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2022 VFV NFL P.O.W. Contest Week #18 (January 7-8); Post Selections Here

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    NFL POW 11-6-0
    RAMS +6 Wynn

    Taking the rams here, Akers been lights out running the football now facing a defense that has trouble stopping the run, Mayfield auditioning for a job, rain jn the forecast helps keep this game close, taking the points.


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      NFL POW 10-7

      Brownies +2.5 (everywhere)

      I missed the best of this line earlier in the week but can’t find anything else of interest. Rams with McVey potentially leaving was interesting but Geno Smith’s floor (throwing 3 pick-sixes and fumbling twice) and ceiling (400 yds and 5 TD’s) make that too risky - no matter how I pick, he does the opposite of what I need. And the Giants at +16.5 was super tempting, but the Davis Webb experiment scared me off….

      So I will take the lesser number here. Pitt in a must win situation doesn’t offset that Cleveland is playing hard and is possibly the better team at this point in the season. Watson is slowly shaking the rust off and is the best passer the Pitt D will have faced in weeks (looking at you Mariota, Huntley and Ryan).

      Best of luck to all those trying to qualify for the playoffs.


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        NFL P.O.W. 7-8-2

        LAR +5.5 Mirage

        Rams season was atrocious, Mcvay might retire after the season, Seahawks are still playing for a playoff spot. all reasons to pick the Seahawks, but I'm going to go against the grain and say rams show up to spoil the Seahawks season


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          2022 NFL P .O .W (14-3) Steelers-2.5
          (South Point)

          This game will be a straight up blowout. The Cleveland Browns have essentially nothing to play for in this game as they have been eliminated from the playoff contention while the Steelers season lies with this game. Expect the Steelers to step up like they always do.



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            NFL POW (8-9-0 YTD) Win and in!

            Rams +5

            I love backing teams with nothing to play for in week 18… but I want no part of the browns and I luckily missed out on the raiders yesterday. That leaves the Jets and Seahawks and I’ll go against the team that looked best the week before. I missed the best number but I’ll be rooting for a rams win as I’d love to see Detroit punch their ticket tonight.


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              2022 NFL P.O.W. (9-6-0, 9 Points)

              SF -14
              Going with a top team headiing into playoffs. SF with a 9 game win streak, longest in the league. SF 3rd in QBR, 2nd in turnover margin, 2nd in fewest defensive points allowed, and 3rd most points over the Vegas line at + 4.3 points per game this season over the line on average. Good luck to all!


              • Blueandgold65
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                I meant to put the books here for SF -14 (Southpoint and Stations). My bad.

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              NFL POW (11-6)

              Niners -14 (Wynn, Golden Nugget)

              Niners peaking at right time. DVOA has them 3rd in Offensive DVOA and 1st in Defensive sDVOA in recent weeks.


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                NFL POW 11-6

                LION +5.5 (SouthPoint)

                Packers & Rodgers the public choice and Win and In. Will hold my nose and play contrarian and take the more consistent offense since Week 1. May have egg on my face but Lions will come to play. GLTA! Great season all!


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                  NFL POW 10-7-0

                  Detroit +5.5 (South Point and Wynn only) I was going to wait until Seattle wins and Lions might get more than 5.5, but the Rams are up by 7 at half and some Lions lines are starting to come down to 4.5. It will be a fun game tonight if it's winner in. I hope the Rams hold on. GLTA!


                  • barnstorm
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                    Right after I put this in, Wynn moved down to Lions +5, but South Point still at +5.5.

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                  And with kickoff of the SNF game, the 2022 Regular Season version of the VFV POW is now closed for business. We have 3 outstanding selections remaining, all on the Lions.

                  As a reminder, Dave takes over from here and the lines are locked, no more shopping. Details will follow.


                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    Thanks Mr. Buckeye for running the circus! You needed to talk 'Enemy Within' into going on ATL Sunday for the easy win in Circa Survivor!

                  • chamoinla
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                    Thanks Gcotton for your diligent in running this contest and to Dave for keeping this forum running and for taking over for the playoffs!And also Thanks to everyone here for sharing your knowledge!

                  • Xavier Rob
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                    Thanks Cotton for putting the contest together again this year!

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                  Thanks gcotton for your work in running the pool. And good luck to all that qualified for the playoffs.


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                    Archie, thanks for your trend plays. They went 4-2 which makes money. Should have been 5-1 except for that lateral final play by the Jets.
                    Talk about bad beats. Right Mr. Volo.


                    • Archie8
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                      You're welcome. I was in SC too but not close to top 25. Finished 46-41-3. 1st year back in after two year beak due to COVID . What hurt me was too man one win weeks had 8 of those. But I had two 5-0 weeks. Weeks 4 and 18.