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2018 NFL P.O.W. (Play Of the Week) Contest: Week 12 (Nov 22-26) Post Plays Here

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  • 2018 NFL P.O.W. (Play Of the Week) Contest: Week 12 (Nov 22-26) Post Plays Here

    This is the thread for the 2018 VFV NFL P.O.W. contest. The following are the rules for this year (the same as in the past):

    1. All contestants must be a member in good standing with VFV
    2. Players make one (1) single play ATS each week during the NFL regular season
    3. A correct play results in one (1) point being awarded. A "push" or tie, results in a half point (1/2) being awarded
    4. An Incorrect play results in zero (0) points being awarded
    5. All lines MUST be taken from the following website each week:
    6. All lines must be -120 or less (must be posted on above buying 1/2 point)
    7. Only Vegas Sports Books listed on the VI website will be allowed
    8. The following Books will NOT be allowed: VI Consensus, BetOnline, PepperMill, Atlantis Reno
    9. The following selections are allowed: Full Game Side, Full Game Total, First Half Side, First Half Total (NO MONEYLINES ALLOWED)
    10. Plays MUST be submitted each week by kickoff of last scheduled game.
    11. Plays must be in the following format (or close to it):

    2018 NFL P.O.W. (0-0-0 (post your current record here))

    Atlanta Falcons +3 (Golden Nugget)
    (This is where you will post your reasoning for this selection. It doesn't have to be a book or even a full paragraph, but more than just "I think the Falcons are better.")

    12. Myself, Seahawk Rick (the artist formerly known as Cybergolf) or any other I deem so, will have final ruling on if a play is valid (ie: Wrong line, Wrong Book, Not enough reasoning given, etc)
    13. The first couple of weeks I will give the benefit of the doubt to any newcomers on here...veterans, you know the rules, LMEAO
    14. To qualify for the playoff round of this competition, players must have a total of 10 points by the end of the regular season (week 17)...important note: your points will be the number of Units you start with in the playoff portion of the contest that runs through the Super Bowl)
    15. Prizes to be determined by DaveTuley....we've had fellow posters offer up prizes in the past, so please let me know if anyone has anything to offer or ideas for yours truly (yes, this is an edit by DaveTuley I'd like to have a prize for the person earning the most points during the regular season...and then the overall champ after the Super Bowl (and perhaps a runner-up prize).
    16. NO EDITING!!!

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask and best of luck this season!


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    Sorry for the delay in posting these this week. But here you go!

    Congrats to FLORABAMABOY for being the first Playoff qualifier for this year!! Now to build on those Playoff units!

    In Week 11 we went a combined 20-22-6 (.417) ATS

    Thru 11 weeks, we are now a combined 313-279-21 (.511) ATS
    Name Win Loss Tie Total
    FLORABAMABOY 10 1 0 10
    EAST COAST 9 2 0 9
    MR.VOLO 9 2 0 9
    RACINGCAT 9 2 0 9
    DAVEY SHINES 8 2 1 8.5
    FREEJACK 8 2 1 8.5
    MCGRATH 8 3 0 8
    PHATMAN15 8 3 0 8
    COACHV29 7 3 1 7.5
    2HOLLYWOOD 7 4 0 7
    BLUEANDGOLD65 7 4 0 7
    CAP32 7 3 0 7
    ERMINE 7 4 0 7
    JUSTJULIE123 7 4 0 7
    LEGZ_AKIMBO 7 4 0 7
    MTHELLER 7 4 0 7
    TEXAN 73 7 4 0 7
    DUKOWSKI 6 4 1 6.5
    J.HERB 5 3 3 6.5
    MR. PIXTER 6 4 1 6.5
    RAY 6 3 1 6.5
    JDMOOSE1950 6 5 0 6
    PITTSBURGH 6 5 0 6
    SKULLF 6 4 0 6
    STRMCHSR1 6 5 0 6
    BUCKEYEFAN80 5 5 1 5.5
    GCOTTON 5 5 1 5.5
    ROCKMAN IN PA 5 5 1 5.5
    TAKETHEREDEYE 5 5 1 5.5
    AMAZINGMOM 5 5 0 5
    CHAMOINLA 5 6 0 5
    MR. OUTSIDEVEGAS 5 5 0 5
    SEAHAWK RICK 5 6 0 5
    TARB 5 6 0 5
    AZTEC10 4 5 1 4.5
    BRUINGUY 4 6 1 4.5
    NINERUTEFAN 4 6 1 4.5
    TONYLOVE 4 6 1 4.5
    AARON24 4 6 0 4
    BARRYT 4 6 0 4
    DEANO 4 7 0 4
    PETGAL2 4 3 0 4
    XAVIER ROB 4 7 0 4
    YISMAN 4 5 0 4
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      2018 NFL P.O.W. (10-1 YTD)

      Under 37 1/2 Jags vs Bills (William Hill)

      What do you get when you put two of the most inept NFL offenses together and two of the top 5 defenses??? A recipe for under this seemingly super low total. The Bills getting an extra week to prepare the defense, and a crushed Jags team hitting the road after a brutal loss? Add in cold weather, a very good chance for some rain, and two teams with nothing to play for? A score of like 19 to 13 seems in the ballpark.


