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  • Interesting stats

    So, I just came on the site and saw this notice and it triggered a few thoughts:
    There are currently 23 users online. 1 members and 22 guests.

    Most users ever online was 2,016 at 05:54 AM on 04-04-2019.

    First of all, it surprised me that only 1 VFV Nation member would be on the site and 22 guests. Now, I guess the "guests" could actually be some members that aren't logged in yet, but it still seemed lopsided. However, when posters have said things like "I'm not sure anyone is reading this" or "I'm not sure if I'm wasting my time since no one's responding to my posts," I always try to tell them that there are far more regular lurkers out there that are popping in and out of the site to see what's going on, get plays, etc. And just because people aren't responding doesn't mean they're not getting read and not appreciated.

    Also, I have to do some research but how the heck did we have 2,016 visitors on the site on April 4, 2019...must have been a lot of robots LMEAO

    Anyway, just thought I'd share that with the VFV community.

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    Thanks Dave…… that’s good to read….I realize some just like to follow and absorb but don’t feel right posting… good luck and be well


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      I think my Survivor Pool threads are driving people away!! LMEAO!


      • Deano
        Deano commented
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        Just need more Liz Hurley! Lol.

      • Seahawk Rick
        Seahawk Rick commented
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        I added a shot today because Haydenkeats begged me for a photo! 😁

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      April 4th 2019 was a Thursday....and was that 5:54am PST or EST? Either way, that's a shit ton of folks for an early Thursday morning, lol.


      • Buckeyefan80
        Buckeyefan80 commented
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        And not during football season. I would think that’s when the most traffic would’ve been.

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      2 Users and 22 Guests at time of this post.

      I noticed that the last two times I came to the site, I was not automatically logged in as is usually the case. Maybe something changed in your settings so that a person has to login each time and it is not remembering regular users returning within a certain time period - usually 30 days? That would explain why so few users and more guests. If you can check your History, see if these numbers were flipped just a few days or week ago.


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        When I come on this site I am not logged in unless I want to post something so I was a quest just now until I logged in.GL to all in playoffs.


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          If memory serves, hadn't the site been shut down or inactive for a period of time while Dave searched for a new website domain after he left GoDaddy??? And this was the first day that the new site was up and running, hence all the traffic?


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            Again today, I was not logged in when I came onto the site. I expect that is the reason for the small number of Users and larger number of Guests that you are seeing. See if there is a setting for that, where you can allow Users to return within 30 days without having to log back in. It may have been reset to a 24 hour default which is forcing everyone to login every time they visit the site. GL!


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              I need to log in each time I post, so that seems to be our reason….good luck everyone


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                I browse often w/o logging in.........glta.


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                  There is a fairly short timeout too where I’ll be reading something then need to log back in when I go to back to the main page - so I go from user to guest until I log back in.