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2022 NFL P.O.W. Week 5 (Oct 6-10); Post Plays Here

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  • 2022 NFL P.O.W. Week 5 (Oct 6-10); Post Plays Here

    This is the thread for the 2022 VFV NFL P.O.W. contest. The following are the rules for this year: 1. All contestants must be a member in good standing with VFV Forums 2. Players make one (1) single play ATS each week during the NFL regular season 3. A correct play results in one (1) point being awarded. A "push" or tie, results in a half point (1/2) being awarded
    4. An Incorrect play results in zero (0) points being awarded

    5. All lines MUST be taken from the following website each week:

    6. All lines must be -110 or less (must be posted on above buying 1/2 point)

    7. Only the books listed on this page (except for the Opening Line and Consensus) may be used in this contest.

    8. The following selections are allowed: Full Game Side, Full Game Total, First Half Side, First Half Total (NO MONEYLINES ALLOWED)

    9. Plays MUST be submitted each week by kickoff of last scheduled game.

    10. Plays must be in the following format (or close to it):

    2019 NFL P.O.W. (0-0-0 (post your current record here))

    Atlanta Falcons +3 (Golden Nugget)
    (This is where you will post your reasoning for this selection. It doesn't have to be a book or even a full paragraph, but more than just "I think the Falcons are better.")

    11. Myself, Seahawk Rick (the artist formerly known as Cybergolf) or any other I deem so, will have final ruling on if a play is valid (ie: Wrong line, Wrong Book, Not enough reasoning given, etc)

    12. The first couple of weeks I will give the benefit of the doubt to any newcomers on here...veterans, you know the rules, LMEAO

    13. NO EDITING!!! (ironic, as this was edited by DaveTuley LMEAO) can't change your pick after you post it as this supposed to mirror the real world where you lock in your bet at the current number...if you need to clarify something in original post (typed in wrong team or line, or forget to cite sportsbooks, etc.), please quote in new post to bring it to the moderators attention

    14. Week 18 will be worth 2 points for a correct selection and 1 point for a push.

    15. To qualify for the playoff round of this competition, players must have a total of 10 points by the end of the regular season (week 18).

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask and best of luck this season!​

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    In Week 4 we went a combined 28-25-4 (49%) ATS
    Thru 4 weeks, we are now a combined 121-99-6 (54%) ATS

    Name Win Loss Tie Total
    BIMMERCANDO 4 0 0 4
    CHAMOINLA 4 0 0 4
    DEANO 4 0 0 4
    JSCHANILEC 4 0 0 4
    MR. OUTSIDEVEGAS 4 0 0 4
    NINERUTEFAN 4 0 0 4
    TARB 4 0 0 4
    2 HOLLYWOOD 3 1 0 3
    ASTROID M 3 1 0 3
    BARNSTORM 3 1 0 3
    BLUEANDGOLD65 3 0 0 3
    BULLYBEATER 3 1 0 3
    COACHV29 3 1 0 3
    GENZO 3 1 0 3
    JIMMYJAM4508 3 1 0 3
    JPDAWG 3 1 0 3
    JYV19 3 1 0 3
    PHATMAN15 3 2 0 3
    SMART MONEY 3 1 0 3
    TEXAN 73 3 1 0 3
    DUKOWSKI 2 1 1 2.5
    RAY 2 1 1 2.5
    TAKETHEREDEYE 2 1 1 2.5
    TOSPEAK 2 1 1 2.5
    AMAZING MOM 2 2 0 2
    ARCHIE 8 2 2 0 2
    COMPASS ROSE 2 2 0 2
    DAVEY SHINES 2 2 0 2
    FLORABAMABOY 2 2 0 2
    J. HERB 2 2 0 2
    JPFITZ7 2 2 0 2
    MANTIS REEF 2 2 0 2
    MRVOLO 2 2 0 2
    RACING CAT 2 1 0 2
    SEAHAWK RICK 2 2 0 2
    SKYKAM1914 2 1 0 2
    STRMCHSR 2 2 0 2
    SUNDAY FUNDAY 2 2 0 2
    WINKYDUCK 2 2 0 2
    WOODEE12 2 2 0 2
    YISMAN 2 2 0 2
    ZJABRONI 2 2 0 2
    TONYLOVE 1 2 1 1.5
    AZTEC10 1 3 0 1
    CASEINPOINT 1 3 0 1
    DAVE TULEY 1 1 0 1
    EAST COAST 1 3 0 1
    GCOTTON 1 3 0 1
    MR. PIXTER 1 3 0 1
    PITTSBURGH 1 3 0 1
    ROCKMAN IN PA 1 3 0 1
    XAVIER ROB 1 3 0 1
    BUCKEYEFAN80 0 3 1 0.5
    FADE'UM 0 4 0 0
    FREE JACK 0 4 0 0
    MCGRATH 0 3 0 0
    MTHELLER 0 4 0 0
    SENATOR L 0 4 0 0
    WJCJR 0 1 0 0

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      Baltimore -3 ..... South Point

      I think that Baltimore is the class of the division. If Baltimore is going to win the AFC North, then the Ravens must win this home game versus its main competition in the division. Lamar Jackson is playing lights out and is a legitimate mvp candidate. Baltimore lost a tough game to the Bills last week and I see a big bounce back this week.


