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2022 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week 1 (Sept 8-12); Post Plays Here

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    NE/MIA under 45.5 (Mirage)

    Scooping up an extra half point at the Mirage compared to the rest of the market.

    Bottom line on this bet is that Miami’s new offense isn’t priced in correctly yet. Tua in a do or die season with new weapons, NE D melting in the 4th quarter. I see this closer to 50 total points.

    Best of luck to all in the new season.


    • Deano
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      Starting the season as an idiot. Meant to post over. Wrote it as under so absolutely getting the worst of the line now…. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • gcotton
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      Nice "screw up".....9 more and you are in the playoffs 😉

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    San Fran -7 CIRCA

    Baltimore at same line looks too good to be true and I always get burned by them. So taking Niners at like amount. Bears are a poor rebuilding football team, especially defensively, so it shouldn't matter what QB SF plays. Will see if I am toast on this too good to be true one als.


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      2022 NFL P.O.W. (0-0-0 YTD)

      Pittsburgh +6.5 South Point

      But, Cincinnati was the AFC champs.
      And have won the last 3 meetings.
      True, but the runners up in The Big Game do not have a great track record in week 1.
      Big game losers in week 1 in the last 26:
      5-21 ATS.
      And in the last 27 NFC North match ups , Tomlin is 19-6-2 ATS
      That's 76 percent.
      Let's see how the sing along with Mitch Trubisky era starts.​


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        2022 NFL P.O.W. (0-0-0 YTD)

        Texans +7 South Point

        Lots of reasons - Colts have done poorly in week one recent years, and in particular, are 1-12-1 ATS in their last 14 openers. Colts have also done poorly at Houston in recent years. Generally home underdogs do well in week 1. Darius Leonard is not going to play. I wish I got this at 7.5 but think it is still a good play at +7.


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          Up to 25 entries so far...filling in the new spreadsheet, it looks like we had a total of 61 different entries last year.

          Thanks again for posting in the correct format and I have not seen any issues yet (knock on wood, lol)


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            Baltimore -6.5 (Circa)

            Thinking the Jets are going to be, well, the Jets.
            Other side of the ball Jackson out to prove he next contract should be for quadrillion dollars.
            Ravens beaten Jests last 9 meetings.
            Harbaugh 10-4 ats in openers.

            Thanks Mr. Cotton for running this again.


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              2022 NFL POW 0-0-0

              Chicago-S.F. UNDER 40.5 (Circa)
              Both teams have excellent Ds — but little else, especially this early in the season.
              ’49ers may jell into playoff team, while Bears look like celler-dwellers.
              I haven’t made final cut here in years, but 2022 is my time to shine.


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                NFL POW 0-0-0

                Cardinals +6 (Circa)

                First time player, long time lurker.

                Line opened 3.5 swung 2.5. points Ill take the value in the line movement, home dawg with a head coach undefeated in week 1 in Kingsbury. Good luck all looking forward to the season.


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                  2022 POW O-O

                  Pitt +7 (Westgate)

                  Division game has been a decent positive trend for dogs and I see the post Big Ben Era as a solid road effort by Steelers. Think team will rally behind new QB and defense will hopefully make enough plays. Tomlin has been profitable in this role.

                  Good Luck All!


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                    2022 NFL P.O.W. (0-0-0)

                    BALTIMORE THREE-EYED RAVENS -6.5 (CIRCA)

                    JETS with 2nd string QB and 2nd string offensive LT. BALT is healthy to start the year, and Lamar needs to ball out every game so he can do a Flacco and get a giant contract if he can nail the landing this season and get BALT deep into the playoffs. JETS supposedly have a decent D, but in the end, they are the JETS, and can Flacco play like a starter, and not a clipboard jockey. BALT 5-1 ATS in Week 1 games the last 6-years. ​


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                      Bal -6.5 (South Point)
                      Thanks GCotton and Dave for running this contest,I completely agreed with your assessment of the Jets and I although I think the Draft has helped them improve Offensively, I have to believe that the Ravens will have a perfect plan to deal with Joe Flacco. That should see Baltimore slow down the Jets for long enough to give Lamar Jackson the chance to not only win, but to cover on the road.

                      The Jets finished last season with a 3-5 record against the spread as the home underdog.

                      Baltimore also have a strong Week 1 record with John Harbaugh showing he can be tough to beat when given time to prepare, and the Ravens are 4-1 against the spread in the last five between these teams.

                      My only real concern is that the Baltimore Ravens have not been a great road favourite to back in recent years, but again I think they can bring in a solid game plan to close out Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson can begin what I believe will be a big season for him.With all that said I will definitely take the Ravens at less than a TD.


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                        Raiders +3.5 (just about everywhere)

                        I'll try not to get shut out as much this year as I try to win the prize for myself LMEAO. All AFC West games should be shootouts and I expect this to be no different. Many have the Chargers winning the division but I think it's really up for grabs and I love getting more than a field goal now in a game that should come down to the end. Before Davante Adams was Aaron Rodgers' go-to guy, he was teammates with Derek Carr at Fresno State and I really believe he's going to make a huge difference and they're going to click this year.


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                          New England +3 1/2 Circa
                          Bill came down Tuesday to get use to heat and I think he knows a little about coaching.Miami could be good but let them show me first.This game will be low scoring so give me the points.
                          Usually I go Contrarian on picks and the play is Jets but since I need Baltimore in Survivor I passed.Anybody who wants to follow the Volo Contrarian play it is Jets,for you East Coast.GL this year.


                          • Mrvolo
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                            Right now it is 5 -0 Ravens

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                          NFL POW (0-0-0)

                          Cincinnati -6 1/2 (Southpoint)

                          Steelers defense may slow the Bengals down but they won't be able to do enough to keep it close. Pittsburgh offense is very mediocre and can't see Trubisksy being able to keep up with Bengals offense. Bengals keep momentum from last year and should win by at least a touchdown.


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                            Browns +1 Stations
                            i had Browns being a 2 point favorite here, I think they will have a lot of success running and in short passing game I also expect them to be able to put a lot of pressure on Turnover prone Mayfield I do not like what the Panthers have come up with as far as an O line they are going to have a lot of trouble keeping Mayfield upright. Browns QB situation also being overblown a little here I think Brisset will be fine in this situation.
                            welcome back everyone have a great season