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Who tracks Vegas contest Supercappers on this forum?

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  • Who tracks Vegas contest Supercappers on this forum?

    On the previous site someone tracked the annual performance of the best Vegas supercontest performers (Feral Child, Bitter Bob, Wisky, Jarhead, etc...) They measured them for time periods like the best handicapper for the past 3 years, the past 7 years and lifetime. I forgot who that VFV member was, and with the old site dead, I can't pull it up.

    Is that person back on the forum this year, and if so, would you be kind enough to post updated information through last years action? I used the top 11 supercappers last year as one of my data points and their consensus picks hit 55.7% over the season. (If there is no update I will just use the same 11 guys this year.)

    Thank you.

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    Never mind...still learning the new site. I see where it's already been posted. I did look around before I posted, but apparently not in the correct forum.