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2020-21 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (Post Divisional Plays Here or follow the contenders!)

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    NFL 2021 P.O.W. (15 points)

    Tennessee -3 (Risking 5 points)
    I like the Bungles, but the week off and home field is a huge advantage for Tenny. Not to mention getting King Henry back. Cinci's O may do well, although Burrow will be under more pressure as his OL is not that great, but I think the Cinci Defense will not be up to the task.


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      NFL pow 6 points

      Green Bay minus 5 for 5 points

      I think gb is the best team left. Jimmy G played great against Dall but he is not been the most consistent qb and i can see a couple of picks today.


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        NFL POW 16 pts

        Tenn -3 (5 points)

        I was on Tennessee from the no respect and all weapons healthy angle before logging onto this page. Now a little concerned that everyone else is on them as well but going with it anyway and hoping we all have a great week. Best of luck to all!!


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Yes, being on the same team as everyone else usually doesn't work out well in the end in this contest...

        • Deano
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          How right you were Rick… ugly showing by Tennessee

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        Pow YTD 7 points Play 5 units

        LA Lambs +3 @ yuccaneers
        Going to die on the vine going against the goat, my eyes just aren't buying what the team is selling. Thinking/hoping Coach McVay will dial up a more aggressive game plan to attack the bucs soft back 4. The miracle return of Cam Akers brings a dimension to this offense that has been missing up until last monday night. I think the injuries to the tampa offense, both on the line and at the skill positions will be too much to overcome against this under the radar rams bunch. OBJ, while not a fan, is a beast right now. If tampa rolls their defense to take away cooper kupp could lead to a monster game from said OBJ. I think rams will take away gronk, force the rest of the crew to keep up. Hurts had no chance last week attacking downfield, don't think stafford will shy away from deep strikes. Too many weapons, a better defense, think the reign ends tomorrow. Go Rams, 31-23.


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          POW 7 points
          Tennessee -3 for 5 units

          Cincy has had a nice season but it ends today. It is the natural climb that young teams make, and Tennessee is further along on the path. They are due now to make a run in the playoffs and get to the championship game, and possibly super bowl. Big boost to the whole team getting Henry back will power them through a comfortable win.


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Chuck Knox

          • barnstorm
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            Weird that they may have made better play calls if Henry wasn't available. Stuffed on the two point conversion. Had they made that, they would have been ahead and running out the clock at the end, not making risking passes. And then getting stuffed on 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1. Should have been more creative and play-faked on one of them.

          • RacingCat
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            Actually I thought going for 2 was a stupid move. Game was tied 6-6, take the lead and the additional 5 yards on the kickoff. If it was 6-0, I would have favored going for 2 but at 6-6, gotta kick the PAT.

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          NFL POW: 20 Points

          San Francisco 49ers +6 (5 units)

          All week I wanted TEN but then saw everyone loved TEN so naturally I decided to go with a pick I hate instead. I hate the Jimmy G. shoulder "issue" as we have no idea how much it really is an issue. I hate the temperature being 9 degrees. The coldest game Jimmy G has ever played in his whole entire life is 39 degrees. I hate SF on back-to-back road playoff games. I hate that Aaron Rodgers has a SF chip on his shoulder. I hate the Packers are at home off a BYE. All of that points to madness taking SF. That's why I'm taking SF. I love the line is 6 points - I hate that it could end in a push but I love that a SF straight up win, a backdoor cover, losing late on a game-winning Rodgers drive and OT not resulting in a loss are all very real possibilities and all in favor of the dog. Of course, the things I hate may result in a GB double-digit win but I digress. I also love Shanahan's offensive mind. The SF running game vs the GB front. Deebo, Eli & Kittle are problems! I love the GB o-line is far from full-strength and the SF pass rush should find tremendous success sending only 4 and doubling Davante Adams. I have no massive faith in this pick but I am comfortable with it. Once TEN became a non-option and I want know part of tomorrow's games, the Totals are always maddening so this became my favorite play of the weekend. Even if I'm flipping a coin.


          • Mrvolo
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            Congratulations,only a winner thinks like you.

          • Mrvolo
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            Sorry,too soon,thought you had Cinny but I am on SF for same reason

          • 2hollywood2
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            Didn't hve the courage to take CIN +3.5 but definitely didn't want the TEN -3 as the push felt too real. Not that +6 isn't push material but still... it's not 3! lol

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          NFL POW 15 pts

          49ers +6

          Have to go with the books on this. So many teasers on GB to just win the game (tbf I have one too). So much money on parlays with them too, and futures. I want the Pack to win but we should be betting with our head, not our heart.

