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Tuley's “non-football takes" for Tuesday, Sept. 19 (post your Best Bets here, too)

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  • Tuley's “non-football takes" for Tuesday, Sept. 19 (post your Best Bets here, too)

    For a fuller explanation of what's going on here, check out our "Tuley's non-football takes" thread from Saturday, Aug. 26, but the short story is I'm still doing weekly CFB & NFL picks for, but I'm not doing my daily "ATS Report" from the previous night's games and I'm not doing MLB or horse racing plays. So, those have been moved back here to the Forums. The hope is that we’ll also bring more of my followers from Twitter @ViewFromVegas into becoming full-fledged VFV Nation members and open up more of a daily discussion of the games with other VFV handicappers as well.

    Monday was a awesome day in the Tuley’s Takes home office; we lost our MLB First 5 bet in this column here at VFV (more on that later) but won our Saints-Panthers Under 39.5 & Steelers +8.5/Over 33 teaser from our NFL column at to cap off another winning weekend.

    It was also a great family day as we received word early Monday morning that Peyton (regular readers of my columns at VSiN might recall that our 19-year-old daughter is a theater major at University of Nevada-Reno) earned her first leading role at UNR in the musical “Assassins.” It’s a musical about people who have assassinated or tried to assassinate U.S. presidents – so it’s mostly male roles such as John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, but she landed the role of Sara Jane Moore who tried to shoot Gerald Ford in 1975). And, yes, it’s a comedy LMEAO.

    I also spent part of my afternoon picking up my son Maddux after school and taking him to get his oboe repaired (just needed a new cork) before rushing him across town for his Las Vegas Youth Orchestra practice. It was a hassle and caused me to have to follow both football game on my NFL mobile app, but it’s what a dad does.

    While I was thrilled with how both NFL games turned out, I lost another MLB First 5 bet in the 5th inning (getting sick of this!) as the Nationals were scoreless with the White Sox but gave up 3 runs in the top of the 5th for another frustrating loss here.

    We’re slowly giving back our profits (luckily offset by our NFL winnings) as we’re now officially 13-11-5 (still impressive but less so at 54.2% with all plus-money dogs or PK -110 at worst for a net profit of +4.55 units since moving our "non-football" picks back to the VFV Forums two weeks ago Saturday.

    As for Tuesday, we don’t have any “swagger or anti-swagger” plays as that might be a good thing as they’ve gone cold for whatever reason. It reminds me of that stretch where I stopped making plays after the trade deadline.

    I’m also considering Blue Jays F5 pick-’em at -110 at Yankees as they should be favored and Red F5 +100 vs. Twins, but the play I like best is the Orioles First 5 Innings +135 at Astros as they shouldn’t be that big of a dog with Kyle Gibson (14-9, 4.98 ERA) vs. Hunter Brown (11-11, 4.61 ERA). Even money or +110 would be understandable, but overlay at +135 or +130 (also personally playing First 3 as I’m sick of losing all these bets in 5th inning, but keeping it F5 for official grading purposes here).

    Orioles First 5 Innings +135 at Astros

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    Shoot, just missed beating Coachv29 to posting Tuesday thread first's his plays from his other thread...we need to get him to choose an avatar!!!:

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    Tue. Sept. 19th MLB

    09-19-2023, 09:33 AM

    236-202-6 +13.90

    Lots of Totals today

    Over 8 Miami
    Toronto -105
    Over 9 Cubs
    Under 9 Milwaukee
    Over 9 Houston
    Under 8.5 Arizona
    San Diego -1.5 [-125]
    Over 8.5 Dodgers

    GL to all​