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  • Charles Schwab Challenge

    Well my terrible pick streak continued last week. Desperate for a winner. $25 on the following

    Fowler 33/1
    Fleetwood 33/1
    Cam Davis 35/1
    Kirk 40/1
    Henley 40/1
    Todd 75/1

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    Did not like the odds in this tourny, played detry, fox and grillo top ten. All better than 7 to 1. Will play some match ups starting tom. Gl


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      Not playing Charlie Schwab this week, but did get down on the LIV at DC:

      Cam Smith 8-1 (1 unit)
      Dustin Johnson 11-1 (0.5 unit)
      Peter Uihlein 22-1 (.25 unit)
      Harold Varner III 22-1 (.25 unit)

      Best of luck!!


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        Good call on Grillo North Woods. You are on a roll. Looking forward to your picks next week for the Memorial tourney


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          Long live the LIV!! I love this Tour!! Thanks HV3 for coming in strong on 18 form me today!

          I will be at Muirfield all week starting tomorrow. Wil give my updates and plays as the week goes along. Now that I'm retired, I get to enjoy this tournament like most of the folks do each year, lol


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            Was a great story in today's local paper, the Columbus Dispatch, about how this tournament really does need the LIV guys here, mainly because they are the "it" players right now. Was a good piece to read.


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              Nice hit with HVIII GCotton!!!