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    NFL POW 0-2-0

    Colts +3.5 (1st Half) Stations

    It’s only Week 3, but both these teams may take the field thinking about Week 4.

    The Colts because the prospect of entering Week 4 without a single win means the season is all but over for them.

    The Chiefs because they travel to TB for a Sunday night showdown with the Buccaneers.

    I expect Indy to come out focused, hitting hard and mistake free. KC is a candidate to be looking ahead to its Brady/Mahomes matchup, and that kind of distraction often causes turnovers. Both teams may well revert to form in the 2nd half, but I do like the motivated home team early on.


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      I'm not involved in this game at all but I'm calling this a bad beat. Controversial 2 point conversion causes this to be a loss in the first half. I don't believe the two-point conversion should have counted. Not sure why it was upheld on replay as he didn't have control of the ball.

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    NFL P.O.W. (1-1-0)

    Green Bay +1 (Circa)

    Rodgers will get his revenge in a match-up of two multiple MVP QBs. Tampa has some injury issues and Green bay is still
    trying to get over the first week loss. A win here will help their confidence and serve notice that they are the team to beat
    in the NFC. Should be a great game and down to the wire.
    The man on the mountaintop didn’t fall there. . . . Vince Lombardi


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      NFL POW (1-1)

      Bears -2.5 (Golden Nugget)

      Bears only figure to win 5-6 games max this season. This has to be one of them. Neither team can score very well, but the Bears have shown that they will play D and at home in front of a favorable crowd, I look for them to turn Houston over at least twice which should give them a 7 point win.

      GL to all


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        NFL 1-1

        Indy +6 South Point

        I’ll take the dog that no one want to touch this week, I think this is a perfect spot for Indy to respond, since KC defense is not that great, with a great offense line Matt should have time to throw and JTaylor to run wild!

        Have a great weekend everyone!
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          NFL P.O.W (1-1-0)

          BAL -2.5 Southpoing

          Jumping on Baltimore as line has dropped from 3 to 2.5 Some places. I cannot fathom bettors backing NE, people need to throw away the past 20 years of New England, let put this in simple terms, they STINK, easily in the bottom 3rd of the league. They burnt me last week, but i will continue to go against them particularly because the lack of offense. If they get behind, which I. Believe they will, they do not have the ability the Dolphins have to score. Lamar dominates and Ravens D redeems themselves from last week


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            NFL P.O.W. 2-0
            Pittsburgh +4.5 (Circa)

            Grabbing one of last 4.5s available as seeing these two teams even and being a FG game Tomlin great record as a dog and being windy night and low total 4.5 ahould come into play. A 20-17 kinda game


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              NFL P.O.W. (1-1-0)

              Cleveland -4 (Southpoint)

              Cleveland will take advantage of Pittsburgh’s run defense tonight, and Pittsburg’s lack of offense will allow Cleveland to cover.


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                NFL P.O.W. 0 - 2
                Steelers - Browns Under 38 Circa

                Two below average quarterbacks playing on a windy night in Cleveland spells low scoring game. It's hard to have faith in either Brissett or Tribusky, Steelers D should moderately contain Chubb.


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                  Buffalo -5 1/2 Golden Nugget
                  This line seems so low that it might be a trap. However; I’ll take the bait bc Buffalo has looked like the strongest team in the NFL to date. Circle the wagons, it’s the Buffalo Bills.


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                    NFL POW 2-0
                    BENGALS -6 (Circa)
                    Its time for Cincinnati to buckle down and return to Super Bowl form. Who better than to assist them in getting back on track than the powerless NY Jets? Look for romp here.
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                      Well, the selection from TNF went 1-3, with Mantis Reef having the lone play on CLV with the cover, despite missing yet another XP, lol.

                      PHATMAN15....I have corrected your record on the master sheet and it will be reflected,.along with the overall record for the group, in the week 4 thread.

                      Best of luck to all and again, my apologies to both Volo and PHATMAN15 for missing their plays last week. Damn Falcons loss caused me to be drunk and miss it😉


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                        2022 NFL P.O.W. (1-1-0)

                        Washington +6.5 Circa.

                        Too many points for Fly Eagles Fly to cover off of a short week.
                        Underdog in the series is 3-0-1
                        See this as a Philly win, but Wentz and his teammates find a way to obtain a backdoor cover.


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                          2022 NFL P.O.W. (1-1-0 YTD)

                          Eagles over 46.5 (Caesars)​.

                          I got a feeling this is going to be a shootout. Both teams defenses would let my Mom score. 33 - 20 kind of game.


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                            NFL POW 0-1

                            Tennessee Titans +2.5 (Stations)

                            I don't understand this line at all. WTF justifies the Raiders being a road favorite in this game? Yes, the Titans looked like crap getting blown out by the Bills on Monday night. I'm not holding that against them, the Bills are the best team in the league and also blew out the defending Super Bowl champion Rams in Week 1. Titans donked off a game versus the Giants in week 1 but the Raiders donked off a game versus the Cardinals in week 2 so that's a wash. The look ahead lines prior to the season had the Titans favored in the game. Both teams are winless, so why are the Raiders favored now? I'm also getting the better coach here too. Josh McDaniels vs Mike Vrabel. Are you kidding? I'll take Vrabel 10 times out of 10 if given the choice. This might be my favorite play of the season thus far. Titans win outright, getting any points in this game is simply a bonus.


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                              Originally posted by TARB View Post

                              Baltimore -3 ..... everywhere

                              I won with 2 dogs that won their respective games straight up. I am laying the small spot with Baltimore which is coming off a loss after leading by 21 points. The team has to be irate and will absolutely come to play well this week. The New England offense is very pedestrian and I see a blowout this week. The other choice this week would be Detroit getting 7 points at Minnesota.
                              Maybe, I will place a parlay on these two teams this week.
                              2022 NFL P .O .W (1-1)

                              461 Ravens -2.5 (SouthPoint)

                              100% agree and thankfully the line has moved to an even better number. I do not understand the move at all because, as TARB said, Ravens are so much better at every position and should be pissed after last week. Think Ravens win by 10+