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WEEK 13 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 13 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    Not many weeks where you’ll see virtually no upsets of teams that were picked in most pools. PITT stepped on their Johnson, but there were way too many other good home team options to take to go on PITT. INDY made it interesting, but showed up when it counted and is in the playoff hunt! The other favorite flavors of the day, DAL & BALT got some good wins too, and didn’t make their pickers sweat at all.

    Week 13 is here, and you are now into December, which is the holy land in Survivor world where now you have 5-games to run the gauntlet, and get to the finish line. Be bold, but now might be a time to map it out into year end, keeping in mind there are going to be a few average teams that will be attractive in certain spots as some will get hot, and be an alternative as you Week 1 players are having to dig deeper for good options. It’s takes some balls to be off the super favorite, but that’s how you get in the money most of the time. Zag instead of Zig here and there in case the bomber upset happens.

    I don’t think many people are reading this thread right now, as there just aren’t a lot of players left, but I’ll give my own take on stuff that can be used to fertilize your gardens if need be!


    KC @ OAK…So you’re telling me that KC would be a 21-point favorite if this game was in KC?! Overconfidence is a concern, and anyone that has KC left to pick might be on them, but that might not be many for Week 1 pool survivors.

    SF @ SEA…Yes, a division game, but SF has QB issues, and SEA has been through a barrage of great QBs the last month, and this match-up should be what the SEA D ordered up to help them look a little better than they have with their young guns. SEA offense can run and pass, and should be able to outgun a hurting SF team. Richard Sherman returns for the first time, but not a big impact on the game. Will be the top, or one of the top picks, so think about if there are other teams you like, as SEA plays SF and ARI still this season.

    NYJ @ TENN…TENN got kicked in the nuts at HOU, but NYJ isn’t HOU, and will have a tough time vs. a topsy-turvy TENN team that should be ready to fire at home to stay in the playoff hunt.

    ARI @ GB…GB not mathematically out of the playoffs, but their spirit has to be beaten down after losing to SEA and MINN the last two weeks. ARI is spunky, and will give it a shot, but if GB is in win-mode, they can take care of them.

    CLEV @ HOU…HOU is HOT, and CLEV got a win vs CINN…Big whoop.

    LAR @ DET…LAR should be rested up after the track meet vs. KC, and needs to keep the pedal on the metal to try to get one of the top 2 playoff spots.

    DEN @ CINN…A great showing vs. PITT, and CINN is in flush mode…Nice under the radar play possibly to stay off big favorites if that is in your plan.

    BUFF @ MIA…MIA gave INDY a run for their money on the road, and BUFF is a step down in class for them, will be playing hard as they are still in the playoff hunt.

    INDY @ JAX…JAX is in a freefall, and tough to see them come out of it, even at home, but INDY is hungry and playing well…Might be a ‘Dangerous but maybe’ play, but something to look at if you don’t have a ton of options.


    NO @ DAL…The best team in football travels to Gerald’s World, but this one just feels like DAL is gonna give them a game…For a while anyway. NO is super hot, and wants that number 1 seed so they’ll be up for the fight.

    CAR @ TB…CAR is better than their record, and could have easily won their last two games, but TB is the cure for their ills as they have a great run/pass game that TB can’t out-duel IMHO.

    MINN @ NE…NE at home always tough, but MINN won’t go down easy…Might be a sit back and watch game unless you think Tommy and the gang are ready to take it up a notch.

    WASH @ PHILLY…The east is still up for grabs, and PHILLY might come out of the fog enough to go on a run…McCoy isn’t a bad backup, but like PHILLY at home showing some grit in the comeback over NYG last week.


    LAC @ PITT…PITT needs a win after they crapped the barn in Broncoland…LAC without Gordon at RB takes a hit with their offense, BUT, if they have a back up that can do well, they can make it a game.

    BALT @ ATL…BALT D is playing great…ATL keeps running into the door jam, BUT this line moved from BALT -3 to ATL -1…The Antenna games I’ve pointed out this season have gone the way of the line, and this one is untouchable.

    CHI @ NYG…The NY Football Giants are still trying to hold it together even though their season is kaput…CHI is grinding out wins, but NYG will give them a game I feel…Again, that could be undigested stuffing I’m feeling....Burrrp.

    Lots of options for 2nd chance pool players, and even a decent amount of teams to pick from for the Week 1 players…It only gets harder from here!!!

    Those that want to humor me, can throw out their thoughts, and bat them around a little.

