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2022-23 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (post conference title round pick here)

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  • DaveTuley
    We still have 4 P.O.W. qualifiers who are undefeated in the playoffs heading into the Super Bowl. Our group went 14-10 ATS in the conference championship games to get to 42-43 ATS overall. Please double-check your plays on the updated standings after Sunday's games. The Super Bowl thread will be posted early NEXT week when hopefully the side and total will be settled after a lot of wild opening-line movement on Sunday night. We'll again offer the option for contenders to send our their plays to me on email or Private Message and probably set the submission deadline for noon PT on Super Sunday so we can all see everyone's opinions and final plays well before kickoff. More details in that thread.

    Playoff Qualifier Units Wild Card P.O.W. Units Division P.O.W. Units Conference P.O.W. Units
    J.herb 13 SF -9.5 (W) 18 SF -3.5 (W) 23 KC +1.5 (W) 28
    2hollywood2 12 MIA +11 (W) 17 JAX-KC u53 (W) 22 PHI -1.5 (W) 27
    phatman15 11 CIN -6.5 (W) 16 SF -3.5 (W) 21 SF-PHI u46.5 (W) 26
    bimmercando 10 BAL-CIN u43.5 (W) 15 SF -3.5 (W) 20 SF-PHI u46.5 (W) 25
    chamoinla 16 DAL -2.5 (W) 21 DAL +4 (L) 16 SF-PHI u46.5 (W) 21
    jschanilec 15 CIN -6.5 (W) 20 KC -8.5 (L) 15 PHI -1.5 (W) 20
    TARB 14 DAL-TB u45.5 (W) 19 NYG +7.5 (L) 14 SF-PHI u46.5 (W) 19
    NinerUteFan 13 SF -9.5 (W) 18 DAL +4 (L) 13 SF-PHI u46.5 (W) 18
    Blueandgold65 11 SF -9.5 (W) 16 DAL +4 (L) 11 SF-PHI u46.5 (W) 16
    bullybeater 11 BUF -9 (L) 6 JAX-KC u53 (W) 11 PHI -1.5 (W) 16
    Mr Pixter 11 BUF -9 (L) 6 SF -3.5 (W) 11 PHI -1.5 (W) 16
    mtheller 11 BUF -9 (L) 6 CIN +5.5 (W) 11 PHI -1.5 (W) 16
    JPdawg 10 BAL-CIN o40.5 (W) 15 DAL-SF u46.5 (W) 20 CIN-KC o47.5 (L) 15
    Deano 10 CIN -6.5 (W) 15 KC -8.5 (L) 10 KC +1.5 (W) 15
    Zbrajoni 10 DAL -2.5 (W) 15 DAL +4 (L) 10 10
    Genzo 13 LAC-JAX o46.5 (W) 18 DAL +4 (L) 13 CIN +1.5 (L) 8
    barnstorm 12 BUF -9 (L) 7 DAL-SF u46.5 (W) 12 CIN-KC o47.5 (L) 7
    Pittsburgh 12 TB +3 (L) 7 SF -3.5 (W) 12 CIN +1.5 (L) 7
    tospeke 11 BUF -9 (L) 6 JAX +9 (W) 11 CIN +1.5 (L) 7
    Archie8 12 NYG +3 (W) 17 BUF -4 (L) 12 SF +2.5 (L) 7
    JIMMYJAM4508 11 LAC -1.5 (L) 6 SF -3.5 (W) 11 SF +2.5 (L) 6
    Caseinpoint 10 NYG +3 (W) 15 DAL-SF o45.5 (L) 10 CIN +1.5 (L) 5
    Xavier Rob 10 BUF -9 (L) 5 SF -3.5 (W) 10 SF-PHI o45 (L) 5
    Asteroid M 10 BUF -9 (L) 5 5 5
    Coachv29 12 BUF -9 (L) 7 CIN-BUF o48 (L) 2 PHI -1.5 (W) 4
    Aztec10 11 SEA +10 (L) 6 DAL +4 (L) 1 1
    Seahawk Rick 11 BUF -9 (L) 6 NYG +7.5 (L) 1 CIN +1.5 (L) Elim
    RacingCat 10 BUF -9 (L) 5 BUF -4 (L) Elim Elim
    DaveyShines 10 BUF -9 (L) 5 KC -8.5 (L) Elim Elim
    florabamaboy 10 TB +3 (L) 5 NYG +7.5 (L) Elim Elim
    Mrvolo 10 MIA-BUF u43.5 (L) 5 KC -8.5 (L) Elim Elim
    All bets are 5 units unless noted otherwise

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  • barnstorm
    commented on 's reply
    Burrow was under constant pressure. He didn't have much time to go downfield. The Chiefs seemed to get some home cooking from the refs. And that phantom play that was waved off after it was over, and then Eli Apple with the bad holding call after a Bengals sack.

