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2021-22 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (Post conference title game plays here or follow the contenders!)

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    NFL POW 11 points

    SF +3.5

    After getting fully Tannehilled last week (or was it Vrabeled?) I’ll just play out the string here now. While it is hard to beat a team three times in the season, I think the matchup still favors SF and Shanahan. I suspect Stafford and the Rams will come out tight as they will be feeling the pressure to convert this season of free agents into a SB appearance/win. The wildcard here is Jimmy G doing Jimmy G things and gifting the Rams a few extra possessions. Looking to cover with the hook. GLTA.


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      12 points 5 points risked

      Cin-KC Over 53 1/2

      Neither team relies on defense and just figures they will eventually out score the other. Which one or the other will.

      2 edits already. Gotta watch this day drinking thing. Hope I make through both games.
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        NFL POW - 13 points

        Who Dey Tiger Cats +7.5 (Tuley) - Risking 5 points

        I'll go with the composed young Burrow who despite being sacked again and again, picks himself up and doesnt make mistakes. Less than a month ago, Cincy beat this Chiefs team. Line seems to be inflated due to last week's 13 second miracle, which seemed to me to be more a function of Bills Brain-Dead defending. What I remember from that game is the Chief Defense specializing in Social Distancing as virtually every Bills receiver was running uncovered through the zone. Just can't back a TD favorite with such horrible defending.


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          2021 NFL POW ( 10 points )

          Over 53.5 ( Cin/KC ) 5 point play

          What do they say? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
          Totals are what got me to make the final cut, so a Total play here is what I got.
          Both of these teams can score, and I think this will be another shootout like the last time they met. ( 34-31) Bengals win.

          I actually like the Bengals to win this game SU, but didn't want to use that pick because I have a future wager on the Bengals to win the AFC.
          Football - NFL FUTURES - Odds to win AFC Conference - Cincinnati Bengals +2200

          Good luck to all


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            2021 NFL POW (23 points)

            Kansas City Chiefs -7 (5 points)

            This is more "gut" than any sort of real analysis. The line opening at -7.5 jumped off the page to me and I immediately felt it was Vegas begging for Cincy money. Then it appears that CIN money and tickets are rolling in yet the line remains 7 and 7.5 with only the juice moving a nickel here and there. It just smells like a CIN trap to me. Combine that with the fact these playoffs have been absurdly spectacular with virtually every single game going down to the wire and zero one-sided blowouts. Zero!? We are do for a blowout. law of averages. Arrowhead will be off the charts loud and there is something to be said for the experience advantage KC holds. The "revenge" factor for KC coupled with the decided coaching advantage with Andy Reid to make the proper adjustments to ensure Chase doesn't have 10-200-2. Mixon should be able to run the ball but do not let Chase beat you. I feel like the KC offense is about to explode - even for them - and I wouldn't be surprised to see multiple 50+ yard scores. I may eat crow here as I've been on a roll but I'm going with my gut and calling a KC blowout - 44-24. Crazy right!!?? lol


            • Buckeyefan80
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              There were a few blowouts in the wild card games. Bills, Chiefs, etc...

              Anyway, good luck today. I will be rooting against you since I have a future on every team left except KC, which means your chances of winning are pretty good. LMEAO

            • 2hollywood2
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              You are absolutely correct. I think the entire first round was mostly one-sided actually - but I totally needed to psyche myself up for this one and wanted no part of any facts scaring me off of it. lol

            • 2hollywood2
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              I've never been so happy to be wrong before. I love sports for the stories. This is cool. See ya all next year!