    I am totally out of bullets in my pools, and now have to collect soda cans to pay for all my entry fees! The Lizzzzy pick of the week, INDY, did come through though, that and $5 will get me a few bean burritos at Taco Bell…Love those things!

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    Thanks for the plug.11 left in our little 600$ pool and will make you smile with my pick this week,Seattle.This pool started in week 4 and can not understand how you and I are always so close but never there for the big goal is to try to take down the 600 and then let it ride in playoffs.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      I didn't get close this year at all Volo...You gotta get to December, and then the fun begins! Keep her rolling and grab the $600. SEA has got some offense going, but the D is hit and miss, but getting it done for the most part with a bunch of young guys. The team is on the rise, and will be a contender next season if they find a few more defensive players and the ones there now get more comfortable. Good luck!!!!!!!
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    Still alive in Adam’s 2nd chance pool, probably going with the Pack this week, 8 out of the 29 left can take them. I figure it’s now or never to take them while they still have slim playoff hopes. I think your Liz Hurley pics have been my good luck charm. If it’s not to much trouble keep the write ups and pics/picks coming.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Lizzy cures many ills...

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    WEEK 13 Survivor Grid for Tuesday...

    Teams with at least 1% in any of the pools listed. The Seachickens are in the top spot this week!

    Click image for larger version

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      WEEK 13 Tuesday Weather Forecast...

      Finally some games where weather can play into the games...CHI/NYG will have some rain but not cold...MIA will be 84, and that might affect BUFF in the 2nd half...MINN/NE will have some rain with MINN being a dome team out in it, and NE more used to it. The SEA/SF game is a day game, but listed as night game here...Kind of cold for ARI traveling to GB. Check it all later in the week for any changes.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	w13wx.JPG
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        Well lucked in a bit with my 3 teamer first half Bal NE&INDY win push push although all 3 won in fultime. Made $48 so $606 goes to $654

        Minn won completing 4 game parlay vs GBay on the road $100 grew to $432.

        So total is $1086 which was sorta my goal! So I’m pocketing that and starting afresh but with $200 and again hoping for $1000 by week 17

        This week SEATTLE, yes Rick, Seattle, looks the best bet to win being home vs a 3 rd string QB( unless Betheard is coming back)

        I don’t like NO as Dallas has a good D and NO really doesn’t. So a couple of timely TO and Dallas could win.. Rams and KC both figure but both are away and short prices.

        "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
        “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Nice job Barry! I should have bailed when I was close to $1000 on each of my weekly bets, but was playing it like survivor, where it's all or nothing! I will sit it out, but give it a go again next season!!! GO SEACHICKENS!!!!!

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        MISSED ENTRY nails one person this late in the season...How do you live with yourself being this close?!?!?!?!

        The Seachickens are rulers of the hen house this week! GO CHICKENS!!!!!
        ADAM 1 ADAM 2
        Click image for larger version  Name:	adam1w13.JPG Views:	1 Size:	14.1 KB ID:	3609 Click image for larger version  Name:	adam2w13.JPG Views:	1 Size:	18.0 KB ID:	3610


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          The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick of the Week issssssssssssssssss...

          SEA...The Chickens have lost their Legion of Boom, but they are 8th in scoring defensively, even though their defense has looked very average, BUT, they have been going against the LAR offense, Rodgers, Newton and Rivers the last 4-weeks...They should look much better vs. a 49er offense that just can't think of getting it done without Garoppolo. RIchard Sherman coming here for the first time will add some spice!

          The INDY pick won...That's all that mattered!

          I'm just pretending that I could buy back in after Week 3! And now, Week 9 & 11! LOL

          Week 1: BALT --- -(W)
          Week 2: SF --------(W)
          Week 3: HOU------(L)
          Week 4: LAC ------(W)
          Week 5: CAR ------(W)
          Week 6: ATL-------(W)
          Week 7: KC --------(W)
          Week 8: CHI -------(W)
          Week 9: DAL-------(L)
          Week 10: GB-------(W)
          Week 11: ARI-------(L)
          Week 12: INDY-----(W)
          Week 13: SEA

          It's always great to try to go for the gold ring!


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            Looking at the overwhelming love for the seabirds, wondering if a consensus exists with the options being green bay or tennesee. Packers seem like dead man walking, while titans can't score but do the jets really care? Good luck to all who are still in the game.


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              Nice job Volo with your Seachickens pick! They won for fun!

              Hayden, did you stay or go off GB? Hopefully off!


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                6 left for small payday and looks like Pitt this week.Reached 10 in POW and with pick gave Chargers as my dog to bet.