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2022-23 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (post divisional round pick here)

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    Originally posted by bimmercando View Post
    Are we still till game time or before the start of th 1st game so that some can't wait for another's result to influence their play in the next weeks?
    I haven't specified, so still kickoff of the game you use for now. Most everyone was in early last week with a few waiting...not like Week 17 or 18 where earlier results could have impact on later games

    In the Super Bowl, we'll definitely have an earlier deadline and allow people to keep picks hidden by sending to me privately so to not give any advantage to those chasing them), but at this point the eventual champ probably needs to go 4-0 so I think everyone should be focused on their best bet of the weekend regardless of anything else.

    I'll give it some more thought and might do early deadline/private submission next Sunday for AFC/NFC title games (especially with just 4 choices available with side/totals), but for this weekend maintaining status quo. Thanks.


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      6pts, risking 5
      KC/Jax under 53
      Totals little inflated this week after last week going 4-1. Jax gives up 20 and KC gives up 21.Hoping KC a bit rusty after week off,and Tuley the Tout likes it.A 30-19 kinda game


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        NFL. POW. 6 points

        put 5 points on 49ers -3.5

        The San Francisco 40 Niners are just a better team here. The Niners last year went into Dallas and spank them silly in a playoff game and avoided a late come back By Dallas and Dallas misuse of timeouts and errors and beat them 23 17.
        This year the 49ers are just a better team they’re undefeated since they had added Christian McCaffrey. They are much healthier also. Dallas is your typical Jekyll and Hyde team look great. One week look terrible in next. . I can see San Francisco getting pressure on Dak and him forcing a couple of turnovers even if that plays well they won’t be able to match what San Francisco can do with all the weapons on offense . I see the Niners rolling on here into the championship game and maybe Mike M might be looking for another job and have to start the Mike McCarthy project for the second time.
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          17 Points

          Kansas City/Jacksonville - Under 53 (Risk 5)

          Inflated line. And such a key number on the total in a Divisional Round Playoff game with a team that does not blow anybody out against a scrappy underdog. Everything about this game just feels like the pace will be much, much slower than it would initially appear in this matchup. Barring a barrage of turnovers and/or defensive scores along with the correlation I believe Jacksonville covers the number and therefore the Under 53 is the best play on the board for me.


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            5 points
            5 units on KC -8.5
            Reed and KC off a bye and Trevor L first real playoff game,not even close.GL to all with a chance.Looks like 3 favorites and Dallas.


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              6 points Dallas +4 @ the super team 49ers play 5 points

              We'll see if we can stick around for the rest of the season as took the wrong dog last week. I am so looking forward to this game, and sure hope it lives up the the historical playoff games from back in the day. Also glad it is in Santa Clara, as have had about enough of jerry world. What catches my eye about this game is the seemingly short number san francisco is laying. I thought after super wild card weekend was in the books that 49ers would open -6 or -6.5. Instead it was 3.5-4, and has been stuck all week even with the heavy money on the 49ers. I also wonder if dallas has finally removed the 1000 lb. piano from its back after their beatdown of the yuccaneers. Can't thank them enough for putting "playoff" tom brady to bed! Looking at the 2 teams, no question the 49ers have been the most consistant and quite honestly best team this season. So much arsenal in that lineup, and Mr. Irrelevent sure seems to fit them like a glove. While dallas ran roughshod over tampa, san francisco may just present a little bit more of a challenge : ) I do believe Dak will build off of last weeks game, and the cowboys offense will piggy back off of what the seabirds did in attacking over the top down the field. I believe dallas is going to need to hold down the 49ers run game, say to 100 yards or so, otherwise this game may turn ugly quick. While impressed with the rookie QB, 49ers have not had to play from behind since the chefs rolled them earlier in the season. More pollard, less elliot makes this offense much more dangerous. I love this game, and the history of these 2 teams playoff battles. I do think dallas will need to win the turnovers to stay in touch. I think they will, I hope maher's yips were left behind in florida, and I see an epic back and forth tomorrow. With chalk winning the 1st 3 games, let's see if we can gett the cowboys home, say 27-23.


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                Points ( not sure )
                San Fran 5 POINTS
                LINE -3.5

                Dallas looked good Monday beating a team that did not belong in the playoffs . Now facing a team that can run the ball, traveling on the road after a road Monday night game is not a winning proposition. Prescott does not have good numbers when facing a top tier defenses. Frico has too many weapons on offense their run game will slow down the pass rush. If Purdy handles the pressure niners win easy.


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                  POW 15 pts

                  San Fran -3.5

                  Playing 5 units

                  49'ers beat'em once and hope they beat them again.
                  Dallas didnt do much on the ground in their last matchup
                  and a lot of passing. SF is ready for a repeat D vs the pass
                  and will keep Dak grounded again.


