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2022 NFL P.O.W. Contest Question/Survey

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    Originally posted by Mrvolo View Post
    Seems all problems start with early Sunday betting and lines that are questionable.We are only having fun in this contest and sharing winners and info.Why not say,betting starts noon Monday,PT.
    I am commenting on this topic well after the fact, but I think this is a great idea by Mrvolo. I think part of the issue in the past is some of the plays that were posted my some participants on Sunday evening were quoting lines that were not truly available at the time the post was made. I'm certain I saw someone post a play based on the Westgate line which was obviously the look ahead number from earlier in the week but clearly was not something Westgate was offering late Sunday afternoon or evening. In the end, the point of this contest is largely to share logic and information regarding selections so I will certainly follow the rules whatever is ultimately decided.