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2022 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week 2 (Sept 15-19); Post Selections Here

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    NFL POW 1-0

    SF -9 (Mirage)

    I got away with a huge error last week so feeling lucky to be at 1-0. SF was very unlucky in survivor pools last week but I will roll with them in week 2. I think the line here is an overcorrection to week 1 on both sides. SF and Trey Lance are better than they showed in horrendous weather in Chicago plus Seattle just played their most emotional game of the season with Russ back in town. Not sure how the Superchickens get up for this game on a short week for them (sorry Rick). This feels closer to a two TD game to me. GLTA.


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      POW 0-1
      UNDER 44 Tbay @ Circa not sure Brady is all that in sync with the offensive line and his receivers as yet and NOrl as everyone knows has given him some trouble with their defense and I'm looking for more of the same in this game


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        Seattle at San Fran Over 40 Wynn

        Niners head back to sunny San Fran. (compared to Chicago's weather last week.) Lance and Geno both have decent days going
        up and down the field in a surprisingly high scoring affair. I wasn't too impressed with seahawks defense as broncs should have scored
        a lot more except for their ineptitude on offense. I am seeing mid to high forties and may even break fifty.


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          NFL POW 1-0-0
          INDY -3 WYNN

          TAKING the colts because I am so disappointed in myself for taking them in the survivor pool I'm in, and I bought back in and quess which team I picked , yes INDY....

          So thats my reasoning not sure if thats enough for the judges in this contest ( who are top notch). If they need more of a reasoning i will provide.

          However it goes it's INDY


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            0-1 SF u41. I've missed the best of the # but I'm gonna take a flyer cuz Seahawk Rick said to bet the under. But seriously, I can foresee Lance continuing to struggle against a game Seattle D. Loss of Adams is concerning but I think the Seahawks will try to control the clock with a pretty good run game and Geno's dink and dunk routine. SF 20 Sea 16


            • DaveyShines
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              Sorry to be so late but that line was from Circa

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            NFL POW 1-0

            Jaguars +3 (Mirage)

            Line is down to 3 as WR Pittman will Not Play. wont Matter, This place is a house horrors for the Colts- Yes they lost outright to the Jaguars 7 years in a row in this stadium.
            ​That`s when the Jag`s were pretty bad. I actually think the Jag`s will be a better team this year. The Colts just always start the season slow and true to form they managed a tie last week after being down 20-3. But they played a full OT last week- I do Not like teams off a Tie. With the Texans and Titans Both loosing this week as double digit dogs, The Jaguars will be in sole possession of first place after 2 week, who would have ever imagined that! Trevor & Co Roll in this one...........


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              2022 NFL P.O.W. (1-0-0)

              Cincinnati -7 (Westgate)

              The Bengals had a -5 turnover ratio last week: as long as they correct that, they will be fine. ​And of course Dallas is without Prescott.


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                NFL POW (1-0)

                Seahawks +9.5 (Westgate)

                As the lone POW contestant to back the Hawks in their MNF takedown of Diva Wilson, I'm pleased to see so many of you wearing the Action Green in week 2. I have no idea how they came up with this line. I just can't see the Seattle Emotional Letdown that so many are sure of. Who do you think Seattle's biggest and most hated rival is? In the last decade this rivalry has produced some tense, brutal, thrilling games. Players, coaches, front offices and fans hate each other. You think Pete is going to allow his team a "letdown" for the Whiner game? To show how focused Seattle gets for Santa Clara, check out their dominance in the series. SEA has won 14 of the last 16 games and 6 of the last 7 played in the Whiners Suburban Money Pit. We've won when we're the better team, when they're the better team, when both teams are good and when both teams suck. And we certainly have faced better QBs than Trey Lance during that decade of dominance. Only 1 of the last 7 games in the series have been decided by more than a TD. Again, why the line?

                Go Hawks


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                  2022 NFL P.O.W. (1-0-0)
                  Bengals -7 (South Point)
                  I really hate to end up on what appears to be the most obvious play today but I don’t see how the Cowboys keep up here, Bengals should improve off if 5 turnover week 1 disaster, they’ll have a legit long snapper this week after playing with terrible emergency long snapper last week. No Prescott for Cowboys should lead to a comfortable Bengal win


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                    2O22 NFL POW 1-O

                    GREEN BAY -10 (BETMGM)

                    I’ll take a shot on this dd favorite given track history with Rodgers vs Da Bears and LaFleur off loss. Hopefully Packers bring A game. GLTA!


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                      Cotton - my mistake the side was Ceasars from vsin and not BETMGM from Vegas insider - both were 1O.

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                    POW (wow!) 2022 = 1-0

                    Hey I'll take the bait and take the bonus looking points in the line as
                    some rain may fall and with the humidity at 100%, sluggish play and
                    the fact it took Indi till Q4 to get a TD and nada in OT, willing to diagnose
                    them as temporarily impotent.

                    Indi-Jax UNDER 45½​ - WYNN
                    Last edited by bimmercando; 09-18-2022, 09:02 AM. Reason: Forgot to mention a couple of rcvrs out for Indi today......


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                      NY GIANTS PK

                      carolina is a trendy pick this week so I am going to fade. Giants seemed improved with Barkley running well. Home team squeaks it out.


                      • Woodee12
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                        Westgate for line

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                      NFL POW (1-0-0 YTD)

                      Broncos -10 (Circa)

                      Double digit favorites are not the stay away as they once were, and here I’m going to get a contender coming off of prime time loss versus a bottom feeding team coming off an incredible near upset performance. Despite the score, the Broncos looked pretty good on offense outside if there are two samples of the 1 yard line. I expect them to be eager to get their office and defense rolling and ready for tougher competition to come seeing that they did not do much in the preseason


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                        Pit+3 golden nugget
                        I like this Pit d and Mac Jones is already a little banged up. I’m sure Pit will try to get to him early. No watt, but there are plenty of good players on this team. Trubiksy just needs a clean game.


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                          2022 NFL P.O.W. (1-0-0 YTD)

                          Dolphins +3.5 (Westgate)

                          In the offseason, I think Miami improved much more than Baltimore did and just have more weapons at their disposal. Throw in the 22-10 Dolphins victory in last season and I believe we are looking at a line that should have BAL favoured by this much. The Miami D will find a why to fluster Lamar and his he won't be able to carry the team with his arm.

                          Dolphins win a tight one: 24-22