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2022 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week 2 (Sept 15-19); Post Selections Here

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    2022 NFL P.O.W. 1-0-0

    NY Giants -2 [South Point] It looks like Saquon Barkley is finally healthy and I don't think the Panthers are very good. Giants win at home by at least a field goal.


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      2022 NFL P.O.W. (1-0-0)


      Well, The boys from Southeast Alaska didn't deserve to beat DEN and Lil' Russy Monday night, but they did! Geno didn't eff it up, but needs work on his QB sneak move. The chickens get their rookie RB playing for the first time most likely to help out Penny at RB. The D line did very well with causing two fumbles that won the game for them before the missed FG. SF's O-line didn't show much in Tropical Storm Chicago. Trey Lance is still a question mark at this point with his play, but his legs will pose issues to a SEA D that is bendable. Kittle might miss the game, which is a big plus.

      It's a division game, and 9 is a big number. It kissed 10, but that was the buyback mark for the sharps I'm guessing. Seahawk Country, Let's Fly!!!!!!​


      • DaveyShines
        DaveyShines commented
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        That was Seattle's Super Bowl last week If Geno can keep it together your Seachickens will be competitive I've heard good things about the rookie rb and Lockett and Metcalf are always dangerous

      • Seahawk Rick
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        Not expecting miracles, but have the over in wins of 5.5, so win 5-more and I'm happy!

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      2022 NFL P .O .W (1-0)

      Cincinnati -7 (Westgate)

      This line is going up everywhere, doubt we will see -7 by Sunday - Westgate is last place to have it -7 without extra juice or the half point.. The Bengals could not have played worse against the Steelers and still should have won. I can only imagine practice is intense this week, and Burrow and Chase were steamed after the game. Dallas without Dak can't be that much better than Steelers offense, and pretty sure the Bengals find someone who can snap the damn ball on kicks. Bengals roll, 34-9.


      • barnstorm
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        Was Cinci's long snapper the same as last year, or a new guy?

      • florabamaboy
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        Clark Harris had been with the team for a very long time and that's all he does. Apparently he was injured the week or so prior to the game with Pitt. What a colossal blunder by the coaching staff not to have a solid Forum long snapper. Then again, he had done the same job for 13 years prior or so without missing any games. now he is out for the year, but they have someone who should be able to do the job right moving forward.

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      2022 NFL P.O.W. (1-0)

      Cincinnati -7 (Westgate)

      Dallas’ offense looked pretty anemic with Dak, without him it won’t get any better. If Joe can avoid throwing the ball to the guys in the wrong jerseys this week, I think a blowout is likely. As a rule, I dislike laying so many points on the road, but this play looks too solid to for me to pass.


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        NFL POW 0-1

        OVER 47.5 Washington vs Detroit [Stations]

        Playing indoors with two teams that Defense does not appear to be their strong suit......OR......two average to below average QB's that are prone to the turnover which should/could lead to short fields. I see no reason why this shouldn't get to 50 points.

        GL to all


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          NFL P. O W ( 0-1-0 )
          Car plus 2 everywhere now

          Missed the hook but this is a classic Gmen fade spot
          They break your heart every year in spots like this
          i love em and hate em


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            Thanks folks for getting your plays in early and in proper format. Not a single play on TNF...kind of odd, lol. Good luck this week all!


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              POW (1-0)

              UNDER 44 (Circa) TB at NO

              Both team 0s shadows of former selves. Brady gets little support, Saints appear confused. How low can this one go — below 44 for sure.


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                Can I ask for a favor?

                I know we are not yet done with Week 2 but can you post a thread for Week 3 now because there is a line I like and I am 100% sure it will move against me by the time you post a Week 3 thread. Thanks - no matter the reply


                • gcotton
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                  The problem with being able to use the look ahead lines is that they really aren't "true". I know they are live and able.tonplay them, but most wouldn't do that. We made the decision this year to start each new weeks thread late in the or early in the SNF game. That way most books have their lines out and not limited to just one book.

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                NFL POW 0-1-0

                Panthers +2 (Stations)

                Not so much a play on Carolina as against their opponent.
                Giants are a team that’ll break your heart as soon as they give you a glimmer of hope. Like the cute girl in 9th grade who flirts, then turns down your invitation to the dance. Giants have a long history of flaming out just when you think they may be decent. Well, they’re not decent, and when giving points like this, downright indecent.


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                  NFL P.O.W. 0 - 1
                  Steelers -2 CIRCA

                  Crap, all four of my best bets lost last week so law of averages on my side. Steeler fans see a glimmer of hope in life without Rothlisberger and a home town crowd in a frenzy will propel the Steelers over the hated Patriots, who are a shell of their former selves as life without Brady ain't much.


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                    Lions -1 1/2 South Point
                    Lions showed heart in tough game one loss and catch the Skins at home. Washington has never been a good turf team, so this could be a nice set up for Detroit.


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                      Cowboys +7 Golden Nugget
                      Cowboys manhandled in debut, lose Dak Prescott for 6 weeks and now face the 2021 AFC champions. What more could help them in this game, right? Enter Cooper Rush, probably one of the best back up QB’s in the NFL. Looking for this to be a nail biter decided by a field goal.


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                        NFL P.O.W. (0-1-0)

                        Green Bay -10 (Circa)

                        Rodgers and company were embarrassed last week and suspect it has been a long week. Da Bears are usually easy marks for the Pack.
                        Game is in Green Bay, Rodgers is raring to right the ship, and Chicago has a QB that is questionable at best. Big win here for the Pack
                        in front of a fired-up crowd at Lambeau.
                        The man on the mountaintop didn’t fall there. . . . Vince Lombardi


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                          2022 NFL P .O .W (1-0)

                          Seattle +9.5 Westgate

                          Too many point for SF to cover.
                          SF last season went 0-3 ATS vs a team off a short week.
                          SF under Mike S is 0-7 ATS home division favorite.
                          Last 21 meetings, Seattle 15-5-1 ATS vs SF
                          It was with Wilson for those 21 I'm aware.​
                          Maybe Seattle cannot perform after the MNF game vs Denver.
                          But I cannot trust Lance with that high of a spread in a divisional game.