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Week 9 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • Week 9 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    Unless you were on TB, INDY, or JAX, you had a most lovely Survivor experience...A Zen like tranquility, as if you had a ayahuasca session with Mr. Rodgers. The way it's going for him and the cheese balls, he'll need something with a lot more fire power to make it through the rest of this season.

    ATL gave everyone on them a scare as they had it won, then seemed to lose it, then tied it, then should have lost it again, but found a way to win it. No stress whatsoever.

    The big faves all expected to win, won. Yes, INCLUDING the Seachickens! Sorry Compass...Your guys still have a better record than my guys...For now! LOL!

    Soooo...Nothing really changes, but change will happen, and it could be as soon as Week 9 when the wheels could come off again. Trust what got you here, but a habit of being on the biggest favorites each week from here on out, might put you on the outside looking in. Here and there, yes, but the pools got to these low numbers with 'locks' losing. Research the injuries, as some teams have them stacking up like I have ex-girlfriends.

    Compass, Volo, and Davey are in the hunt, so let's help them any way we can to get them to chop city!


    [email protected]Eagles came off the bye firing, and going to HOU to play a team that barely has a pulse seems to be a way to get to 8-0. Hard for them to not be over-confident, but hard to see HOU putting up of an effort to slow them down. Most in Week 1 pools have probably already used them, but there are players left that have them to use.

    [email protected]Is BUFF in letdown mode after the SNF game against a marquee GB team? NYJ are pretty banged up, and it is a division game so you'd think BUFF would take it seriously with MIA continuing to win. A decent amount in Adam 1 have them to use still.

    [email protected]I'm posting this on Sunday night, and CINN hasn't played Monday yet. CINN seems to be gaining speed in how they're playing, and CAR is still fighting, but I don't think they can keep up with the CINN offense that is hitting the gas. Check injuries to CINN after the MNF game.

    [email protected]TENN got a win without Tannehill playing, and with a rookie at QB, but, they were playing HOU. I'm guessing Tannehill is back, but unless King Henry runs for 400-yards, I don't think TENN can keep up with KC coming off the bye.

    [email protected]Not so sure about MIA with CHI showing some offense the past few games. Back-to-back roadies not easy. I'd take a look elsewhere than this one, but people will pick them.

    Throw your ideas out there and we can bat them around.

    • Browns.
    • Cowboys.
    • Broncos.
    • Giants.
    • Steelers.
    • 49ers.
    ​GOOD LUCK!!!!​
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    Adam 1 down to 47 and right now have KC but have 4 days to think about it.


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      I guess with all the carnage so far this year, a nice, calm Sunday was to be expected. I was definitely a little nervous going into the Sunday nighter knowing that there hadn't been any big upsets (except a smaller one on Indy). I have many options this week but none of them jump off the page and there definitely aren't any 'locks' amongst them. In the order of preference, I would currently rank them: NE BALT GB MIA TB ARI. Notice what I did there Seahawk? Geno is the comeback player of the year and Walker might just be rookie of the year. On to the next spin of the big survivor roulette wheel.


      • DaveyShines
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        I'm staying away from that Ari game. I think your Seachickens will win that game outright. They have some serious mojo right now.

      • Seahawk Rick
        Seahawk Rick commented
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        Agree... Too close a game within the division. Of your 5, I like BALT the best on first look, but NE is a good option. Nice to be on a home team if possible. I haven't gotten too deep into them as I don't have a pick!

        The Bay teams are hard to trust... MIA has beaten a few average teams lately.

        Clarity will come to you as the week moves on.

      • DaveyShines
        DaveyShines commented
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        I feel that BAL is best saved for later---that may be a decision that could backfire. If CHI trades Roquan Smith, I might seriously look at MIA since the Bears have also traded Quinn but Fields is a serious threat. Very unpredictable. Indy's young QB could struggle against Belichick's D. He always has a few tricks up his hoodie for young, untested signal callers. Green Bay played well in the second half, or did Buffalo just let it's foot off the accelerator? This is their season----4-5 looks a heckuva lot better than 3-6 which would probably doom their slim playoff chances. Right now, I'm probably 75% on NE and 25% on GB.

