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  • The Palms Football Lines

    Does the Palms (or any other Vegas casinos) still have football lines where you can bet on a team to cover a line larger than the conventional line?

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    Reverse teaser?


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      Originally posted by mtheller View Post
      Reverse teaser?
      No teasers. A few years back Palms had lines where you could bet single games using scaled up lines. For example, the conventional line on team X was-3 -110. However; if you bet team X at different line intervals, you could get a better price:
      -7 +190
      -14 +320
      -21 +480


      • mtheller
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        Editing a comment
        I know the HardRock app that they launched in Florida (maybe nationwide) had it. But now it is shutdown for us Florida boys.

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      Haven't really looked for them...I remember Palms doing that but it's been more common for books to do that in Super Bowl and some playoff games.

      I heard Derek Stevens talking about one of the Survivor guys wanting to bet the Chiefs on an alternate line (instead of hedging on Broncos) but just checked Circa app but don't see any alternate lines offered Sunday. Maybe they do it on request (or maybe just don't do it Week 18 since it's so volatile).

      Anyone else?


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        I don’t know if this was offered all season long but I never noticed before, but on the final week Stations app is showing a special point spread tab this is what they’re offering,(very limited) hope these help, good luck.

        Dolphins +10.5 (-210)
        Pats -10.5 (+165)

        Dolphins +2.5 (+190)
        Pats -2.5 (-240)

        Cards -10.5 (+150)
        Seahawks +10.5 (-180)

        Cards -2.5 (-240)
        Seahawks +2.5 (+190)

        Chargers -7.5 (-180)
        Raiders +7.5 (+230)

        Chargers +2.5 (+145)
        Raiders -2.5 (-180)


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          If you are in a state where Draftkings is legal you can add subtract up to 14 points on any game.

          Right now you can take Indianapolis at -28 1/2. Or Jacksonsville plus 3 1/2. Or anything in between,
          Of course the odds vary accordingly.


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            This was offered all year long. I did decent by making 3 point dogs as 3 point favorites.


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              The internet site I use all have those alternative lines available for just about every game.


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                Stations Casinos has alternate lines often.