  • Seahawk Rick
    commented on 's reply
    So many plays that could be focused on, but yes, moving the ball up 15-yards is ginormous at that point. CINN had the ball with 2:30 left though and don't get it done.

  • bimmercando
    commented on 's reply
    The game ending penalty that will not be forgotten.

  • bimmercando
    commented on 's reply
    Well put. Congrats

  • bimmercando
    commented on 's reply
    Nice Win.

  • bimmercando
    commented on 's reply
    Q4 and some hope is in the air.
    Maybe a cheap TD to end this game on 45?


    Now the KC game is playing out like the SF/Phil should have.
    Go Figure?

    An awful penalty taken allowing for the winning KC FG.
    Saved someone's "assets" here.
    Last edited by bimmercando; 01-29-2023, 07:11 PM.

  • bimmercando
    Q3 and just about buried!
    Panic mode has set in for SF and just hope
    Purdy doesn't throw any pick 6's to close this out.
    Beagles perhaps can comfortably turn to the ground game?
    28-7 and counting. Gulp

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  • NinerUteFan
    commented on 's reply
    This is not my play, which was posted earlier, above. Just my thoughts.

  • NinerUteFan
    I like the under 48 at Cin/KC with Cincy winning and covering.

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  • Genzo
    18 pts

    Bengals + 1.5 for 5

    Burrow and Co playing best ball in field. If KC continues playing to blitZ, Joe will find weapons. Mahomes is a HOF Qb but on a gimpy ankle ill take shot w jungle/

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  • 2hollywood2
    22 Units

    Philadelphia Eagles -1.5 (Risk 5)

    I'd take this at -3. Public as it gets? Maybe. But the most comfortable play on the board is fading Brock Purdy. He's a 7-0 rookie heading on the road, in a hostile environment, against the best team in the NFL in the trenches on both sides of the ball for a trip to the Super Bowl. Yeah, I just can't. ​I think the intense Philly pass rush gets to the Rookie and forces mistakes. I also expect the Eagles to control the line of scrimmage. This is one of those plays that I will lose no sleep over if I lose. I think an Eagles blowout victory is far more likely than a 49ers win.

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  • NinerUteFan
    NFL POW (13 units)

    Niners/Eagles und 46.5 for 5 units

    PFF has forecast their fantasy predictions for the two games this weekend. The defenses for Eagles and Niners are forecast to be first and second, respectively in fantasy team defense scoring. Looking at offensive output by both teams, Niners offensive average points are lower on the road this year, while Eagles offensive average points are lower at home this year. Both teams defensive average points are better at home. Eagles were under in 4 of 6 non division conference games this year. Think Niners might cover in a close game. GLTA!

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  • phatman15
    POW 21 points

    Under SF/Philly under 46.5

    Risk 5 units

    I hate that the talking heads and pundits have talked all week about this being a low-scoring affair, as that is usually the kiss of death, but I think it is simply the right side today! I believe the Eagles D can confuse Purdy enough to keep him in check. We all know the NINERS D will show up, so unless both offenses turn the ball over leaving a short field, this game should stay under. Both teams like to run as well, so that should keep the clock rolling.

    Good luck to all, as a life-long Eagles fan, these are magical times. Good luck to all!!

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  • Blueandgold65
    NFL P.O.W. PLAYOFFS (11units left)
    PHI/SF under 46.5 points, risking 5 units

    SF and PHI have combined to allow 34.3 points per game to opponents this season. But in the past 3 weeks they are combining to allow just 28.8 points per game. Offenses get you to championship games but defenses win the big games. Two of the top defenses meet as they are peaking, allowing half their season averages. SF was under the total versus DAL by 15 points last week, and PHI has a stouter defense than DAL. I like PHI to win and cover too. Players want to get last year's bitter taste out of their mouth. Best of luck to all!

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