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2022 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week #13 (Dec 1-5); Post Selections Here

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    2022 NFL P.O.W. (4-7-1) YTD
    Jacksonville/Detroit UNDER 26.5 (1st Half)

    I know playing indoors with zero elements would make you scream OVER, but I see it the other way around. Detroit is off extended rest where their defense played really well in containing Josh Allen and the Bills for most of the game. And if they can do that to the best QB in the league, no offense to Trevor Lawrence, but he is no Josh Allen.

    I can see this in the 13-10, or maybe even 13-13, so grabbing the hook, hopefully helps.

    Jacksonville Jaguars 10
    Detroit Lions 13

    Best of luck to all this week!


    • bimmercando
      bimmercando commented
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      Circa? The book that seem to be offering bonus .5 points this week in many games! GL
      eg Miami-SF most books are -4.5 & 46 where Circa is -5 & 45
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    • gcotton
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      Bimmer, yes Circa.. I posted this before my first cup of coffee, lol. Mind was still a little cloudy. Sorry about that

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    POW 7-5
    Cinny +2.5 Golden Nugget
    KC has no overwhelming Defense but does put points on the board.They have a easy schedule and should be Home seed even if they lose
    today. Cinny will be tough at home and could sneak by.Also right now this is the contrarian play here and that has been a good way to go for me.


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      NFL POW (6-5-1 YTD)
      Miami +5 (Circa)

      I believe this line should be closer to a a pick'em, if not SF by 1.
      The Miami offense is similar to KCs and even though SF D has improved, I see a tightly contested high-scoring battle right to the end.

      SF 30-28


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        POW 7-4
        Houston Texans +8 (Westgate)

        I'll take the ugly dog here. No stats to back this up, purely a situational play. Deshaun Watson hasn't played in a regular season game for 2 years, I have to believe he will be rusty. People are talking about Watson getting revenge against the Texans, I look at it the opposite way.

        Fans will be engaged for this game and undoubtedly boo Watson throughout. I have to believe some of his former teammates want to give him the finger and stick it to him for screwing them over last year. This is the Texans super bowl, if they can't get up for this game, they truly are a dead team.

        Texans money line probably worth a shot also but the +8 is certainly fair to me.


        • gcotton
          gcotton commented
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          Agree 100%... Actually already have a ML play on HOU +265... It's all about the situation, but mainly my complete and utter distaste for the city of Cleveland, lol

        • barnstorm
          barnstorm commented
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          Yeah, but the Browns will be sky high to support Watson. And the Texans are tanking, and going with their second string QB, and their first stringer was average. Cooks is out. GL! You got the +8 so that is good.

        • mcgrath
          mcgrath commented
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          As situational plays go, they don’t get much better than this. But I respect Barnstorm too. Two Sharps on opposite sides—game often hits right on the number. So, Browns win by 7 or 8.

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        TITANS +4.5 (westgate) over Philly

        Value dog play here as Tenny can beat anyone. Philly is just hanging around now and not dominating as they once were. Tenny d is the difference here and sneak out with at least a cover in a good game.


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          NFL POW 8-4

          NY GIANTS +2.5 CIRCA

          Giants have lost back-to-back games and now they're the home divisional dog vs streaking Wash. Giants have covered all four games off an outright loss this season. Giants win a 19-16. GLTA


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            NFL POW (6-6-0)

            Dallas - 10 1/2 (everywhere)

            Just refreshed by browser so I know this line is good LMEAO. I know this a load of points but Dallas is just a much better team. Indy has an immobile QB and Dallas has the best pass rush in the NFL. Dallas' offense should be able to put points up on the board as well. There's some concern about the back door cover but I think this will be a blowout, especially with it being the Sunday night game at home.


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              2022 NFL P.O.W. (6-6-0) YTD

              Detroit -1 (Most everywhere.)
              Short home favorites are my favorite bet, so the Lions -1 at home after a mini bye and a tough, close loss to the Bills, facing Jax after an emotional come from behind win, are my pick.​


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                NFL P.O.W. 4-6-2

                LA Rams +7 Golden Nugget

                line is overinflated after the season rams have been having. But even without Stafford I think this line is a FG too high. Don't really have to worry about the Rams taking either since they don't have any draft picks to tank for!


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                  2022 NFL P.O.W. (9-3-0)

                  SAN FRANCISCO 49ers -4.5 (Wynn)

                  I've been a die hard Dolphins fan for more than 35 years. I've seen this movie before. Hope to be wrong of course but just a bad spot for Miami with both tackles out and the familiarity with Shanahan knowing how to defend this scheme with a stout 49ers defense to begin with. The good news here is regardless of what the line is next week - I will be on the loser of this game next week. 100%.​


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                    NFL POW 4-8-0
                    Was -2 South Point
                    been playing well lately. Jones on NY still makes some bone head plays
                    I think they will win so what's 2 points


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                      NFL POW 8-4
                      Under 40.5 NYG/Wash (Circa)

                      This match-up has yielded twice as many unders than overs in recent years. Both teams have trended under this year, and in a week where there no stand-out total plays, I will play take a shot on this game staying under. Game opened at 42, and while it crossed the threshold of the magical 41, it still makes sense to me.

                      Good luck to all!


                      • gcotton
                        gcotton commented
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                        Going to OT, had to chalk this play up as a loss, right?? Lol, wow.. what a way to get a win in this contest. Could go down as the "play of the year" 😉.. Just how you drew it up😁

                      • phatman15
                        phatman15 commented
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                        G- I chalked this game up as a loser countless times. It was a wicked over at half! What is the old saying,, better to be lucky than good!!??

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                      NFL POW 9-3-0
                      Mia/SF Under 46 (Wynn)

                      The pupil going against the mentor so a lot of familiarity.Also both tackles out for Miami so Tua should be under duress. SF wins with its defense. A 23-17 kinda game


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                        FOW YTD (6-6)

                        The chefs -.5 1st half @ the bungles Westgate 12:15 PST

                        I got beat twice last season in the 2 games these teams played. Both games saw KC jump out early and fade late. I like cincy in the game, but would like the extra half a point which has not popped up anywhere. As such, will have a go at the 1st half line and see if history repeats. I expect both teams to get theirs, though do think the chefs pass rush might get to burrow some early. Mahoimes to kelcie for am couple td's, burrow to chase to answer back with 1. In a back and forth affair, I think the chefs will again build a 1st half cushion and walk off the half up 17-10


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                          NFL POW (6-6-0 YTD)

                          Colts +10.5

                          This is a lot of points for a team that still has life. The Colts were favored last week and came within 1 point of taking down the Eagles the week before. I absolutely expect the Cowboys to be all over Matt Ryan - but the run game should keep this within 10 and I'm happy to settle for a backdoor cover if it comes down to that.