          This is from a book, it’s official now that San Francisco will be the biggest teaser need of the year. Given the line -5.5 or -6 earlier, the books need San Fran to win outright to get that teaser money.


          • Buckeyefan80
            Buckeyefan80 commented
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            Forgot to say for 5 units

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          POW 16 Points
          KC -1.5
          5 Points
          Mahomes is a three-point favorite or shorter (including an underdog), the Chiefs are 14-4-1 (78%) against the spread (ATS)

          In Mahomes’ career, he has lost by a touchdown or more and had the opportunity for revenge within the same season two other times.
          2019-20 vs. Texans: He lost 31-24 in Week 6 and beat Houston 51-31 in the playoffs.
          2020-21 vs. Raiders: He lost 40-32 in Week 5 and beat Las Vegas 35-21 in Week 11.

          Buffalo is 1-12 SU 3-10 ATS as playoff dogs since 1990.


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            POW 15.5
            Risk 5 units
            Chiefs -1.5
            i think this is decent line value and it’s based partially on overreacting to Bills blowing out the no show Pats, I like getting Mahomes at home at less than -3 & Josh Allen has had a very hard time in games after having a huge performance & the Chiefs are not the team u want to res against. I think the winner of this game also wins The Super Bowl


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              If my quick math is correct, the playoff entries went 5-11 on Saturday with their plays.


              • Seahawk Rick
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                Blame Ryan Tannahill!
                Last edited by Seahawk Rick; 01-23-2022, 08:22 AM.

              • Aztec10
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                Blame Coach Vrabel me thinks. Awful game plan, they were gashing the cincy front in the 2nd half but decided to get cute. It's who they are, regular season wonders.

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              NFL POW 16 PTS
              RISKING . 5 PTS
              BUFF +2.5

              Going with the bills in the late game
              Da bills have won their last 5 games by double digits. The bills dismantled a Belichick defense I believe they can do the same against a suspect chiefs defense. I will take my chances that the bills D can do just enough to slow down Mahomes led offense to win this game , and I get 2.5 points to boot.


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                NFL POW 5 points

                Over 53.5 Buffalo / KC

                5 Point play

                At this point, I'm only playing for Pride, but also playing because I have enjoyed this contest, this forum, and the people here.
                and of course Dave himself.
                Thanks to GCotton for his regular-season grading, and everything else he does around here.

                My pick is simple, 3rd & 4th ranked scoring teams to meet and there should be plenty of points to go around.
                This game just might be the fight to the end.

                Bills are 4-0-1 ATS in their last 5 games overall
                Over is 6-0 in Chiefs last 6 games overall

                I see this game could go into the 60's

                Good luck


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                  NFL POW (11 points)

                  KC -1.5

                  Spaced last week, covid set in, and my brain left me. I will play an absolte contarian play to this weekend, and take the fave in this game. Thus far, the dogs have ruled the weekend, and it is hard for me to imagine all four dogs winning outright this weekend. KC has a huge home field advantage, and while KC has not looked great the latter part of the season, I think Mahomes finds some old magic to pull this game out. Good luck to all!


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                    NFL POW: 16 Points
                    5 points on KC Chefs -1.5

                    I soooooooooooooooooooo wanna lose this play. I really do. As a Broncos fan I hate the Chefs and wanna see Da Bills win this game. I also want to marry Cinderella Landolt. I just can't see Da Bills going to KC and winning this game. Hope they do but doubt it.


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                      NFL POW 18 Points

                      BUF/KC UNDER 54.5 for a max 5 points

                      Was gun shy on this week's games which saved me since I probably would have been on the wrong side in each of the first 3 games. Was going to go BUF +2.5 here, but are Road Underdogs going to win outright all 4 games in this round? Seems like everyone and his brother and his brother's cat have the OVER in tonights game. So going contrarian here. (The most common quote from Vegas Sports Book Directors this week is "we're gonna need the under in the last game"). Books have upwards of 70-80% of the money flowing OV but have been reluctant to move the line up. All the trends of both teams point to scoring at will. So of course they won't. Hoping the game will stay close so I won't suffer the dreaded "Prevent Defense".