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2022-23 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (post conference title round pick here)

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    2022 NFL P.O.W. 15 points
    Wagering 5 points

    Philly -1.5. I'm excited for both games tomorrow. I think the home field advantage will be too much for Brock Purdy. Hurts and the Eagles O will do just enough against the tough 49ers D and Philadelphia rolls on to the Superb Owl wining by 10.


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      GL with the Beagles for what it's worth.

      It's been a while since I can recall Philly performing substantially better at home than away,
      especially when it comes down to winning ATS. The Beagles do not rule in this department.

      They are far from "the untouchables" that fans like to be entertained with in an NFL season.
      In a limited quality conference, the Beagles were one of the top mongrels.
      Even with their winning record and improvements over last season's lame results vs quality teams,
      they haven't exorcised their ho-hum home field performance records from their system.
      It's basically 3 free points here for San Francisco on this far from "home" field turf of Philadephia.
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      Nice Win.

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    11 pts

    Philly -1.5. Risking 5 pts
    Hate going against Tuley the Tout but see the Hollywood script ending for Purdy . See Eagles jumping to lead, and when Purdy is in known pass situations he'll show he's Mr Irrelevant. I see a workmanlike 10 pt victory for Fly Eagles Fly


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      12 points

      risking all 12 if allowed if not allowed 5 points it is.

      Cincy +1.5

      Burrow is 3-0 against Mahomes. With Mahomes banged up this might be the deciding factor. Cincy is on fire right now. Burrow playing with extreme confidence. They are hungry to win a Super Bowl after losing last year. This is a close game either way so I’ll take the points. 28-27 Cincy


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        16 points

        49niners / Eagles un 46.5 for 5 points

        The NFC Championship Game features two teams with excellent defenses. San Francisco was first in points allowed and first in total defense while Philadelphia finished the season third in points allowed and second in total defense. Both offenses were strong as well, but expect to see a low scoring matchup with a turnover or field goal deciding the outcome. Under is 7-0 in 49ers last 7 playoff road games. Neither of these offenses has faced a defense as dominant as the ones they will face today.



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          2022 NFL P.O.W. 12 points
          Wagering 5 points

          Cinci-KC over 47.5. I was going to go Cinci +1.5, but I think the over is a higher percentage play.

          Joe Cool and his great receivers, along with Joe Mixon should score at least 27-31 vs KC, and Mahomes and Andy Reid will also find a way to score about the same. I could see 27-27 and then OT.

          I do worry about Cinci's DC Lou Anarumo, who has proven to be one of the best DCs. I expect he will find a way to somewhat contain Kelce and Mahomes, who might not be that hobbled, but might not be looking to run as much.

          Now, someone tell me about Cinci's OL. Do they still have three starters out? And yet they managed fine against Buffalo in Buffalo in the snow. Are any of the three back this week? Or expected to be back if they make the Super Bowl? Thanks.​


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            The contest leaders are holding off on posting their plays, so I might as well just get this
            over with now and get back to sleep.

            Maybe 1st half lines for next week?
            Reduces the chance for dupe plays on side/total

            POW = 20 points
            SF-PHIL UNDER 46.5 - 5 units

            Defence is what I see here.
            Purdy won't score too many so won't be so bad if it's a one sided offensive affair where
            points will be limited. SF 23-22 ( missed XP by Philly will be costly ) is fine by me.
            Like the extra 1.5 points and not being on a 45 total line.

            Figuring on SF and the Under. Philly has the O factor and SF has the D factor. It's D-Day.
            Also KC revenge time and an Over ( ankle causing a few picks for TO points? ) in what past
            history has this as a high scoring affair, will be just that. Wouldnt surprise me to see the Over
            achieved vis a vis an OT FG. Damn cold in KC.
            I am just not sold on Philly at home.
            Would be happier seeing Philly playing on the road as a -1 fave or an any point Udog.

            Numbers show that the SU winner covers in championship games so oick a winner and
            GL to all.


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              "PICK" a winner...

            • barnstorm
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              Yeah, I see it is going to be 19 degrees, feels like 7 in KC at kickoff time. I didn't check that when I chose the over 47.5. Oops! Wind would be the most problematic. It is only 10 mph. Not too bad as it is often blocked a bit in a stadium.

