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Tampa Bay Downs 2021-2022 Meet

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    Off turf again today. Cancelled races 7 through 11 yesterday, when I was poised to go on a four-race win streak. 🤣😂😅


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        Race 3
        $20 win 4 Tapintoyourbeer 10-1

        Ubide is usually good for one price per meet, but hasn’t hit yet. Horse is showing some steady improvement in its three races and now switches to Santos. That’s a nice upgrade over no-name Edgar Perez. Santos isn’t the best out there but he’s very serviceable. So much so that Raymond and Schistl use him often. Should get better than 10-1 on it as well.

        Good luck today, all.


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          I saw announcement of Trainer of Month of March as Schistl.....good luck ,today.


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            Schistl with two $20+ winners today. I took the day off. 🤣😂


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              He bookended the Pick 4. 12k for .50c bet. Ouch…


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                Have a handful of trainers that I am eyeing to pick up a couple of last minute wins before the meet let’s out.
                One of them is John Riggatieri. He usually hits at a high percentage here but has been awful. I figure he collects a W or two before he heads North. 5mtp:

                Race 2

                $20 Win 2 Aycapote 9/2

                $2 DD 2/10

                $1 P3 2/10/ALL


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                  Got nosed. Disappointing start.


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                    See they added 3 days closing now on KD day. Asd opens historically on KD day.
                    "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
                    “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


                    • Not many great prices today at Tampa, but this is what I have there. Schistl has three entered, and he’s been on fire from start to finish. Raymond has one entered and he’s been equally hot:

                      Race 1

                      $20 win 5 Thawed 4-1 (Schistl)

                      $2 DD 5-7

                      $1 P3 5/7/ALL

                      Race 2

                      $20 win 7 The Skipster 9-2 (Raymond)

                      Race 5

                      $20 win 5 The Wild Flyer 12-1

                      $2 exbx 5-10

                      .50c tr 5,10/ALL/5,10

                      $1 P3 5/ALL/10

                      Ochoa has been quiet most of the meet. He’s good for one or two 40-1 winners per meet, and hasn’t had one yet. He’s got a handful entered this weekend and is the trainer I am most excited about in these closing days.

                      Race 7

                      $20 win 10 Nip of Bourbon 4-1(Schistl)

                      $1 P3 10/ALL/9

                      Race 9

                      $20 win Private Messages Twisted Treasure 10-1(Schistl)


                      • GOOD LUCK TODAY,RDALERT.....May KEY Forum in Race 6,,,,,I did key Forum Race 1,luckily.


                        • congrats to you on Race 9...$39 + winner......My Uncategorized Groups had the lead late by gave it up & my $1900+ pick 4,,,,ugh,haha,,,, but kudos to you,rdatert! Wish I stuck him in($3K +)


                          • Ugh. Thanks CEK. You notice that this forum does weird things when you type the # sign and a number immediately after it??


                            • it does. guess I will spell out the numbers,ha!!..I wish I wouldve added your horse in R9,,,,,$$$$$$$$ ha.


                              • I wish I would’ve fooled around with more exotics. Was a good bail out but could’ve been much more..