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Fury vs Wilder 🥊

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  • Fury vs Wilder 🥊

    Been awhile since I’ve posted but with the big heavyweight championship fight this weekend just thought I’d post my thoughts.

    The odds have dropped but I have Tyson Fury +170 and I also have over 9.5 rounds -160

    Its not a hard fight to handicap IMHO, Deontay Wilder has a Cruise missle in his right hand and has a huge heart. That aside, Wilder is one of the worst fighters I’ve ever seen. Truthfully, all you have to do is watch Fury’s fight with Klitschko and you’ll see why Fury should win this fight with ease. Klitschko is a big guy and Fury dwarfed him, he’s so big. He is insanely awkward and knows how to move and use angles and knows how to avoid the right hand. Honestly, if Klitschko couldn’t land a punch on this guy, and he can fight, I don’t see how a guy who has terrible footwork can land a punch on a guy when he has no idea where he’s going to be. Wilder always has a chance, especially because Fury fights with his left hand by his waist, but it’s not a big chance. I don’t see these guys trading in the middle of the ring, I see Fury keeping Wilder off balance with his movement, and unable to get any real good punches off and certainly no combinations. Fury will have his jab in Wilders face all night long, and when he does throw his right hand looking for that 1 punch, Fury will slip it and hold. I expect to see lots of clinching in this fight and not a ton of action. I don’t think Fury can knock this guy out unless his awkwardness wears Wilder down mentally. I also don’t see anything in Wilder’s game that would suggest he can box with this guy and win a decision. Like I said it’ll be a rather lackluster fight, maybe even an ugly fight, I’m not overly excited about it, but I think Fury wins a clear cut, and rather easy 12 round decision and if the drugs, depression, and weight gain during his inactivity haven’t completely depleted him physically, he can actually make Deontay look really, really, really bad

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    Just giving this a little bump for tonight


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      Love your fight write-ups Loops. Always very in depth. Saw a thing in my VSIN email this morning that someone bet $170k at MGM on Wilder yesterday.


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        What I’d give to have that kind of disposable income lol. The beauty of this fight is in heavyweight boxing you could win the first 11 rounds and still lose the fight. Wilder’s power is for real and to be concerned about Fury’s inactivity and what happened during that inactivity is a legit concern too, but all things equal, Tyson can box this guys ears off. Fury can make him swing and miss and hitting air with your punches is what will sap you of your energy quicker than anything. Plus, I know Wilder has been knocked down but he’s never been so winded that he’s had to dig deep like Ali did against Frazier with that will to win. If Fury is smart, he will take that 44lb weight advantage and push down on him during every clinch and wind him that way too. I’m also not sure Wilder has ever had to make an adjustment in his fights. He always went in with Plan A and stuck to Plan A the entire fight


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          loop's, i have been gone awhile, its good to see your still is providing the best handicapping of boxing do you have any thoughts on the under card?


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            I did but I saw this too late . They were all showcase fights more than anything and everybody who won was supposed to win.