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        Hotlanta +8-1/2 (westgate)

        Time for me to right the train......Atlanta is coming in on a 2-game win streak, which could be very well be a 4-game win streak. They found a way to lose in week 1, letting NO comeback from being down 26-10, then were a play away from upsetting LAR in week 2. They have lost 2 games by a combined total of 5-points and won 2 by a combined 7-points. Give me the 8-1/2 and Brady coming in late from his lawyer's office.


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          NFL P.O.W. (2-2-0)
          NE -3 (South point)

          Belly has a good shot to pick up a win here and next week vs Clev-
          Det has zero defense as well as injuries on the O line- Also they have not played a defense as good as NE - since week 1- and theonly had it close in 4 th quarter-- after Philly allowed em back in--
          NE will stop Det and will cover the 3- line will go up I'm thinking---


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            NFL POW 4-0

            Philly -5 (Circa)

            Going back to the well this week with the Eagles as I measure them as more than a TD better than AZ. The AZ defense is atrocious and aren’t facing Baker Mayfield this week. Expect the Eagles offense to do whatever it wants and while Kyler is entertaining, he has no receivers beyond Hollywood Brown, and the Philadelphia D is built to contain his scrambling.



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              2022 NFL P .O .W (4-0)Seattle at New Orleans over 45 Wynn

              It is time to play and over, Both Seattle and New Orleans are playing below average through the first four weeks of the regular season. However, Seattle looked strong in its victory over Detroit with Rashaad Penny rushing for over 150 yards and the Seahawks scored 48 points, but the defense for Seattle is below average allowing 28.8 points per game which is next to last. The OVER has cashed in 10 of the last 11 plays by New Orleans in Week 5 and in five of Seattle's last seven overall.



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                NFL POW 3-1 [3 pts.]

                Over 51 KC vs Las Vegas [Circa]

                Carr has had success vs KC in the past and Mahomes has success almost every week directing his Offense. Very emotional win last week vs Tampa Bay in that shootout. KC runs very hot at home and I see that continuing here and Carr is going to have to keep up by throwing it to Adams, Waller, and Hollins who has been a big play guy for them.
                I see both teams approaching 30 in this game.

                GL to all


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                  NFL P.O.W. 2022 [4-0-0]

                  Philadelphia/Arizona - Over 48 1/2 points (South Point)

                  I don't see the Cards offering much resistance against the Eagles high powered offense which should do well indoors. I see this as a track meet with Arizona adding some garbage time touchdowns to creep over that 48 1/2 point total.


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                    2022 NFL P.O.W. (3-1-0 YTD)

                    BALTIMORE RAVENS -3 (Wynn)

                    The Ravens have trailed for exactly 14 seconds of the entire season. The Ravens are 2-2. The Bengals are certainly as capable offensively as Miami and Buffalo of being explosive and overcoming a large Ravens lead but everything about the spot screams Ravens. The perception in they are mediocre with a terrible defense while on the heels of two devastating losses in which they held 3 score leads. The perception is the Bengals seemingly righted the ship but the lucky breaks all fell in their lap including the Fins losing Tua in 1st half - and still in a position to win late. This game is in primetime and I think the spot is too good for Baltimore. I wouldn't be surprised if this were a blowout - or at least a one-sided victory where the score is closer than game actually was. With that, I'll take the Ravens -3.


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                      NFL P.O.W. (2-2-0)
                      Seattle /New Orleans over 45 1/2 (South Point)

                      Seattle can't stop anybody and New Orleans should give up at least 24 with that long flight back from England and a tired D.


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                        2022 NFL P.O.W. (2-2-0)

                        DENVER LET'S RIDES -3 (SOUTH POINT)

                        Going mile high on this one with Lil Russy starting to look like his old self in the LV game. 1 or 2 plays made the difference. He has a way to go, but started running again finally, which helps get first downs. They've been shooting themselves in the foot with drops and penalties, that if cleaned up, will help them get off to faster starts. Melvin Gordon coughed up an odd fumble that LV scored off of that made the difference in DEN losing. Surtain for DEN is a shutdown corner that is awesome. DEN pass coverage is very good, and their pass rush is rock solid . Ryan isn't mobile, and Carr had some good runs vs DEN last week that Ryan won't be doing. Ryan will be pressured against a very good pass D. DEN pass blocking has gotten better, and Russy with time fires passes I'm used to seeing him throw. INDY pass coverage is average. INDY run game took a big hit with Taylor not playing and their O-line not functioning well. DEN loses a RB too. Altitude will affect INDY 2nd half IMHO. Noisy venue. Taking them as a Survivor pick, and put some dough on them too. DEN losing helps the Home draft pick they give SEA this next draft, but this is business, LET'S COVER!​