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            NFL POW (20 points)

            Chiefs/Bengals U 54.5 (5 points)

            Bummer that I can't get the current 55 but it is what it is. Basically just going contrarian here since the books need any under in Chiefs games. Hoping the Cincy D steps up and limits Mahomes since I am also playing his under passing yards. We shall see. GLA


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              2021 POW 20.5 points (risking 5)
              Chiefs -7
              Best team with the Best QB, Chiefs have been on the rise since they lost to The Bengals earlier this month, not a huge fan of laying the points here but it’s been
              My experience that the number doesn’t come into play in payoff games & it’s been that way so far this season, I’m hoping the Chiefs can start fast this time & make the Bengals 1 dimensional, Burrow is going to win a lot of big games one day but I don’t think it’s starts yet. Mahomes time to shine as the Chiefs coast to any easy win today. As the Bengals won’t be able to match the offensive output


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                NFL P.O.W.: 21 points: Risking 5

                KC/Cincy Ov 53.5

                Don't think we see a 40-something/30-something game but think we see something like a 35-24 kind of game


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                  Originally posted by JIMMYJAM4508 View Post
                  NFL POW 13 points

                  2021 Champion

                  49ers +3.5

                  Don’t have much time for a huge write up here as I qualified for semi finals at NHC. Niners just own rams as they are 6-0 against them last 6 times and throw in the fact that Deebo Samuel is unhuman. This is one of my most confident plays ever and I don’t loose too many of these….Take the Niners here…/////
                  I’m Vincent depalo. Finished 45 … luck in semi final….


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                    NFL POW

                    SF 49'ERS +3.5 Riskig 5 units

                    Just going with recent history, as 49'ers have had the Rams number. SOFI will look like a home game for Niners, and I anticipate a lower scoring game, and see this being a FG differential!!

                    Good luck to all!!


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                      POW playoffs 12 points Play for 5 units

                      49ers @ Lambs OVER 45.5

                      Wow, what an AFC championship game. Guess Andy Reid shouldn't have gotten so cocky at the end of the 1st half eh. Bit of a contrarian approach to this afternoons NFC championship match. 49ers haven's scored an offensive td since the dallas game, and that was a short field after picking Dak off. Lambs have been dialed in during this playoff run, stafford making great throws and decisions. Thing is I don't think SF can win another 13-10 game. Lambs are going to get theirs, mid to high 20's me thinks. Forces Coach Shanahan to get more aggressive with his play calling, get kittle and deebo involved with strikes down the field. Attack the rams backup safeties I say. Don't see a buffalo v KC redux, but maybe something similar to the game just completed. All said and done, I like 49ers to get the trifecta v the lambs, 27-23. Go 9ers, and congrats Bungles!


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                        Unaudited results after conference championship games and heading to Super Bowl with Senator L. taking over the lead:

                        VFV Handle Units Wild-card Pts Divisional Pts Conference Pts
                        Senator L. 11.5 TB 5 16.5 KC 5 21.5 CIN 5 26.5
                        Archie8 11 SF 5 16 KC 5 21 SF 5 26
                        DaveyShines 11 BUF 5 16 CIN 5 21 SF 5 26
                        Buckeyefan80 10 PHITB UN 5 15 SF 5 20 CINKC 5 25
                        Phatman 15 11 No pick 11 KC 5 16 SF 5 21
                        2hollywood2 15 CIN 5 20 SF 5 25 KC 5 20
                        JIMMYJAM4508 13 CIN 5 18 TEN 5 13 SF 5 18
                        JPdawg 13 TB 5 18 BUFKC UN 5 13 CIN 5 18
                        bimmercando 13 NEBUF UN 5 8 BUFKC OV 5 13 SFLAR UN 5 18
                        Compass rose 12 SF 5 17 SF 5 22 SFLAR OV 5 17
                        Mrvolo 12 LV 5 7 SF 5 12 SF 5 17
                        Deano 11 TB 5 16 TEN 5 11 SF 5 16
                        J.herb 11 LAR 5 16 BUF 5 11 KCCIN UN 5 16
                        Winkyduck 11 LAR 5 16 KC 5 21 KCCIN 5 16
                        Ray 10.5 SF 5 15.5 KC 5 20.5 KC 5 15.5
                        mtheller 12 CIN 5 17 CINTEN OV 5 12 LAR 5 12
                        Seahawk Rick 10 KC 5 15 TEN 5 10 LAR 5 10
                        barnstorm 10 BUF 5 15 TEN 5 10 LAR 5 10
                        jschanilec 13 PHITB UN 5 18 TEN 5 13 KC 5 8
                        Aztec10 12 PHI 5 7 LAR 5 12 SFLAR OV 5 7
                        rockman in pa 12 CIN 5 17 GB 5 12 CINKC OV 5 7
                        Caseinpoint 10 SF 5 15 BUF 5 10 KC 5 5
                        IceTea 2 10 SFDAL O 5 5 BUFKC OV 5 10 CINKC OV 5 5
                        Bucky 12 PHI 5 7 TEN 5 2 No pick 2
                        steviev 11 NEBUF UN 5 6 GB 5 1 No pick 1
                        Genzo 10 NE 5 5 TEN 5 0 Eliminated 0
                        Texan 73 10 DAL 5 5 TEN 5 0 Eliminated 0


