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2021-22 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (Post conference title game plays here or follow the contenders!)

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  • 2021-22 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (Post conference title game plays here or follow the contenders!)

    Here's the P.O.W. thread for the NFL conference title games for the P.O.W. contest for the 2021-22 season. We had a record 27 qualifiers this season (compared to 12 last year!) who earned 10 points (1 point per win, half-point per push, plus a 2-point bonus in Week 18) during the regular season, so congrats are in order just for making the playoffs. And then our qualifiers are doing great so far in the playoffs, including our top 8 contenders a perfect 2-0 so far the first two weekend.

    As we made clear in the Week 1 thread at the start of the season and in last week's wild-card thread, these players now use their number of points as units in the playoffs. We keep this as a P.O.W. contest as you make just 1 play per weekend (with reasoning for your play, please, as that's where most of the followers get the most value from these threads). You can bet a maximum of 5 units (wagers graded at even-money for contest purposes) and only use whole numbers. Since nearly everyone is risking 5 units per play (as they've been doing so well and of course going for maximum value to try to win this contest), we'll assume a 5-unit play when someone fails to list an amount like we did with JimmyJam4508 last week. Deadline is the scheduled kickoff of the game you use.

    I couldn't find where I promised what I was providing as a prize (so please someone send me a link if you find it LMEAO), but barring any change we'll go with the standard 1st-place prize of a 2-night stay at a Las Vegas hotel (sorry, you have to get yourself here), plus dinner for 2 with yours truly, plus a VFV shirt and a $100 online gift certificate to goes to whoever has the most units after the Super Bowl (we'll determine a tiebreaker in addition to Super Bowl pick of those in contention when we get to that point -- usually a 2nd pick of the side/total that they didn't use for main pick).

    Here are the updated standings after the divisional playoff round:

    VFV Handle Units Wild-card Pts Divisional Pts Notes
    2hollywood2 15 CIN 5 20 SF 5 25 3-point lead
    Compass rose 12 SF 5 17 SF 5 22
    Senator L. 11.5 TB 5 16.5 KC 5 21.5
    Archie8 11 SF 5 16 KC 5 21
    DaveyShines 11 BUF 5 16 CIN 5 21
    Winkyduck 11 LAR 5 16 KC 5 21
    Ray 10.5 SF 5 15.5 KC 5 20.5
    Buckeyefan80 10 PHITB UN 5 15 SF 5 20
    Phatman 15 11 No pick 11 KC 5 16 Back from COVID
    JIMMYJAM4508 13 CIN 5 18 TEN 5 13 Ruled 5-unit loss on TEN -3
    JPdawg 13 TB 5 18 BUFKC UN 5 13
    jschanilec 13 PHITB UN 5 18 TEN 5 13
    bimmercando 13 NEBUF UN 5 8 BUFKC OV 5 13
    Aztec10 12 PHI 5 7 LAR 5 12
    Mrvolo 12 LV 5 7 SF 5 12
    mtheller 12 CIN 5 17 CINTEN OV 5 12
    rockman in pa 12 CIN 5 17 GB 5 12
    Deano 11 TB 5 16 TEN 5 11
    J.herb 11 LAR 5 16 BUF 5 11
    Caseinpoint 10 SF 5 15 BUF 5 10
    Seahawk Rick 10 KC 5 15 TEN 5 10
    barnstorm 10 BUF 5 15 TEN 5 10
    IceTea 2 10 SFDAL O 5 5 BUFKC OV 5 10
    Bucky 12 PHI 5 7 TEN 5 2
    steviev 11 NEBUF UN 5 6 GB 5 1
    Genzo 10 NE 5 5 TEN 5 0 Eliminated
    Texan 73 10 DAL 5 5 TEN 5 0 Eliminated

    It looks like everyone is following the format, so here are the sides and totals for the 2 conference title games (which allow for line-shopping as we offer the best widely available line for each side of the 8 betting options this weekend)...contestants have until 6:40 p.m. ET/3:40 p.m. PT on Sunday to submit your P.O.W. in case you miss the earlier deadlines GLA:

    Bengals +7.5
    Chiefs -7
    Over 53.5
    Under 54.5

    49ers +3.5
    Rams -3
    Over 45.5
    Under 46.5

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    2021 POW 12-points (risking 5)

    Rams -3

    Stafford is playing for his career. Is he the Detroit bum that couldn't when his heat or is he an elite QB that has now made the finals and trying to cross the finish line? I am going with the latter. Rams have lost what 6 in a row to SF? How long can the streak go for? Well, it ends this weekend. The Rams will be back in the SuperBowl with the prize of playing in front of their home crowd 2-weeks in a row. Unlike week 18, where the built a 17-3 going into the half and gave it up, the Rams will keep their foot on the pedal and be celebrating a chance at the title.