                        • barnstorm
                          barnstorm commented
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                          That was bad. After Gordon got stuffed for a 1 yard loss on the previous play, I don't fault the pass, but they should have at least rolled Russ out to give him the option to run for one yard or pass it. He didn't even look for Hamler! But the real bad call was the previous drive where they had the game and clock in hand and decided to throw, and Russ got picked in the endzone. Then the Bronco defense went into prevent and let Indy walk down the field to tie it in regulation and then let them walk down the field for a FG in OT. Russ doesn't have very good WRs. They can't get any separation. Hackett will be a one year coach with the new owners because they will not make the playoffs. Not even close. Was it Elway who gave all that up for an aging Russ? He'll be gone too.

                        • Seahawk Rick
                          Seahawk Rick commented
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                          I agree previous drive was something they might have sealed the deal on with running clock down and getting a FG.

                          They were pressuring and sacking Ryan, so keep that up as he didn't burn them the whole game.

                          It's a pick i lost, but DEN put themselves in position to win it in regular time. Thought they'd score 20 after what I saw in Vegas game. I knew they'd hold INDY down on D.

                          New GM made the trade with SEA that looks to haunt them for awhile.

                          In 10-weeks, maybe they are in the WC hunt with an offense playing better. Hard to see now, but every team makes adjustments. Play calling is part of it.

                          I'll root against them every game now to improve the 1st & 2nd round draft picks they give SEA this year.

                        • Aztec10
                          Aztec10 commented
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                          Elway was removed from any decision making before the trade. They brought in a new GM a while back. I was skeptical of this coach/QB fit when the trade was made. Hackett's offense is designed to get the ball out quick with slants and the tight end attacking the middle of the field, say someone like A A Ron. St. Russell made his money with deep posts and sideline routes. He has thrown more screen passes in 5 weeks than he did in 10 years in Seattle. His body language is awful, and Hackett makes Rich Kotite look like Belicheat. I agree with the receivers comment, they are fast straight line but don't ever seem to separate. Really a cluster this team is, how can they fix it at all going forward? Injuries are mounting, this looks like a 5 or 6 win team to me. Boo hoo russell, sometimes you get what you wish for.

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                        NFL POW 2-1

                        New England Patriots -3 (Mirage)

                        Going to take the -3 while it's still available without extra juice. I don't care who starts at QB for the Patriots, my handicap is about the Patriots defense vs Jared Goff. I trust Belichick to always have a plan that's going to make a mediocre NFL QB look bad. Goff definitely fits the definition of mediocre despite the Lions overall effectiveness on offense this year. Goff isn't trustworthy outdoors and while it's early October rather then December, if there is any adverse weather (chilly, rain, wind) I expect Goff will not handle it well. Lions also still have injury concerns with some of their skill position players too.

                        Seahawks ran all over the Lions last week, no reason the Patriots can't run the ball here with a offensive line that is probably better than the Seahawks' O-line. Regardless of who the Patriots starting QB may be, he will be largely a game manager. I don't think the Patriots will need to score much because I expect the defense to keep the Lions offense in check.

                        Bottom line, going with the better coach that I expect to come up with a solid defensive game plan to make the Lions offense look weak. Patriots should be able to control the clock and game flow and come away with the win and cover.


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                          I'd like to take Denver -3, but it is juiced to more than -110 everywhere in Vegas and Offshore. Except South Point. But it seems that South Point never shows any juice with any of their games. Or is that just the way it is today? You can also get Detroit +3.5, Jax at -6.5, Rams -4.5 and Baltimore at -3 only at South Point because no juice is listed.


                          • Seahawk Rick
                            Seahawk Rick commented
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                            They'll win with defense, and Lil Russy running, which he started doing again in LV game. 20-13.

                          • barnstorm
                            barnstorm commented
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                            I'm glad it went to -3.5 so I didn't take it. They still should have covered if they didn't stupidly decide to pass when they had the game and the cover in hand. INT in the endzone and gave Indy the chance to tie in regulation.

                          • east coast
                            east coast commented
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                            SOUTH POINT football is -1.10 on ALL their games

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                          NFL POW (3-1-0 YTD)

                          Dolphins -3.5 South Point

                          I was hoping for 3 but I think this line is more likely to climb to 4. I'm a big Teddy fan. That man loves to cover. I don't believe he is a 3 point downgrade from Tua and this Dolphins team is rested. The Jets/Steelers line last week implies that the Jets are somewhere between 0.5 and 1.5 points worse than the Steelers depending on what you give homefield - and I that same Steelers team is now a 14 point underdog to the Bills. I think this is an overreaction to Tua being out and the Jets having a big comeback. I'll lay the points even on the road.