to be nearly a touchdown favorite against anyone? Maybe Case Keenum comes in and impersonates SuperSub. Fine, give the tortured locals an exciting FG win and send them home smiling. Cincy has covered 7 of last 10 trips to CLE and has covered 8 of last 10 vs Browns when getting points.


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              NFL P.O.W. (8-9-0)

              Miami +6 (MGM)

              The Fins were embarrassed last week while the Pats put up 50. I am hoping the reverse plays out this week.
              The Pats probably won't have a lot to play for assuming Tennessee takes care of Houston and gets the top seed
              in an earlier game. Miami has always played the Pats tough in Miami, even when Brady and company was in their
              Super Bowl runs. Here's hoping the Pats are a little flat and rest a few players, while the Fins try to end with a winning
              record. Brian Flores would love to finish strong against his mentor, Coach Bill. It's do or die for me as well. Win and I'm in,
              lose and see you next year. GO FINS!
              "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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                NFL POW. 11-6

                2021 Champion

                been a crazy year picking games, Special Thanks to G cotton for running the contest and I do appreciate him sharing how he gets those standings updated! That awesome!

                week 18 pick…..49ers + 3.5 Westgate

                Everyone knows Mcvays Criptonite is the Shanahan and the 49ers. Mcvay can’t beat them and I know it is killing him. Again here the 49ers should be relative healthy and with Jimmy G. Deebo and Kittle they are 7-1 the last 8 times those 3 all played plus they won 5 straight against the rams. Don’t get me wrong the rams are playing better but last week they were All out to get by a depleted ravens squad that Cincy simply blew out the week before. Rams to Me are still overrated and going no where. Take the Niners here


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                  POW YTD (10-7)

                  Minnesota Vikings -4 v da bears Superbook 8:25 am PST

                  Looking for the vikes to send Coach Zimmer off with a win as I believe the team and coach will part ways after this game. Cousins is back, Cook will get the ball more than 9 times today. Jefferson was invisible last week, probably due to the qb impostor that is sean mannion. Bears have been playing well over the last month, and I think dalton/foles a better option than the fields kid. Don't see a lot of offense for these bears today unless the vikes implode with multiple turnovers. I think Cook gets 100+ combined yards plus a touchdown, and jefferson torches the bears back 4 with 150+ and 2 touchdowns. I believe vikings roll today, 31-13.


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                    NFL POW (8-9-0 YTD)

                    Chargers -3

                    Just last week the Raiders were 8.5 point dogs against a Colts squad that didn't have their QB at practice all week. Now we expect them to stay within a FG of a team that was 1 stop away from winning the division? I think this mostly comes down to whether you believe in the incredible home field advantage the Raiders will have this weekend - and I just think that won't matter much for a team that plays surrounded by opposing fans in their home stadium. I think this line should be Chargers -3.5 and, needing a cover and not a push to make it to the playoffs, that is essentially how I will be playing it anyway. I also loved Jets +16.


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                      2021 NFL P.O.W. (13-4-0)

                      Miami Dolphins +6 (MGM)

                      I like this side for multiple angles actually. NE has historically always struggled in Miami. Even Tom Brady with a Dynasty went 8-10 in Miami versus the division cellar-dweller for a decade. I think Miami is prideful and this game matters to them and Flores going into the offseason. That Fins defense take this game seriously for sure. Tua, in what is almost certainly his final game as a Dolphins player. He'll be focused and the team will rally around him. NE just wants to escape unscathed if we're being honest considering the Bills chances of losing to the NYJ is extremely unlikely. On those merits alone Miami should keep it close if not win outright. Even aside from all that. even if NE dominates and is up 2 scores late - and certainly knowing the Bills score I can see Tuan, Flores & Miami easily backdooring and losing a game with the score making it appear much closer than it really was.


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                        NFL 2021 P.O.W. (8-8-1)
                        49ers +3.5
                        49ers need the win to get into the playoffs which is normally not something that sways me but in this case the 49ers have owned the Rams, they already slapped them around pretty good earlier this season & have taken their last 5 meetings. Rams can improve position a little but they are in and don’t have the same motivation. Thanks for running a great contest once again.


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                          Originally posted by Ray View Post
                          NFL 2021 P.O.W. (8-8-1)
                          49ers +3.5
                          49ers need the win to get into the playoffs which is normally not something that sways me but in this case the 49ers have owned the Rams, they already slapped them around pretty good earlier this season & have taken their last 5 meetings. Rams can improve position a little but they are in and don’t have the same motivation. Thanks for running a great contest once again.
                          Forgot to mention the book this line was available at Stations


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                            POW 11-6

                            Atlanta +4.5 (Caesars)

                            In another week of craziness, I will take the home dog and the points. Saints offense is a shadow of its former self, and I see Atlanta keeping this close, if not winning outright. Ryan should do enough to keep it close. Good luck to all!!


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                              POW 8-9
                              New England -5.5 (MGM)

                              Need a win to continue.
                              Anti-swagger Miami.
                              Revenge for NE who lost in season opener to fins.



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                                Originally posted by gcotton View Post
                                The one thing I am kicking around, and it is by no means going to happen without a vote, is to wait and start the new thread on Tuesday morning. I am very proud of myself for getting the standings updated each Tuesday morning (or Wednesday as was the case one week this season, lol).

                                Here is a little "behind the curtains" of how I do the report each week(as if anyone really gives two shits, lol): I usually go thru and grade all the plays at work and then change the spreadsheet at my desk before the day gets too crazy. I then email it to my home computer and then insert it to the website usually Wed morning. For some reason my network at work has VFV blocked🤷🏻‍♂️, lol...damn you local government, lol...I usually update the weekly total, as well as the YTD totals from my phone early on Tuesday morning. This would also be a good time to start the next week's thread. It would be somewhere in the neighborhood of around 7-7:30am ESDT. I would think that any issues with the opening numbers on Sunday being stale would be cleaned up at that point.

                                But again, this is totally just one idea I had when looking back at all my papers this morning. Will take every suggestion to heart and to the people for a vote.

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