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  • USFL Week 9

    Well, we were back to eating the juice in week 8...went 3-1 on Sides, and 1-3 on Totals. Now sitting at 19-13 ATS on both sides and totals.

    In week 9 we get 2 games on each day of the weekend, no Friday night game this week. GOW is the early Sunday tilt between New Orleans and Tampa. With that in mind, here are my line projections:

    Birmingham -14.5 vs Houston
    New Jersey -10.5 vs Michigan
    New Orleans -3 vs Tampa Bay
    Philadelphia -7.5 vs Pittsburgh

    I think I could be a little low on the Keystone State battle (PIT/PHI) well as I could see BIR being an even bigger favorite against Houston. As I stated in the Week 8 thread, I will be looking to grab the points with the Gamblers this week, so hope the number is higher, lol. BIR has the division wrapped up and with the playoffs in just 2 weeks, I can see them resting some guys, as there have been no bye weeks this season.

    Saturday is also when I begin my 49th run on this Earth, so hopefully the Birthday God's will shine down on me a bit this weekend in these games, as well as the Belmont Stakes, lol. Will post my plays later in the week after I do some reading up.

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    Happy Birthday,it is also my wife’s 80th,they said I robbed the cradle when we married.


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      Looks like the books shading Stallions a little low as they don't want to give you more than two TDs

      Also looks like the books still giving too much respect to preseason favorite Panthers even though they're 1-7 LOL

      Spot-on with Bandits-Breakers

      Little low on Stars-Maulers...Maulers have covered in some losses.


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        Week 9

        Sides (19-13 YTD)
        Houston +12.5***W***
        Michigan +7.5***W***
        New Orleans -3***W***
        Philadelphia -8.5***L***

        Totals (19-13 YTD)
        Birmingham OVER 46.5***L***
        New Jersey UNDER 46.5***L***
        New Orleans UNDER 43.5***W***
        Philadelphia UNDER 47.5***W***

        Best of luck to all this weekend...I'm headed to Cincy on Saturday morning for my birthday bash that includes watching the races at Belterra Park (I still call it River Downs, lol) and then heading next door for a classic rock triple bill of Styx, REO Speedwagon and Loverboy at Riverbend Music Center.
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          Too bad WKRP and Dr Johnny Fever are no longer around to promote and present the show😁 You might be one of the youngest fans there!

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        16-10 +5.00

        New Jersey -7.5
        Over 43.5 Birmingham
        New Orleans -3.5
        Over 47.5 Philly

        GL to all


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          Decent week 9, went 5-3 ATS overall. On to the final week of the season, with nothing really on the line except pride. All 4 playoff spots are locked in and the matchups are set for Canton.