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                          Great contest,plenty of useful info and I agree with format that the person with most points during the season if goes 4 for 4 should be the winner but disagree that week 18 should be worth 2 points.Why is a win in week 18 twice as good as a win in any other week?I also know this is in the rules but how did it happen?
                          As a dog player very happy with both games yesterday and I will let you guess my SB play.
                          Kind of rooting for my new friend SenatorL who put me on to betting golf and for my first try I won 700$ with somebody I never heard of.Have to cut this short as I am now on to Pebble Beach.


                          • DaveTuley
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                            I tend to agree with you guys about the Week 18. Not sure exactly when gcotton put it in, but it was to help more people qualify for playoffs to get to the 10 contest points. It does make less sense with the increase from 17 to 18 since someone could now qualify for playoffs by going 9-9 with a win in Week 18. Should be harder to earn the right to continue on in the playoffs.
                            I guess I never objected to the rule (or did I? LMEAO) but I usually miss a few weeks along the way and trying to get 10 points out of 14 or 15 weeks is a lot harder so I guess I welcomed the chance to get in later. I'm sure we can discuss this more, if not now then in early September when the Week 1 thread goes up (or preferably the week before).
                            Buckeyefan80 had a nice idea about letting each person designated when they want to use their 2-unit play...though that does put more pressure on gcotton to keep track of that and I'm not sure that's fair to him as he's doing this on a volunteer basis.
                            I've always sided on sticking to the original concept from eandhfred that this is a Pick of the Week your best bet each week...nothing about making one bet worth more than any other week, just simply your P.O.W. That's why I've kept to that in the playoffs and don't think why we shouldn't return to that all season long. That's my 2 cents.

                          • Senator L
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                            Thanks Mrvolo - see if you can make it 2 for 2. I didn't get the two points at the end of the season either. Maybe the person
                            who wins the season should get the $100 gift certificate instead of the end of contest winner?

                          • Seahawk Rick
                            Seahawk Rick commented
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                            The two-point was my idea years ago, and Cotton never listened to me, but I kept bringing it up and he finally came out of his Coors Lite induced haze long enough one day to think about the idea and went for it! LOL!

                            When there was 17-weeks, and Week 17 being a crap shoot on teams that want to play hard or mail it in, I thought it gave players on the bubble a shot for the playoffs. With 18-weeks it's not necessary. Drop it.

                            I'll just keep fighting to make the playoffs more exciting. Might as well make the max bet 1-point or up it to 10. If everyone is going to bet max each week, does it really matter?

                            Someone had the idea of being able to play both Saturday and Sunday games the first two rounds where that makes the leaders have to pick more, and if they are so effing good, it shouldn't be a problem, but it increases the odds that some might falter and let others into the race for the coveted title of POW Champion!!!

                            Make them put both plays in the SAME post so it's easier to grade for King Cotton.

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                          By my calculations, we went 11-9-3 (.478) ATS in the two Championship Games. And a combined 43-30-3 (.566) ATS for the entire playoffs. Best of luck to those still in the running for the Super Bowl...oh, and Go Bengals!!
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                            Strange that there is no regular season winner ( 1st place ) and then a combined playoff / reg season winner (2nd Place ) where the winner is limited to one of the two win categories.

                            Also a "no pick" in playoffs could be consdiered a loss -5 or the max (?)