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    Probably almost nobody had INDY to still use, but there were probably some in pools across the land did have them picked by a few trying to save them for the finale. Ouch. Thinking you have a good team, with something to play for, go on the road and lay a big ole cow pie at JAX. That would be a stinger.

    Those on LAC/LV had the wild ride of the weekend with them going to OT where the tie puts them both in...But then, the timeout heard around the world let LV think about the FG, and kick it they did instead of letting the clock run out and put both teams in leaving Ben the rapist out of the playoffs.

    ADAM 1 there are still six alive and they split $145K for the regular season, and they play on for the rest. NOW, it gets fun!

    ADAM 1 with our own Sirjohndaly in the mix has only three left and now have $10K in their pocket as there has been a few chops. $28K is left on the table to go for. WIN IT ALL SIRJOHN!!! Now the zag could pocket you all the cash by not being on the easy pick.

    I was able to snag a nice chunk of change in the million-dollar pool where there were two-chops going into the final weekend where 20 were still alive. Mostly WTF and TENN were left and they both won. HOU tried the comeback that would have had me in Lizzy's arms for sure! Well, she would have been armed when I flew over to celebrate! I had TB and BUFF. Three were on the Chargers...Can you imagine that heart-break. Wow. That knocked the final number down to 13.

    How to play the playoffs is interesting depending on the type of pool you're in. In Adam's, if I remember right, you can have the winner in the Conference Championship, and have no team in the SB, but still have a chance to win if anyone else that has a team in the SB loses. So, two ways to go on how you pick your playoff teams. Pick your SB winner and work backwards, or have your winner of the SB as your Conference pick. Probably other way to look at that you smart guys out there can figure out.

    Hoya is still going if he stayed on TENN and TB.

    Keep us posted guys! I don't think anyone is else is in a pool that goes into the playoffs.

    I'm chirping to a mostly empty room, but chirp I will!


    [email protected]The 'almost' lock of the week, but you gotta save KC don't you? They look as good as the last two seasons and they get a few votes. Just depends on your strategy. Ben plays his last game EVER!!!! GOOD!

    [email protected]TB wounded but should have a number of starters back to help them try for the SB repeat. PHILLY a game bird and will put up a fight for awhile, but how do you bet against the Goat?!

    [email protected]The Bungels rested many and are fresh for the home game vs a spunky LV group who are finding ways to win. Burrow just seems to have hit his stride at the right time though and should let them get to the next step of the dance.

    [email protected]Should be a good one. Billy B will have some aces up his sleeves for stopping the other Bills that are gaining some mo-mo. Not one to touch unless you've got some inside dope!

    [email protected]Well, neither team is great, but either team can win IMHO. Which QB do you trust with the bright lights upon them?!

    [email protected]The Seachickens had their way with ARI for the most part Sunday and LAR had no answer for the late SF score that forced Stafford to move them down the field in a hurry...Didn't happen. I won't be surprised if either teams wins.

    A fun 3-days it will be! GOOD LUCK TO THOSE STILL IN POOLS!
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    For those that weren't following, the CIRCA Survivor Contest got split 5-ways with a few getting and extra bump. Not sure why that is, but I think I saw Dave write a story about it. I need to get more details. There was no chop by the casino. The remaining players needed to find each other if they wanted to chop outside the contest. One guy used his real name for his entry just so others could try to find him. $1000 entry fee. 4,080 entries.

    That will buy some bean dip for their SB party!!

    All 5 remaining entries survive Week 18 and split the $6 Million Main Prize

    All 3 entries that selected KC or TB in Week 18 split the $1 Million Bonus Prize

    Click image for larger version  Name:	circa final.jpg Views:	0 Size:	31.1 KB ID:	25133
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      Seahawk Rick best of luck to u and your remaining contests. New territory with the playoffs . Their are no easy ones, especially after this week. Been giving strategy alot of thought. Here we are rules from the site
      1. If the contest continues into the playoffs, and advances to the Superbowl, and a player no longer has any valid picks left to pick, because he has previously used both of the teams that are playing in the Superbowl, that player is considered to have finished better than a player who lost in the previous round, but worse than a player who picks the losing team in the Superbowl.
      So I guess the goal would be to leave at least 1 of the two team you think is going to make it to the dance.

