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Any Soccer fans in here?The World Cup 🌍 start today

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    Couple of shocking results so far today. Loved seeing Motocco beat "the golden generation"


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      USA vs Iran Under 1 1st half
      England -1


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        Ok, I am back for the quarterfinals.

        Brazil-1.5 even or

        Brazil-1 -175 to minimize the juice instead of -269

        Brazil showed us what they can do on a soccer field the 1st half against S Korea.They are flying and not only offensively but unlike the old Brazil also defensibly. If Croatia come out and try to defend for 90+ minutes, I just don’t see how it can work. Brazil have too many weapons – and the key is that they can take chances by overloading zones because they have such quality in support.I can’t see any result other than a Brazil win.



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          What a eye opener day today at the WC.Brazil was the best team and lost on penalties.Argentina was the best team and barely won on penalties On to tomorrow.

          Portugal -143

          This is pretty straight forward,Portugal’s skillfulness and weapons will win.Morocco will not be able to hang with them.

          France +153
          The speed,ball movement and versatility of France wins this match.England defense will be their downfall.



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            I like Coatia today + .5 goal for regular time plus stoppage, at even money to -115. they will pack it in, and Argentina missing a couple of key players with yellow card accumulation. Croatia doesn't care if they score, they just want you to not score, and they are very, very good at it. To me this looks like a 1-1 game, with it decided in overtime or PK's. A tie in regular time we win - and of course all the pressure is on Argentina.


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              I agree with Croatia but I prefer betting them to advance at +190. While I think they are live to win the game regardless they have already proven that if it goes to PKs, they have what it takes to advance.


              • florabamaboy
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                not a bad play either, my heart just can't take the PK sudden death lol. it can be crazy who makes shots and who doesn't. but at +190 I could see playing both.

              • RacingCat
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                In retrospect this looks laughable but I have no regrets. At +190, only have to be correct 35% of the time to be profitable. A lot of the stats actually favored Croatia but Argentina was the better team.

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              I think Morocco to finish in 3rd place at +116 is a reasonable wager. I like that better than Pick+120 for regulation time only.

              Croatia is the better side but how motivated are they to win this game? Croatia played in the final 4 years ago, losing in the semis this time has to be somewhat deflating.

              Morocco has made it farther in the World Cup than any African nation and I believe they have taken a lot of pride in that distinction. No reason why they won't play with pride here in my view.