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2022-23 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (post divisional round pick here)

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  • 2022-23 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (post divisional round pick here)

    It was a rough start to the playoffs for our P.O.W. playoff qualifiers as 11 went with the Bills -9 (including some lobbying for being able to go all-in), but it was interesting to note that most of our top contenders avoided that minefield. We also had a situation where both sides of the Bengals/Ravens game won no matter how you played it (but as I've mentioned before for critics, that's how it worked in the real world, so this contest reflects that).

    For those new to the P.O.W. playoff format, instead of everyone shopping around for their lines during the week, we post the available plays and replace the line shopping from the regular season with the most widely available best number for each side of the spread and total. Your points earned during the regular season are your betting units for the playoffs and you can risk 1-5 units. Some have wanted to be able to go all-in (though we took a vote a couple of years ago and it was 10-1 to keep this format). I maintain that if the person leading the contest goes 4-0 in the playoffs and no one can catch them, they've deserved the title. Besides, the main reason for this contest and weekly threads is to share our top plays and reasoning with each other, so the competition is secondary,

    We're awarding a 1st-place prize of a 2-night stay at a Las Vegas hotel (sorry, you have to get yourself here), plus dinner for 2 with yours truly, plus a VFV shirt and a $100 online gift certificate to goes to whoever has the most units after the Super Bowl. Let the chase of CHAMOINLA, our regular-season champ, begin!
    Playoff Qualifier Units Wild Card P.O.W. Units
    chamoinla 16 DAL -2.5 (W) 21
    jschanilec 15 CIN -6.5 (W) 20
    TARB 14 DAL-TB u45.5 (W) 19
    Genzo 13 LAC-JAX o46.5 (W) 18
    J.herb 13 SF -9.5 (W) 18
    NinerUteFan 13 SF -9.5 (W) 18
    2hollywood2 12 MIA +11 (W) 17
    Archie8 12 NYG +3 (W) 17
    Blueandgold65 11 SF -9.5 (W) 16
    phatman15 11 CIN -6.5 (W) 16
    bimmercando 10 BAL-CIN u43.5 (W) 15
    Caseinpoint 10 NYG +3 (W) 15
    Deano 10 CIN -6.5 (W) 15
    JPdawg 10 BAL-CIN o40.5 (W) 15
    Zbrajoni 10 DAL -2.5 (W) 15
    barnstorm 12 BUF -9 (L) 7
    Coachv29 12 BUF -9 (L) 7
    Pittsburgh 12 TB +3 (L) 7
    Aztec10 11 SEA +10 (L) 6
    bullybeater 11 BUF -9 (L) 6
    JIMMYJAM4508 11 LAC -1.5 (L) 6
    Mr Pixter 11 BUF -9 (L) 6
    mtheller 11 BUF -9 (L) 6
    Seahawk Rick 11 BUF -9 (L) 6
    tospeke 11 BUF -9 (L) 6
    Asteroid M 10 BUF -9 (L) 5
    DaveyShines 10 BUF -9 (L) 5
    florabamaboy 10 TB +3 (L) 5
    Mrvolo 10 MIA-BUF u43.5 (L) 5
    RacingCat 10 BUF -9 (L) 5
    Xavier Rob 10 BUF -9 (L) 5
    All bets are 5 units unless noted otherwise

    And here are the contest lines for your P.O.W. picks...again, yes, there are difference and it's possible that both sides of a side or total can win, but that's how it works in real life. GLA:

    Jaguars +9
    Chiefs -8.5
    Over 52
    Under 53

    Giants +7.5
    Eagles -7
    Over 47
    Under 48

    Bengals +5.5
    Bills -4
    Over 48
    Under 50.5

    Cowboys +4
    49ers -3.5
    Over 45.5
    Under 46.5

    And, as always, please also including your reasoning for your play (and not just "because the line has moved and I'm taking the best number"). Thanks and GLA


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    NFL POW Playoffs - (10 Points)

    NY Giants +7.5 (Risk 5 Points)

    This NFC East battle pits up and comer NY Giants vs. a questionable Philly squad (due to Jalen Hurts injury status). This is their 3rd meeting this season. We saw this play out last week with the Jets giving Buffalo all they wanted and the Ravens taking the Bengals to the brink. They know each so well I just have to believe this is going to be a one score game. Plus, I really like the way the Giants have finished the year out, winners of their last 5 ATS since that beatdown by Philly in early December. The Eagles have now lost their last 4 ATS. Trend is your friend, take the Giants +7.5 and wouldn't surprise me if they won outright so maybe a sprinkle on the money line as well.


    • Caseinpoint
      Caseinpoint commented
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      If I’m reading Dave’s standings correctly, you have 5 points not 10.

    • florabamaboy
      florabamaboy commented
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      yeah you are right, i didn't see the right hand column lol. 10 is what i will have after tonight. ;-)

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    19 points

    Risking 5 points on the Giants +7.5 points

    If the Giants can repeat their performance versus Philadelphia that they gave versus Minnesota last week they will possibly upset the Eagles. QB Jones played his best game of his career and RB Barkley was outstanding. The Giants dominated that game more than the final score showed. QB Hurts showed in his last outing that he had not fully recovered from his injury. Now, two weeks later, he should be better recovered, but he just might be a little rusty. This is a divisional matchup and that always favors the underdog. So, I will ride with the Giants plus 7.5 points.


    • #4
      Playoff POW 6 pts
      Risk 5
      San Fran -3.5
      Cowboys looked good against Tampa Bay but who couldn't. Niners look like they can win with anyone at QB, definitely have the better team, offensively and defensively and Dallas runs hot and cold. Once the Niners put pressure on Prescott, he will fold like a cheap tent in a Texas tornado.


