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    The Jets will be overpaying Green Bay in draft picks to get this 39-year old prime donna quarterback. He just might be a cancer in the locker room. The New York media will eat up Rodgers alive as he tries to hide in the Jets locker room after a bad performance. I predict that the Jets will rue the day that the franchise made this trade to get this overaged prima donna. The Jets fucked up when they decided to trade for Rodgers instead of signing Derek Carr as a free agent. The Jets will remain the second team in New York City. I realize that the meadowlands is across the Hudson River in New Jersey, but the Giants and the Jets are NYC teams.

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      Pretty sure Rodgers has won more Super Bowls than Carr has won playoff games... Even if it's for this one year (like the Favre deal a few years ago), it gives the Jets hope... Something their fans (including Mrs G.Cotton) have been longing for, for a long, long time.


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        I’d be willing to bet the Jets finish better than the Giants. I’d also bet that if it was Rodgers vs the media he would destroy them because they don’t know how to make an argument with facts, but that’s subjective. What say you TARB, friendly wager that J-E-T-S finish better than the New York Football Giants? The bet only applies if ARod ends up playing for the gang green.
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          OK. I'll bite. Rodgers is a vain and petulant person. His ego and pride are immense. Look what happened when they drafted Love. He went out and won back to back MVPs as if to say "I'll show you." And when they couldn't resign his top target Adams , he sulked and refused to attend the OTA's which would've helped establish a rapport with Doubs and Watson. Then when things didn't go smoothly early he repeatedly criticized his young wrs which further exacerbated the situation. And a nagging thumb injury on his throwing hand didn't help either. Despite all that they came together in the last 6 games and were poised to make the playoffs with a win at home but were vanquished by the upstart Lions. Now, with a huge chip on his shoulder and a fresh start in the Big Apple, I see him having a resurgence with the Jets and all their young talent. He will be motivated beyond belief to thumb his nose at the Packers. He will also enjoy interacting with the NY media. He will have an extended honeymoon period as he settles in with his new team with some familiar faces from Green Bay.


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            Also hear that Joe Willy is open to allowing him to wear #12. How magnanimous!