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2022-23 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (rules, format, post wild-card round pick here)

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    Studying podcasts, stats, broadcasts all week. Feel pretty strongly that Bengals, Bills and Niners will all win and cover. Could be surprises elsewhere. Best of luck to everyone.


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      16 points.

      Cowboys-2.5 5 units

      I fell happy and humble to be the regular season champ in this great NFL contest.Congrats to the playoffs group!Let’s get it on!!!
      The Tampa Bay Buccaneers should not be in the playoffs and only made it this far due to their division. Despite the struggles in the final game of the season Dallas is by far the better team in this matchup and it will show on Monday. Look for Dallas to dominate both sides of the ball as the Cowboys are better in every aspect of this game. Take Dallas to do enough on the road Monday night to get the wild card win and cover to advance to the next round.



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        Thanks Seahawk Rick for your nice comment and for yours weekly survivor pool conversation thread,It was a definitely a must read.Good luck in the playoffs!

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        It is no accident that Chamoinla sits atop the standings. Several years ago we had a tongue-in-cheek prize of steak knives for the POW winner. Chamoinla won that year as well. I remember sending him his prize.

      • Seahawk Rick
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        You should throw a Chia Pet into the mix Mcgrath!

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      NFL POW playoffs 10 points

      Bills -9, 5 units

      I’m putting this in last minute because I can’t turn away from this line value. That said, in the spirit of the game I will share that my favorite pick is Dallas -2.5 as I’ve made good money fading Tompa all year and it seems in the playoffs they are getting even more unearned (this year) respect.


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        NFL P.O.W. Playoffs 10 points

        Dallas -2.5
        Risking 5 units

        Recency bias is a hell of a thing. Seems like one good performance vs a subpar Carolina team is enough to get people to forget a seasons worth mediocrity from the Bucs. Dallas is getting healthy at the right time and they should be able to run on this Bucs defense and control the clock and hopefully limit Brady's time on the field.


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          Guys, based on some time stamps, we’re some picks made after game started? 🤔 Just asking .


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            Time stamps are an hour ahead.

            The San Francisco picks that you're probably referring to are before the kickoff IMHO. Kick off usually doesn't happen till at least 5 minutes after the top of the hour or bottom of the hour in this case.
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              Times shown are PST anyhow and the early Sat Game SF-Sea was 16:30 which most often doesn't start before 16:35

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            10 Points, Risking 5 Units

            Balty/Cincy OVER 40.5 (Dave's Desert Inn)

            Think this total is a little shy given the matchup. 8 of last 10 played in this series would have gone OV this total. Last 5 games in Cincy for this matchup would have gone OV this total. Balty certainly leans UN lately, but when on road and when dogs they are far less prone to the UN. Obviously Huntley the Ute not near the scoring threat that Lamar is, but we continue to see unheralded QBs shine in the playoffs so maybe he gets his 10 minutes of fame. Or he could melt down and throw a pick 6 or two. Weather appears to be not a factor.

            My Quest Begins to take Seahawk Rick's $50. LMEAO. Enjoy the heated banter. Of course I'd make 100 changes to this contest. And of course 99 of them would probably be wrong. Good Luck to All.

            When's the Draft? Go Hawks!


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              Both teams and both the Over and the Under covered in the the Cinci-Baltimore game.


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                Crazy..just noticed that after checking some picks and outcomes re the "Buffalo Bust".
                The value of .5 point is shown here with Cinci at 6.5 and the Over at 40.5.
                I was sweating with the total sitting at 41 with 10 minutes to go and any FG to close me out at 44.

                Home teams SU in wildcard weekend 4-1 so far.
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              Tampa +3 Circa for 5 points

              Had a death in my which kept me from thinking about posted earlier so I am Left with the last game. Not thrilled about my pick but I will go with TB because of his history in the playoffs especially when people doubt him, he always delivers.