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    2022 NFL POW 4-4-1
    Titans -2 (Circa)
    I’ve been having a real hard time finding a best bet, I went 4-1 last week with the game I chose as my best bet being my any loser.
    Titans coming off a tough loss vs the Chiefs have Tannehill returning from ankle injury having him back should spread the field a little thinner to help out Henry who’s been a beast the last few weeks. The line seems short to me, I don’t give the Broncos a ton of credit for winning the euro game over the not so good Jags. The game could be a grinder but hoping Titans can have Henry controlling the game late to out the game away. 24-17 Titans


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      NFL POW (4-5-0)

      Chicago -3 (Circa)

      Missed on the half point but hoping it won't matter. Chicago has finally found out how to use Fields and he should run and pass through a weak Detroit defense. Think Chicago's D will keep the Lions in check enough to keep it more than a field goal.


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        POW 7-2

        Under Rams/Cards 38.5 (Caesars)

        These two teams played in September and scored a total of 32 points. This is the biggest mover on the board today, moving an unbelievable 6.5 points! The only other game I considered was under in Bills/Vikes. Both the offense of Rams and Cards have not been juggernauts this season, both defenses have performed admirably, so I will travel the path that has been treaded heavily,,, gimme the under in Rams/Cards. Good luck to all!


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          NFL POW 3-5-1

          Jaguars +9.5 Circa

          seems like with every chiefs game you have to pay the Mahomes tax on the spread. i think 9.5 is a little bit too high of a line. like the jags to keep it within a touchdown


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            2022 NFL P.O.W. (5-3-1)
            Bears -2.5

            In agreement with some of the comments above re: Fields, Goff playing outside, etc... This is a game about one team that has turned things around and other that is struggling to find week to week consistency.. I can't remember the last time Lions on two in a row, but I'll fade them in a higher scoring game than people think.

            Da Bears! 27-23​


            • SmartMoney
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              Line was from Westgate

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            FOW. YTD. LA Superchargers +7.5 @ Santa Clara 49ers. South Point 11:15 am PST

            Sure was a huge line move from opening number if 3.5. 49ers tend to struggle covering the number when favored. While their fron 7 is stout, I think herbert can do some damage even with throwing to his secondary receivers. Ekeler always a danger out of the backfield, hopefully TE everett doesn't have multiple fumbles tonight. 49ers run game will certainly get theirs, just don't think they will run away and hide tonight. Couple jimmy g picks, chargers cash in on short fields. I see a 27-24 final score with San Francisco coming out on top.


            • Aztec10
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              season record is 4-5

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            NFL P.O.W. (5-2-0 YTD)

            Dal -3½ (Southpoint, Circa)

            Dallas has number 1 defensive dvoa, and has allowed the third fewest touchdowns in the red zone. Dallas fifth in total dvoa, Green Bay has a minusa value for dvoa, good for 17th place rank in the league. Dallas has number 2 special teams dvoa, Green Bay has the number thirty special teams. Bottom line, Green Bay has not played well the past four weeks. Dallas has played well. Green Bay also fighting lots of injuries. Glta!


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              Indi-LV: 20 points anyway it comes = a 1st half WIN !


              • gcotton
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                🤣🤣🤣🤣No doubt!! Congrats!!

              • Caseinpoint
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              NFL POW (5-4)

              Washington +11 (Westgate)

              For second week in a row, I'll jump on a rabid dog getting double digits on MNF. Who knows, maybe the Eggles will run the table, the schedule looks like it is possible. Just hoping this will be a letdown situation for them playing against Football Team and their anonymous QB out of that football power Old Dominion. Hoping Riverboat Ron will have some plans to move the ball against a Philly D that is playing great. At this spread, WFT would have covered 7 of last 10 games played in this series. Looking for another boring, low scoring suck-fest for Joey Buck and Troy to oversell.


              • Seahawk Rick
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                It will pale in comparison to the Husky / Quackers game! So sorry to knock them out of the playoff chase!

              • JPdawg
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                A lovely Saturday Night, no doubt Rick! And for added glee, I logged onto the Interwebs and listened to "Duck Insider" today. Much finger pointing and excuse making, little (none) credit to their opponent. We have been abominable in this series for going on 2 decades......but this year, i gloat!

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              P.O.W. 4-3

              Commanders +11 (Westgate and everywhere)

              Here we go again...every time I forgot to post my P.O.W., I have a great Sunday where I would have won any game I picked (hmmm...maybe it's worth the trade-off LMEAO). Anyway, let's save the best for last as we've seen parity is alive and well in the NFL this season. Double-digit dogs are 8-4 ATS...also, while the Eagles are a perfect 8-0 SU, they're 5-3 ATS with 3 non-covers, including 29-17 win a week ago Thursday. If the Texans can cover, so can the Commandos...and even if they can't stay within the spread the whole game like I'm expecting, the back door should be open for a capable Taylor Heinicke.


              • AmazingMom
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                Man was I wrong. Man were you spot on. Congrats Dave and great call!

              • bimmercando
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                I've run with a system for MNF where my play is on the ML for either team I like. If not mistaken, the spread rarely figures in on an MNF game. If / when you like the u/dog, then grab the added $$ being offered. Wash brought me in +401! Likely a crap book line but a token play.

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              2022 nfl p.o w. (2-5-1 ytd)

              phi -11 (circa, westgate, others)

              to win a bet it helps first to know which way the wind blows. In virtually every metric, philadelphia is tops in the league. Thats why they are undefeated. Seems odd to think a juggernaut won't win and win big. So i cant really take the dog here. It's either the over or the margin.margins safer with the margin, since philly defense might just act likenumber oone defense tonight. Glta!