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                    Buffalo Bills -4 (risking all 5 remaining units)

                    Bengals have been an ATS darling almost all season but I think the arrow is starting to point down. The offense isn't the same with all the offensive line injuries. Sure, the Bengals were able to overcome a bad offensive line in last year's playoffs but I believe the current unit might actually be worse than what they had going into the divisional round games last year. I am concerned about Josh Allen's tendency to turn the ball over but if he can keep that under control in this game, Buffalo should win. Buffalo won the stats handily last week EXCEPT for turnovers. If the turnover battle is even, I don't believe the Bengals have enough here. Buffalo wins by a TD.


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                      NFL POW 5 points

                      SF -3.5, 5 points

                      I'll push all my chips in on the Niners. they just have too much on both sides of the ball for Dallas to keep up and I think Dallas is too inconsistent to put together two perfect games. Much stiffer challenge facing the best defense in the league for Dad, and even if Purdy gets a little flustered (which he hasn't so far) they still have Deebo and McCaffrey to run the ball.


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                        NFL Playoffs. 7 points remaining.

                        5 points on SF/Dallas under 46.5
                        I think Niners D will be able to contain Dallas's new-found "potent" offense and I think the Niners will be conservative with Purdy against the stout Dallas D. Only turnovers will get this over 46.5. Would have liked to see 47.


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                          Still waiting on 10 qualifiers, including most of those in contention...hope to see their plays early Sunday so we can all track the action (and I'm sure some will be looking for some last-minute betting advice).

                          Playoff Qualifier Units Wild Card P.O.W. Units Division P.O.W. Units
                          2hollywood2 12 MIA +11 (W) 17 JAX-KC u53 (W) 22
                          chamoinla 16 DAL -2.5 (W) 21
                          Genzo 13 LAC-JAX o46.5 (W) 18
                          J.herb 13 SF -9.5 (W) 18 SF -3.5
                          NinerUteFan 13 SF -9.5 (W) 18
                          Archie8 12 NYG +3 (W) 17 BUF -4
                          Blueandgold65 11 SF -9.5 (W) 16
                          phatman15 11 CIN -6.5 (W) 16
                          bimmercando 10 BAL-CIN u43.5 (W) 15 SF -3.5
                          Caseinpoint 10 NYG +3 (W) 15
                          Deano 10 CIN -6.5 (W) 15
                          JPdawg 10 BAL-CIN o40.5 (W) 15
                          Zbrajoni 10 DAL -2.5 (W) 15
                          jschanilec 15 CIN -6.5 (W) 20 KC -8.5 (L) 15
                          TARB 14 DAL-TB u45.5 (W) 19 NYG +7.5 (L) 14
                          bullybeater 11 BUF -9 (L) 6 JAX-KC u53 (W) 11
                          tospeke 11 BUF -9 (L) 6 JAX +9 (W) 11
                          barnstorm 12 BUF -9 (L) 7 DAL-SF u46.5
                          Coachv29 12 BUF -9 (L) 7 CIN-BUF o48
                          Pittsburgh 12 TB +3 (L) 7 SF -3.5
                          Aztec10 11 SEA +10 (L) 6 DAL +4
                          JIMMYJAM4508 11 LAC -1.5 (L) 6 SF -3.5
                          Mr Pixter 11 BUF -9 (L) 6 SF -3.5
                          mtheller 11 BUF -9 (L) 6 CIN +5.5
                          Asteroid M 10 BUF -9 (L) 5
                          RacingCat 10 BUF -9 (L) 5 BUF -4
                          Xavier Rob 10 BUF -9 (L) 5 SF -3.5
                          Seahawk Rick 11 BUF -9 (L) 6 NYG +7.5 (L) 1
                          DaveyShines 10 BUF -9 (L) 5 KC -8.5 (L) Elim
                          florabamaboy 10 TB +3 (L) 5 NYG +7.5 (L) Elim
                          Mrvolo 10 MIA-BUF u43.5 (L) 5 KC -8.5 (L) Elim
                          All bets are 5 units unless noted otherwise


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                            Dave, I played and lost with KC yesterday. Post on page 1 of this thread.

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                          Only 3 winners on Saturday... NYG 💩 the bed and we're totally outplayed. Best of luck to all on Sunday!


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                            Thank you Captain Obvious! 😁

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                          18 pts

                          Dallas for 5 points

                          Feel like the line is too high. Much has been made of Cowboys 4th straight road game. Purdy and Co have been stellar but this is best team they have faced since KC. Dallas pressure rate elite and i see this as a fg game.
                          Maher from 47…. GLTA


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                            NFL POW 15 points

                            Dallas Cowboys +4

                            Risking 5 points

                            I couldn't decide between Dallas and Buffalo but decided Dallas as I think Buffalo line is a point too high. i get the love the 49ers have been receiving but I also think their stock is at its high point and its time to sell. this will finally be the game Purdy looks like a rookie. this Dallas team isn't the cowboys of the past few years. I think this is one of the best defenses they've had along with a good offense when pollard is leading the way. I expect this game to be very close the whole way and actually like Dallas to get the outright upset tonight.