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        Congratulations on reaching 10 first and your run.Last week I decided to play your pick and mine so am now 2-0.Will add my friend east coast this week and see what happens.


        • florabamaboy
          florabamaboy commented
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          Thanks Mrvolo! I almost chose Denver Broncos as my POW, and Bengals weren't too far behind. I think Denver might beat Pittsburgh straight up, they are due for a letdown. Good luck this weekend!

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        POW 9-2
        Lions +4 Wynn
        line is dropping and Bears Played Sunday night and must travel and play in 31/2 days.Tough to do and Lions get a extra little push as it is a Traditional Turkey Day game.
        Also second time they play and this is a tough Division to sweep a team.
        Last edited by Mrvolo; 11-21-2018, 04:07 AM. Reason: correct POW to 9-2


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          POW 4-7-0
          Seattle Seahawks + 3.5 (Wynn)
          Seattle is a Gold Sheet key release.The Las Vegas Math Model has Seattle winning straight up. Tuley the Tout likes Seattle and you know how sharp he is !!!


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            Jags/Bills under 37 1/2 Wynn
            I can count on one hand how many times I've bet on O/U's, but I couldn't agree more with Bamaboy's explanation above. Jags capable of playing great D as they held the Steelers to just 20 pts last week and both teams are not very capable on the other side of the ball. Figures to be low scoring, but what do I know, I'm 4-6-1.


            • florabamaboy
              florabamaboy commented
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              tonylove is my new bff :-) hahaha! happy thanksgiving and lets cash some tickets with our turkey!

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            Sorry for the delay in posting the standings this week. Been a very busy 3 days at work and running around. Will work it later tonight.


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              NFL POW. 7-3-1

              Bears -3 ( MGM Mirage)

              3rd game in 11 days.... had to play Sunday night and now 11:30 AM on Thursday....divisional game on the road...revenge for the Lions....and now have to play with the backup QB as it looks like Trubisky is going to miss the game.
              All these reasons point to a Lions victory.... not so fast......the Bears are still too strong on D and the Lions will be missing Johnson and Jones.
              Backup QB Daniels knows this Offense very well and the team will rally around him. This is too short of a number for the Bears not to cover. Defense travels ( except for the Miami game) and Mack, Hicks and the rest of the team will allow the Offense to make enough plays to win this by 7.

              GL to all


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                POW 5-6

                REDSKINS+7 (WESTGATE)

                Not buying the Cowboys or their offense to lay 7 in a division game. Redskins are a scrappy bunch and I look for them to stay inside the number in this spot.


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                  NFL 2018 POW (7-4-0)

                  Saints -12 (MGM)

                  The Saints have only punted 21 times the entire season, and have only had 10 three and outs.. Don't stand infront of a rolling train.


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                    NFL POW (4-6-1)

                    Detroit Lions +3 ((William Hill)

                    Chicago travelling on a very short week after playing on Sunday night. Trubisky banged up and listed as doubtful. Lions must win to keep themselves in playoff contention. I'll take the home dog.


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                      NFL P.O.W (7-4-0)

                      New England -9 (MGM)

                      Don't usually take these big favorites in the NFL, but Pats were embarrassed in Tennessee and have had two weeks to hear about it. They come out firing and win this one BIG. Jets uncertain at QB
                      at this time, but it won't matter. Patriot blowout.
                      "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


                      • florabamaboy
                        florabamaboy commented
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                        Very good points. Once i started looking at motivation or lack thereof and combine this with handicapping/numbers things become clearer. like your analysis sir!

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                      Standings are now updated and posted above. Happy Turkey Day!


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                        2018 NFL P.O.W. (5-5-1 YTD)

                        Atlanta Falcons/New Orleans Saints OVER 29.5 (1st Half) (TI)

                        If ATL can avoid only FG's in the Redzone, then this thing should fly over this total. ATL can't stop anything of late and NO CAN'T be stopped of late, lol. This has the makings of being a very ugly night for me and the rest of Falcon Nation. The loss (well blowout) to CLV was bad, but last weeks walk-off loss to DAL was actually worse. But, as a fellow Falcon fan said the other day, after the Super Bowl collapse a few years ago, these losses like last week, and the one against CIN, seem to go down a little easier then if we hadn't of had that SB loss. Just get us thru the rest of the season without any further injuries and head into the offseason with a new gameplan (and unfortunately a new HC I'm afraid) for 2019.

                        Halftime Score

                        Atlanta Falcons 10
                        New Orleans Saints 24

                        Best of luck to all this week and Happy Thanksgiving!