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NFL Survivor Pool Conversation - WEEK 3

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  • NFL Survivor Pool Conversation - WEEK 3


    I don't think I've ever been on two teams that flipped the script so hard in all my Survivor days. NYG should have been buried in the desert at half time but come back in historic fashion while DEN seemingly looking like a normal football team again but forgot how to play defense and still had a chance to tie until the ref swallowed his whistle on the 2-pt conversion. I was just numb to it all the whole 2nd half of both games. I was just hoping I didn't lose both my Circa picks!

    DET and SEA should play every year as they have some wild ones. The game should have ended in a tie as they both could have won and lost it in regulation. Good Geno, except for one play where he ran backwards, and then ran backwards even more, but helped them out as their D still is as solid as jello.

    Somewhere around 14% went out so no ginormous upsets...Yet. We know they're coming.

    I think most everyone got through, wounded, but onto WEEK 3...

    I might get back on the pick teams you have the most confidence in and not ones you know are teams you like and think can win, but know they have flaws that make you uneasy. Two years ago when I won some dough in the Million Dollar Plus pool, I didn't even think of saving teams in the first two months and when I got towards T-DAY, that's when I started mapping. That pool is nuttier than most as you have the potential of needing to pick two-teams a week for up to 5-weeks. The point is, like Compass brought up in a post is that do you save better teams while picking teams not as strong that can keep you from ever having a chance of using the 'save for later' teams as they have a better chance of losing. Somehow that sentence made sense to me anyway! LOL! The conundrum it is. I LOVED SF this past week and they were my wheel team in a bunch of teasers but I thought I'd use them later. Felt good about DAL and BUFF too. I'm reallllly lucky I have a 'later' at the moment but might shift gears and just find the teams I really think have the best shot at winning and worry about the consequences if I'm fortunate enough to get a ways down the road in any of the pools. They are going to be more popular picks, which has it's own pitfalls. I know, any team can get knocked out, but some you won't feel as bad about if you thought they were strong picks and not a team you had stomach acid Saturday night thinking about. The endless dilema it is...


    NYG@SF...Short week for the road team that stayed out west for the game. SF will likely be in the NFC championship game and NYG has played one good half of football vs a much lesser team. Barkley is out. Doesn't look good for your boys Compass. No such thing as a lock, but this one could make NYG look like they did in three of their bad halves.

    HOU@JAX...Yeah, JAX looked pedestrian vs KC, but the opposite of KC is coming to town and I love taking teams off a loss as they have a dog crap taste to get out of their mouths.

    DEN@MIA... Tough to go against the finned ones as they can get that offense humming. DEN has shown flashes of normalcy but find a way to l

    INDY@BALT...BALT is looking pretty good so far and a nice win vs CINN. I'm not sure what the status of Richardson will be with his concussion, but I don't think it matters.

    DAL@ARI...ARI jumps up in class with DAL and their good D rolling into town. It will be a like a DAL home game most likely and ARI might get boat raced in both halves instead of just one this week.

    CHI@KC...Fields is becoming a QB that is heading for the 'bust' category for draft picks. They've looked bad vs two average teams so far and they are playing a team that is anything but average.

    PHILLY@TB...This one is a little tricky as TB thinks they got something going on with a Super Bowl team coming to town that has won twice, but there seems to be something off with them. Not saying TB is going to win but it might be close in the 2nd half.

    LAR@CINN...This might be a case of the wrong team is favored. CINN and Joe Cool are not off to a good start and maybe they find their stride this week, but LAR is playing better than people thought they would and losing to the best team in the NFC last weekend doesn't mean they can't keep this one close. Beware. That line didn't drop a ton for no reason.

    ATL@DET...ATL thinks they have something going on and DET needs to get the litter box sand out of their fur the Seachickens rubbed in it. I think they bounce back vs an ATL team that has some spunk, but will find DET a tough place to play.

    BUFF@WASH...BUFF flexed well vs an average LVR team and go on the road vs a Commandos team that has a pretty good defense. Can BUFF offense get it done on the road vs a 2-0 WASH team that is now taking on a top tier team for the first time this season.

    Throw out teams you like and don't like and try to give some reasons for the picks you take instead of just saying who you're picking. It can help the rest of us. As always, post any injury news or trends of note and any insight you might have in finding a squad worthy of a Survivor pick!!

    GET TEAMS IN YOUR POOLS AS PLACEHOLDERS!!!! I didn't have one in ADAM 300 early in the week for some reason but got it in with a half hour to spare. Yes, I have a team in all my pools except Circa.

    Good luck and let's all get to WEEK 4!!!!!
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    Giants definitely had me nervous


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      Placeholder in Adam100 is SF, along with a placeholder spot in the Milly......You know the reason, short week, better team, at home......Give the Niners all day, everyday. They are going to go after Eli Dumbface Part 2.

      Jax is the other place holder. Going to have to use them at some point this year and no better time than Houston at home.


      • Seahawk Rick
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        Agree on both. SF is a force. Jax will be focused after their embarrassing showing vs KC.

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      Down to 1 in Adam and will let my partner make pick as my 2 went down,Denver and Detroit,waiting for Adam2.


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        Well I have two in Adam left, I should have none in anyplace-- Atl - you kidding? Gmen- wake up and won their game-
        This week is looking like pick a good team and hope they play up to potential- still looking but
        I am trying to break up the season into 4's then use whats left--
        So- I'm two in now, looking just two weeks ahead, if I reach that it's my tier one- look at next 4---tier two etc--

        If I lose and get knocked out, it's tear one lololol
        Dallas- KC- JAX-SF all in mix for sure!!


        • Seahawk Rick
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          I can easily see them all winning...That usually spells trouble though. Just because last year was a shit show of epic proportions, it doesn't mean we're gonna have a huge upset ever week. Reversion to the mean? Who knows. I'm gonna try to find the best teams possible and see how far that gets me. If I get to December and have to take either HOU or CHI in a game, so be it. I do have some teams I need to be aware of in Circa as T-day/Black Friday and Christmas are their own weeks. Yes, a million miles away, but those are weeks Circa players need to be conscience of.

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        Line drop in LAR-Cin game could be due to Sean McVay money pouring in! He likes his chances and the points!!


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          I just saw what it opened at on the ViSN site and where it dropped to. LAR is a solid team and I can see them winning at CINN. CINN ain't SF and they'll keep that one close. NOT touching it in Survivor but I'll use LAR in a teaser.

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        I can see all the teams that have at least 1% except for NE winning this week, which means there will be 3-giant upsets! LOL! They are all good to really good and have motivation to win. DAL gives me a little bit of pause of going into ARI with some over-confidence. That's just me, but I'll probably not be on them, which means they'll win by 20!

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          SF and JAX flipped but a tightly bunch group at the top.

          Click image for larger version

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            Gonna be a copy cat of mtheller and go SF and JAX on both my Adam 100 picks and Million + pool picks.

            SF on Adam 300.

            Not sure on Circa yet with my one entry I have left.

            San Francisco with that defense should be able to shut down the G-Men without Barkley and Danny dimes has played one good half but he didn't play it against the defense like this.

            Jacksonville went up against the super Bowl champs and didn't look good but with Houston coming to town it becomes a get right game to help them get back on the horse and ride to a victory.