      • #5
        5 pts KC -8.5 Risking 5 Andy Reid's record off the bye is well known. This will be Trevor (Dude Looks Like a Lady) Lawrences first road playoff start and he will struggle. Mahomes has too many weapons and the Chiefs are healthy and rested. KC 31 Jags 13.


        • Aztec10
          Aztec10 commented
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          Walk up and say that to his face chief

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        Playoff POW [7 pts.]

        Over 48 Buffalo vs Cincy

        Neither team runs the ball that well so I believe there will be around 80 pass attempts in this game, and with all the skill WR's in this one it should get to 50 points. I also see Allen using his legs for a big play or two to help move the ball close to that coveted goal line. Buffalo has scored 30 + in 4 games in a row. I'll ride that streak and Burrow is more than capable of trying to keep up.

        GL to all


        • bimmercando
          bimmercando commented
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          Is the weather no factor here on scoring?

        • bimmercando
          bimmercando commented
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          When you think of Buffalo, never forget what's just across the border.
          It's called the Great White North.

          Let it Snow, Let itSnow, Let it Snow

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        NFL POW Playoffs - (6 - Points)

        NY Football Giants +7.5 (Risk 5 Points like everyone else)

        Look, everyone wagered 5-points.... I'd bet Volo's vast fortune everyone does it again! Someone will bet 4-points just to spite me. 😁

        What would happen if you could bet any amount? Now that would be verrrry interesting to see how well the leaders can manage their well earned bankrolls with the shackles off don't you think?

        The last game between these two gives me hope it will be another close one. NYG getting some swag back with healthy players and a solid win on the road vs the horned ones. Confidence is a 12th player and with Hurts shoulder a question mark, I feel NYG after their close loss to them will have a few adjustments to keep this one close too. 2nd road trip but a very short one. Hurts has his legs to use and I'm sure he can throw the rock, but one hit might turn this game sideways where Minshew needs to save the day. ​Division games are always hard fought, and this one will be no different... Just like the max-points you can wager. LMEAO!! 😉 Love ya Dave!


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        NFL POW Playoffs - 6-points

        Risking 5

        Bengals +5.5

        Joe Cool is 4-1 in playoff games. Had Cincy won the week 17 game, this game is a home game for them. They have a bone to pick with Buffalo and show them who the true two seed should be. If a reverse tease was available, I would tease down to a pick'em and take a bigger payout. Bengals win 37-33.


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          Originally posted by Coachv29 View Post
          Playoff POW [7 pts.]

          Over 48 Buffalo vs Cincy

          Neither team runs the ball that well so I believe there will be around 80 pass attempts in this game, and with all the skill WR's in this one it should get to 50 points. I also see Allen using his legs for a big play or two to help move the ball close to that coveted goal line. Buffalo has scored 30 + in 4 games in a row. I'll ride that streak and Burrow is more than capable of trying to keep up.

          GL to all
          Sorry.....5 points risk on this game


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            Are we still till game time or before the start of th 1st game so that some can't wait for another's result to influence their play in the next weeks?


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              Risking 5 points

              49ers -3.5

              I am going with the better team here. Cowboys haven't won two consecutive playoff games since the wont the Super Bowl back in 95. I know that doesn't say much or is relevant to the current roster but I felt like after they beat Brady last week, it felt like they had won the Super Bowl after losing to Him the first week of the season. SF is playing at a high level and their defensive will continue to play lights out. 4 out of 5 Dallas losses came on the road this year. I will lay the point in hope the hook doesn't bite me. 28-20 SF


              • #12
                18 points risking 5

                Buffalo -4
                Cincinnati has been a great dog this season ,but this is the week that ends.
                No staring left tackle, or right guard , Collins out since Christmas and team ranked 29th in rushing yards, Burrows is going to have to have a lot of pressure on him to get the ball out quickly.
                Baltimore sacked Burrows 4 times last week.
                Hopefully Buffalo will play better than they did last week.
                I see a good game, but Buffalo by a TD being end result


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                  2022 NFL POW Playoffs - 20 points
                  Wagering 5

                  Kansas City Chiefs -8.5 The Chiefs aren't great ATS, but I think they are too much for Jacksonville. In their previous matchup KC's blitz got to Lawrence and his numbers suffered. I think that the Chiefs see this and will blitz early and often. That plus the fact that this might be the Chiefs only home playoff game if the Bills win. The place will be rockin' and the Chiefs will win easily in a blowout. Good luck everyone!


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                    NFL POW 15 pts

                    Risking 5 points on KC -8.5

                    I was very close to pulling the trigger on SF or the over in that game but the thought of Purdy coming back to earth or Dallas forgetting to score at all scared me off last minute. So I will roll with Mahomes and a lot of chalk this weekend - just a lot more trust in Mahomes/Reid consistency. The first half last week showed us that Jax has a terrible D for a playoff team and KC is equipped to exploit it even more than LAC did. And I trust KC to put together a full game performance and not go full Chargers in the second half. Looking for them to cruise in a blowout and hand Trevor his first Saturday loss.

                    Good luck to everyone this week.


                    • Deano
                      Deano commented
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                      Welp, wound up rolling with a one-legged Mahomes and took the L. Those are the breaks (or sprains? LOL).

                  • #15
                    11 Points, risking 5

                    Jags +9

                    The biggest dog, and anything can happen in the playoffs. Jags have won 6 straight, and coming off a great 2nd half last week. Per ESPN: Jags have eight outright wins as an underdog this season and Doug Pederson is 6-0 ATS as a playoff underdog.


                    • tospeke
                      tospeke commented
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                      Sorry, I have 6 points right now.