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  • VFV College Contest

    So, what happened to this week's college lines?

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    Was wondering the same thing. Just logged on to make my selections and no college.


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      Still no lines available.


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        I don't know what happened with Dave so I just posted the VFV College Contest lines. Remember, this is the last week of the college contest.


        • Archie8
          Archie8 commented
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          According to the home page of the contest,it continues through Thanksgiving weekend. The real William Hill contest does end this week.

        • Mr Pixter
          Mr Pixter commented
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          You are right. I wasn't very clear, actually very sloppy, in mentioning that the William Hill part only, ended this week

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        However, the contest will not yet register my selections.


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          Sorry Tarb, I'm in Texas and always screw up the time. The contest should open in fourteen minutes at 6:00 PM PST


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            My sincerest apologies everyone! I really dropped the ball on this one. I entered the NFL lines Wednesday afternoon and meant to do the college ones but guess I got distracted by my interviews with SuperContest “1st Half” winners and the Wednesday night MACtion. I threw out my “Things to Do Wednesday” list and totally forgot about it. Huge thanks to Mr. Pixter for picking me up as I bet I wouldn’t have noticed until Friday morning at the earliest.

            And to Archie B. pointed out, even though the William Hill contest ends this Saturday, we run our VFV College Contest through Thanksgiving Weekend.

            Thanks to all for sticking with me!