      Will keep reading everyone’s opinion on game


      • Seahawk Rick
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        Ohhhhh, yeah, that's it So yes, ultimate goal is picking both teams to win the Conference Championships, with one team actually getting to SB, even though that team could lose...No easy feat.

        Seems the main thing is to pick who you think is gonna win or be in SB and go from there, but not so obvious this year.

        Might chop after divisional round if nobody has a strong team left.

        Will ponder...
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      To save kc or not to save kc that’s the question this week. I’m a bengals fan so my heart is telling me they win but my brain reminds me they haven’t won a playoff game since 1991. Brady > Hurts, playoff lenny coming back, but I need to read up a bit more on the Eagles and what they do well. I’m not sure I’ve watched an Eagles game all season


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        First congratulations to Rick,a unbelievable run,one of 13 out of over 13,000.I was in playoffs last year in Adam2 but lost when Rodgers could not score at the end.This year my map would be Save GB to win SB to play KC in it.TB this week then Tenn,then KC.GL


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Thanks Volo...Luck factored in as it always does.

          Hard to argue... All 4-teams are getting key players back.
          Buffalo is the wildcard.

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          Sirjohn...You may have seen this, but it has a view of all the playoff matches from one writer's perspective. Maybe a few nuggets to gleen.


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            Thank you. I did read through that. I have my pick locked in and excited for these games !!


            • Seahawk Rick
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              Good luck! Friday deadline I'm guessing.

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            ADAM POOL SUMMARIES...

            No SB love for KC and TB...Tommy's boys are picked by 5 of the 9 so GB seems to be the popular NFC Champion pick.

            You are the CINN pick right Sirjohn? Sneaky pick that gives you the whole playbook to choose from if they win.
            ADAM 1
            Click image for larger version  Name:	adam1wildcard.jpg Views:	0 Size:	15.1 KB ID:	25198
            ADAM 2
            Click image for larger version  Name:	adam2wildcard.jpg Views:	0 Size:	15.7 KB ID:	25199
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              Yes I’m on the bengals. They’ve been disappointing me my whole life. They owe me as far as I’m concerned! Go Steelers! Go Eagles!


              • Seahawk Rick
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                Sirjohn.... You can breathe again!!!! Congrats!!!
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              Five in-a-row? Are you effing kidding me?! She knows I'm loyal, but needs that last confirmation besides bringing her riches with winning teams! What will it take?! I need to get a share of the million dollar pool, and I'm in! In the dog house most likely, unless I win the whole thing! Such high standards she has. Damn...

              W1: SF (W)
              W2: DEN (W)
              W3: NYG (L)
              W4: NO (L)
              W5: TENN (W)
              W6: INDY (W)
              W7: CAR (L)
              W8: SEA (W)
              W9: BALT (W)
              W10: TB (L)
              W11: CLEV (W)
              W12: HOU (L)
              W13: LAR (W)
              W14: LAC (W)
              W15: PHILLY (W)
              W16: KC (W)
              W17: NE (W)
              W18: BUFF (W)
              Wildcard: KC (W)

              Ohhhhhh...Lizzy was sooooo happy with me and wining some big dough in my Survivor pool. She was so happy that she let me open the door for her as she was going into a fine downtown restaurant in London...Then had the owner LOCK the door behind her!!! Damn...

              This is what she was wearing...If you look close enough, you'll see my drool marks on it. She didn't let me wipe them off. Damn...

              Click image for larger version  Name:	lizplayoffs.jpg Views:	10 Size:	44.7 KB ID:	25244
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                Hoya....How's your pool going??


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                  Sorry for delayed response and congratulations on your win. I was lucky enough to survive and win 2 pools. Split with 6 in one and 7 in the other. Gave back a little less than 20 percent of winnings on week 17 and 18 hedging but no complaints. Remain bitter about my Pittsburgh Detroit tie knocking me out of Circa but truth be told I would have chosen Dallas on Thanksgiving day and lost.


                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    Great!!! Congrats!!

                    Yes, losing hedge money hurts, but it's insurance. I had to do it on two games and made the biggest bets of my life times a gazillion! I gave about 20% back myself but still a nice payday.

                    Throw out you pool info for next year if it's open to newcomers!

                    I'll move your news over to other thread.