    • Seahawk Rick
      Seahawk Rick commented
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      WOW...You didn't bet Who dey?! Man...Nice confidence in YOUR team! LOL!

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    2021 POW 21.5 points - risking 5 points
    Bengals +7.5
    This is strictly a points play. I think KC will win, but not by 2 scores
    Burrows is really, really good and he keeps trying. Good receiver and running back
    and an ok no name defense. If I take KC and they win it's a push. Dogs
    are still doing well


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      2021 NFL P.O.W. [13 points ...Thanks Ryan Tannehill ]
      Wagering 5 points
      Kansas City -7 I think Cincy's Cinderella run comes to an end this Sunday. Mahomes and Co. are firing on all cylinders and he and the Chiefs won't commit the same errors as the Titans. Joey Burrow will get his, but the Chiefs put up too many points and this one is over early.


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        21pts SF +3.5 5 pts As a wise man once said:"The trend is your friend." I will heed that sage advice and go with the 49ers who have beaten the Rams 6 times straight, including a victory week 18 in LA after trailing 17-0. They needed that win to qualify for the playoffs. San Fran is a tough, road tested team that is riding a surge of mojo. The Rams were lucky to escape Tampa with the victory after trying to fumble away a 27-3 lead in the second half. Stafford is streaky and can throw the odd ill-timed pick. Jimmy G is not Montana but he can lean on Mitchell and Samuel in the running game and Kittle as a very dependable safety valve. He doesn't have to be spectacular, just steady and not turn the ball over. I think SF can win outright so will gladly take 3 points and the hook.


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          NFL POW 11 PTS
          KC/CINC UNDER 54.5 risking 5 pts

          I believe this number is an over reaction to last week's game. IMO
          the Bengals have to play keep away and hope to keep it a 1 possession game , taking the under .

          like others on here i too had a parlay going with BUFF on the money line, not sure which was worse losing that bet or now having virtually no chance in this contest ugh. I blew my challenge.

          one other note Mr.Volo I used to live across the street from saratoga race track on Nelson Avenue, we actually chatted once while I was doing lawn work, still live in the area on a small lake 25 minutes from the lake, still have clubhouse seats, Speaking of the Spaaaa they are bringing back the mile chute for the 2022 meet, haven't used the "Wilson chute" for decades.

          Just printed out the Pegasus pps for the 12 races on Saturday

          Good luck everyone i really enjoy this forum and website


          • Mrvolo
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            OK,now I remember.Also a few years ago you had some seats at the Florida Derby that you gave me?Saturday should be a good betting day at GP.Hope all is well and you have your snow shoes close by.

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          Yes still have the seats at gulfstream
          Snow shoes maybe necessary even in hobe sound florida this weekend,


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            10 pts
            Risking 5
            Chiefs -7
            Even though I realistically have no chance to win this thing now, I’ll put in my play. Chiefs actually won the SB last week and I really cannot see the Bungles or any team from the NFC stopping them. Route city.


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              2021 NFL POW 10 points

              L.A. Rams -3 Risking 5 units
              Niners Defense is good, but just the front 7. Rams will find a way to get it to Kupp, OBJ and Jefferson and score 24. Jimmy G. looked pretty weak-armed and was under pressure in GB as his right tackle is pretty weak. The Rams pass rush will be coming all day. Jimmy G. will throw a couple of costly picks under pressure. Rams 24-13.


