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  • USFL Week 10

    Well, one thing is for certain, THIS Spring league did something that the past few have not been able to do....make it thru an entire regular season (unless something drastic happens between now and Sunday, lol).

    All 4 of the playoff spots are locked up and the matchups in Canton on the 25th are set: We have Birmingham taking on New Orleans in the South Championship and New Jersey taking on Philadelphia for the North crown. Those two winners will play on Sunday night July 3rd for the USFL Championship.

    In the final week of the regular season, we have nothing to play for but pride. What is really intriguing is that we get a "preview" of the North Final with a game between PHI & NJ on Saturday afternoon. I have no idea what the total will be in this game, but take the UNDER, lol!! This could be the most vanilla game all season.

    As for my Week 10 projected lines, here goes:

    New Jersey -3 vs Philadelphia
    Birmingham -3 vs Tampa Bay
    Michigan pk vs Pittsburgh
    New Orleans -6 vs Houston

    This is the only week I have no idea how these teams are going to play, but a safe bet would be to take the Unders in each of the 4 matchups...with zero to play for it could be for some ugly football.

    Will be back later in the week with my selections. Had a good week 9, going 3-1 on Sides and 2-2 on Totals.

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    Ended up pretty close on the Sat games with my projections ..Sunday games was off a few points..but helps me with how I'm gonna go this week😉


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      Well, here we go...the final week. Congrats to all involved for making sure this league made it the entire way. I really hope they get a chance to do it again next year, in the home.cities. I think that would make a huge difference in the attendance of the games.

      Like I said in the first post of this thread, I have pretty much zero clue how these teams are gonna treat this week's games. With zero to play for it should be interesting, lol.

      Sides (22-14 YTD)
      Philadelphia +2.5***L***
      Tampa Bay +3.5***W***
      Michigan -2.5***W***
      New Orleans -3.5***L***

      Totals (21-15 YTD)
      Philadelphia UNDER 41.5***L***
      Tampa Bay UNDER 41.5***W***
      Michigan UNDER 42.5***L***
      New Orleans UNDER 41.5***W***

      Do you see a trend here, lol week's playoff games should be fun. I actually got tixs for both the games and also holding a couple of tixs for the Championship Game on the 3rd of July...but will.only go back up if Birmingham wins. Tixs were only $15 each for the semifinals and $20 for Championship.

      Best of luck to all this week and thanks for the kind words and those that have been following along all season.
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        Great USFL season for you gcotton....keep it going

        17-13 +2.70

        Michigan -2.5
        New Orleans -3
        Under 41 New Orleans
        Under 41.5 New Jersey

        GL to all


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          Well, I was able to go .500 in the last week of the season in which I had zero idea how these 8 teams would go into it. Was able to finish the season better than I thought I would, for a brand new league. Was able to find some bad lines early on and took advantage of them. As I figured, the bookmakers caught up to things a few weeks in. Like I said earlier in the season, it's so much easier to handicap 4 games a week compared to the 15 in the NFL, lol.

          Final regular season stats:
          Sides: 24-16 ATS for a 60% clip Totals: 23-17 ATS for a 58% tally
          Overall: 47-33 ATS to hit at 59%
          Would love to be able to run like this in the fall for CFB and NFL, lol...