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USFL Playoffs & Regular Season Wrap-Up

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  • USFL Playoffs & Regular Season Wrap-Up

    Well, I was able to go .500 in the last week of the season in which I had zero idea how these 8 teams would go into it. Was able to finish the season better than I thought I would, for a brand new league. Was able to find some bad lines early on and took advantage of them. As I figured, the bookmakers caught up to things a few weeks in. Like I said earlier in the season, it's so much easier to handicap 4 games a week compared to the 15 in the NFL, lol.

    Final regular season stats:
    Sides: 24-16 ATS for a 60% clip
    Totals: 23-17 ATS for a 58% tally
    Overall: 47-33 ATS to hit at 59%
    Would love to be able to run like this in the fall for CFB and NFL, lol...

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    As for this week's semifinals....the action moves north to Canton, Ohio...and yours truly will be in attendance for the games Sat afternoon and evening. Will be interesting to see what attendance is like. Hard to judge as all the tickets are general admission. I also have tickets to the championship game next week, but will probably only make the 2.5 hour drive if Birmingham wins this Saturday.

    Looks like all 4 playoff teams came out of week 10 healthy. Will dive into it more later in the week and post my plays then. But here are my projected lines for the semifinals:

    Saturday 3pm on Fox
    New Jersey -4.5 vs Philadelphia

    Saturday 8pm on NBC
    Birmingham -3.5 vs New Orleans


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      Pretty solid for a new league GCotton. Well done. I might have to jump on your playoff selections. Good luck


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        Numbers are pretty close to what I figured ..nailed the North game on the money, a couple points under on the South (sitting at 5.5).


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          Well, here we go... Division Finals!! Wanted to get these posted as I am heading North to Canton for the games in the morning.

          Sides (24-16 YTD)
          New Jersey -4.5***L***
          New Orleans +5***L***

          Totals (23-17 YTD)
          New Jersey OVER 47***L***
          Birmingham UNDER 45***L***

          ​​​​​​Hoping for a good showing for the crowd, no idea how ticket sales are going. My guess is that it isn't too good, as they have been giving away tickets left and right here in Columbus for the past couple of weeks. My tickets were cheap, only $15 each, so the gas costs will definitely be more than the tickets and food, lol. Going to be a long day that's for sure.

          Will report back n how it went in my preview of the Championship Game sometime on Sunday when I wake up😉....anyway, Go Stallions!!
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            Good luck, g. Can't wait to hear your first-person report from Canton! Please post a link on your Facebook page.

            Here's my takes on the USFL semis in my "Tuley's Takes Today" column at Tuley's Takes Today: Friday recaps, updated ATS stats, Saturday Best Bets 6/25 - VSiN Exclusive News - News | VSiN


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              Have a good day and night…I’m with you on your picks
              19-15 +2.50
              New Jersey-4.5
              New Orleans +5
              Under 45.5 New Orleans

              GL to all


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                I actually went against my initial selection of NJ and took PHI right before the game started. Ended up still losing since I had money on the over, but cut the losses in half.

                Ran into some fans from Philly that said their team was really pumped for this game .them had a couple beers with a few from NJ who said they really didn't give 2 Shots how it went, lol..turned me to the PHI side after those few beers


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                  Not a country bfan, so could give two shits about the Trace Adkins concert between games. We were allowed to go out yonoutlr cars and "participate" as you would, hehe. ....really disappointed I'm the crowd today. Even with the discount tixs I would say we have about 2k here. Maybe more will show up for the next game, not counting on it by the cars in the lot


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                    The beer was even discounted at halftime, lol...went from $10 each to $7...hey, I did the math, every 4th beer was free🤦🏻‍♂️


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                      Bad day of gambling, but fun day watching the games. With my Stallions winning last night, I will be making the trip back north next week for the Championship Game. I hope they are able to get some more asses in the seats to make for a good show.

                      Early line prediction for the Championship:
                      Birmingham -6 vs Philadelphia
                      Total 45.5


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                        Boy, was I way off on my projections, the USFL Championship opened with BIR -3.5 and a total of 44.5


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                          And I already laid the points. Cause I have a feeling it's gonna jump by next Sunday. So for the record, I am locked in at the 3.5. Not sure which way I'm going to go on the total just yet