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                NFL P.O.W. (22 POINTS)

                SF OVER 45 1/2 (TULEY)---for 5 POINTS

                This is the low for a SF/RAMS game this year- I believe it's due to tendency for playoff games to stay under but also seeing SF only put up 6 points of offense last week vs GB.
                But they put up 27 last time these teams met and 23 vs dallas in the playoff's so
                Jimmy G is better than that and sure the running game will be featured- we all know that- but Stafford will score, and Jimmy will too--
                So best to all and I'm riding that SF train as a side--
                but my pick here is OVER the Tuley number


                • Seahawk Rick
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                  You can bet OVER the number, but you can't bet OVER 5 units... Zzzzzzzzz.

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                Back to 13 points
                Ramblers / 9'ers UNDER 46.5 - 5 points ( Compass will end up at 17 and i'll reach 18, nice ! )

                D's come out? Even with picks D's will keep the FG's coming

                I would like to see a 24-21 game no pref. Expecting the Rambo choke.
                ( 4 way teaser would work out fine! )

                Middles do occur!


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                  NFL POW 21 Points
                  San Francisco 49ers +3.5
                  Risking 5 points.

                  Let's see if the tag team of Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan can cover is SoFi one more time.
                  Right now, their record is 6-0 SU and 5-1 ATS vs. Sean McVay.

                  Referee for this game is Carl Cheffers.
                  Why is this important?
                  Well, Underdogs are 32-16-2 (66.7%) against the spread when Carl Cheffers is listed as the head official over the last three seasons.
                  And calls an average of 16.5 penalties per game, more towards the home team.

                  The good trends for SF to cover the spread:
                  Since 2004, teams meeting for a third time during the same season have favored the road side, with the away team going 15-8-1 against the spread.
                  Over the last 15 years, five teams have gone into Lambeau Field and won in the playoffs — all five covered the spread the following week
                  Going even further, since 2003, teams are 31-14-1 ATS (68.9%) after winning on the road in Lambeau Field

                  The bad trend for SF to cover the spread:
                  Since 2003, when a team plays four straight road games they have gone 0-5 straight up and 0-4-1 against the spread.

                  What also is a fear is that this is SF 7th road game out of the last 9.

                  Action Network was provider of the trends.

                  Good luck to all this Sunday.

                  PS There may be one 4 leaf clover helping the 49ers win SU.

                  Aaron Rodgers now has four career home losses in the playoffs after losing to the 49ers last week.
                  All 3 previous teams to beat Aaron Rodgers at home in the playoffs went on to play in the Super Bowl: 2021 Buccaneers, 2014 49ers and 2012 Giants.


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                    NFL P.O.W. (10 POINTS)

                    LAMBS -3 (TULEY) 5 POINTS BECAUSE I CAN'T BET MORE!

                    Jimmy G has almost cost SF two games, but this time he WILL cost the 40-Whiners a chance to play on the same field two games in a row and will throw the pick-6 to seal their fate. Stafford and the offense has hit nirvana with how they are playing and ripped through TB with ease. Wrinkles will be added by McVey to befuddle the very good 9er D. Trent William's likely not to play and provides a weak spot for Miller or Donald to exploit and they'll drill Jimmy enough times that he'll beg to be traded. Lambs win by complete my side and teaser parlays with KC/LA to make it a most lovely day and pay for the new big screen I just bought! :-)


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                      POW 12 points
                      5 points on SF +3.5
                      Season almost over and no chance to win this because I see too many sharp players ahead of me and 1 will surely go 2 for 2 to close this out.
                      This being the year of the dogs in NFL I see 2 more today.Taking this one as SF will run the ball all night against Rams and score enough to win or at least cover.Better defense and coach and QB can not be as bad as everybody thinks.KC should handle Cinny but we shall see.GL and enjoy the games.


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                        NFL POW 13 points

                        2021 Champion

                        49ers +3.5

                        Don’t have much time for a huge write up here as I qualified for semi finals at NHC. Niners just own rams as they are 6-0 against them last 6 times and throw in the fact that Deebo Samuel is unhuman. This is one of my most confident plays ever and I don’t loose too many of these….Take the Niners here…/////

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                        • Seahawk Rick
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                          Wow, practically gives it the lock designation...

                          Good luck at NHC!

                        • Mrvolo
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                          GL in the NHC,have fun and pick winners.

                        • Caseinpoint
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                          Good luck at NHC! Two questions:

                          Which one are you AND does any place still do any LIVE tournaments any more?