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            POW 10 points

            KC +1.5
            Risking 5

            This bet is simply around who is talking and who isn’t. KC has been listening to Burrow-Head all week so I think they come out with the motivational edge. Teams are very close in most other aspects so going with the team that will have a chip on their shoulder.

            Good luck to those in contention.


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              NFL POW 10 points

              Chiefs +1.5

              ​Risking 5 points

              The Chiefs ae going to make this game look easy. the bengals line is hurt, and while they were able to overcome it last week, it was mostly due to the fact they jumoed out to an early lead and could run the ball more. its alot easier to run the ball with backup oline rather than pass protect. the chiefs have a much better offense and will get the lead early forcing the bengals to throw which will allow KC to tee off on that bengals Oline. chiefs by 7+


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                NFL POW (23 PTS)
                K.C. +1.5 5 points

                Struggling to make a pick this weekend, so decided to take the home team chiefs to win straight up. These teams have played one possession games against each other and I suspect it will happen again. The Bengals offensive line is riddled with injuries, the chiefs should be able to pressure Burrows. On the other hand I'm hoping the chiefs offensive line keep their injured qb upright. Taking my chances on the home team with revenge on their mind and enough bulletin board material (burrowhead)to rally around their injured qb and the home team crowd doesn't hurt either.


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                  NFL POW 10 points

                  5 Points SF/PHI over 45

                  Everyone talks about the defenses of the se teams but each have pretty good offenses as well. Hurts can beat you with his arm and legs and they have very good receivers. SF has weapons all over the field. Weather is about as good as you can hope for this time of year so that won't be a factor. The under seems to be getting hammered so why not go contrarian?


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                    NFL P.O.W. PLAYOFFS (11units left)
                    PHI/SF under 46.5 points, risking 5 units

                    SF and PHI have combined to allow 34.3 points per game to opponents this season. But in the past 3 weeks they are combining to allow just 28.8 points per game. Offenses get you to championship games but defenses win the big games. Two of the top defenses meet as they are peaking, allowing half their season averages. SF was under the total versus DAL by 15 points last week, and PHI has a stouter defense than DAL. I like PHI to win and cover too. Players want to get last year's bitter taste out of their mouth. Best of luck to all!


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                      POW 21 points

                      Under SF/Philly under 46.5

                      Risk 5 units

                      I hate that the talking heads and pundits have talked all week about this being a low-scoring affair, as that is usually the kiss of death, but I think it is simply the right side today! I believe the Eagles D can confuse Purdy enough to keep him in check. We all know the NINERS D will show up, so unless both offenses turn the ball over leaving a short field, this game should stay under. Both teams like to run as well, so that should keep the clock rolling.

                      Good luck to all, as a life-long Eagles fan, these are magical times. Good luck to all!!


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                        NFL POW (13 units)

                        Niners/Eagles und 46.5 for 5 units

                        PFF has forecast their fantasy predictions for the two games this weekend. The defenses for Eagles and Niners are forecast to be first and second, respectively in fantasy team defense scoring. Looking at offensive output by both teams, Niners offensive average points are lower on the road this year, while Eagles offensive average points are lower at home this year. Both teams defensive average points are better at home. Eagles were under in 4 of 6 non division conference games this year. Think Niners might cover in a close game. GLTA!


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                          22 Units

                          Philadelphia Eagles -1.5 (Risk 5)

                          I'd take this at -3. Public as it gets? Maybe. But the most comfortable play on the board is fading Brock Purdy. He's a 7-0 rookie heading on the road, in a hostile environment, against the best team in the NFL in the trenches on both sides of the ball for a trip to the Super Bowl. Yeah, I just can't. ​I think the intense Philly pass rush gets to the Rookie and forces mistakes. I also expect the Eagles to control the line of scrimmage. This is one of those plays that I will lose no sleep over if I lose. I think an Eagles blowout victory is far more likely than a 49ers win.


                          • bimmercando
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                            Well put. Congrats

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                          18 pts

                          Bengals + 1.5 for 5

                          Burrow and Co playing best ball in field. If KC continues playing to blitZ, Joe will find weapons. Mahomes is a HOF Qb but on a gimpy ankle ill take shot w jungle/