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      Was pretty quiet this past week- no gnashing of teeth- looking at this week though man- some weird games-
      Also when looking-- weather may be a factor in some this weekend so keep that in mind--
      philly slam dunk as is KC, and Buffalo- after that it's tough sledding....
      NE seems fine too especially facing rookie QB and the Bellycheck effect on rookie QB's-
      Just word to the wise- past trends are not predictive of future results-


      • Seahawk Rick
        Seahawk Rick commented
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        No such thing as 'slam dunks' either.

        Unless SEA is playing NYG that is... πŸ˜†

      • Compass rose
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        I'll pretend I didn't hear that

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      Taking KC this week and rooting for most picked Eagles to lose.


      • Seahawk Rick
        Seahawk Rick commented
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        I'd think you're rooting against all the other teams to lose!

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      The usual suspects are at the top. CINN, LV, ARI and GB...Not with any of my picks! Oh, wait...I don't have any!

      The ARI pickers are delusional...I'll be there to heckle Kyler and yell short jokes at him to mess with him!

      Click image for larger version

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        In looking over this weeks selections to possibly move on, I realized this is the 1/2 way point. After this week we only need NINE MORE correct picks to get a chop!!How easy can this be?

        Like NE with the Bellycheck rookie QB theory -


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          I'm gonna roll the dice with NE. They have a lot of starters listed as questionable. But with all of them (except Andrews) limited in practice on Wednesday, I will hope that at least half of them will start. This is a well worn strategy of Belichick to load up the injury report to create uncertainty and confusion in the plans of his opponents.


          • Seahawk Rick
            Seahawk Rick commented
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            Most teams have lots of questionable players so you just gotta weigh how many big names are in the list and look at New England specific media to get a clear picture.

          • Mrvolo
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            GL,my thinking now is get to the next week.There are some tough weeks coming up.

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          Picks on TB, GB, ARI...We'll see.
          ADAM1 ADAM2
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            Back in the saddle with a W to catch the eye of my damsel in a state of undress...Yeah, I wish. Thinking of renting a blimp to fly around her place at night with my messages of affection for her. I have a feeling she has giant sling shots with darts to fling my way though and I'll be deflated in no time...What else is new. Ugh.

            KC...Coming off the bye and fairly healthy. King Henry can't score enough to keep up with the Chefs IMHO...

            WEEK 1: NO - W
            WEEK 2: DEN - W
            WEEK 3: PHILLY - W
            WEEK 4: DAL - W
            WEEK 5: JAX - L
            WEEK 6: MINN​ - W
            WEEK 7: NE​ - L
            WEEK 8: BUF - W
            WEEK 9: KC

            Black is back...Yummy.

            Click image for larger version

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              CIRCA SUMMARY...

              My take is KC, NE and BUFF win.... CINN, MIA and ARI are coin flips.

              There is one person/partnership that has 6-entries still live. Mostly picking one team each week until last week when they split it up with 3 & 3. A few others have two entries left.



              • Aztec10
                Aztec10 commented
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                Contest Update: What's he thinking?

                In his interview with Gill Alexander earlier in the week, the Circa Survivor contestant with all 6 of his original entries (out of 123 total remaining) indicated he would go all-in on the same team. Bob DeLuca, aka Crushemsports, went with the Bills as selections were announced on Saturday.

                While some might hold the Bills for their Thanksgiving game vs. the Lions . . . "I love this play," said Circa owner Derek Stevens. "He is set up beyond belief. This week Buffalo, next week Chiefs at home vs. the Jags, following week Baltimore at home vs. Carolina and then split the 6 entries on the Pats-Vikings Thanksgiving game."

                Just found this in my VSiN daily. Best laid plans eh....... Ouch

              • Seahawk Rick
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                Bummer of a birthmark Bob...Amazing he made it to Week 9.

                New name is 'Crushed' Sports...
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              • yisman
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                wow, all 6 on BUF when KC and PHI were similar picks.