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2018 NFL P.O.W. (Play Of the Week) Contest: Week 14 (Dec 6 - 10) Post Plays Here

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    POW 6-7

    jags - Titans under 37 everywhere

    In complete agreement with mtheller.The total has gone under in six of the Titans' last seven games vs divisional opponents.The total has gone under in four of the Jaguars' last five games vs divisional opponents.


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      POW 10-3
      Indianapolis Colts +3 - 1st half (Westgate)

      I like playing decent teams coming off a shutout loss. I think the Colts also have this game circled following the week 4 game where Frank Reich made the questionable OT decision that ultimately cost them the game and became game #1 in the Texans current 9 game winning streak. I could certainly make a good argument for taking the Colts full game plus the points or on the money line also. I like the first half best here because I think the Colts will be focused and start out strong after the shutout last week.


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        POW. 10-3
        Chicago +3 Wynn
        LA even if it loses has fairly soft last 3 games and 14-2 lands # 1 seed.For Bears playing on Sunday night at home adds a point or two.QB should play and like team a lot
        and love their defense.My second dog would have been Jets and playing both.


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          Originally posted by mtheller View Post
          NFL POW (8-5 8-points)

          In order for the over to hit, Jax D needs to score and Tenn needs to put up 27 points.
          And they both happen. No more o/u for me this season!!!


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            pow 9-3
            Houston -4 CG technology
            The Texans began their nine-game winning streak with a memorable overtime win over the Colts. Houston has an easier time of it during the rematch.
            Deshaun Watson has picked up his game of late, completing more than 74 percent of his passes and rushing for 100 yards over the last two weeks combined......


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              POW 9-3-1 Buffalo -3 1/2 Stations The Bills have played well lately with the return of Josh Allen and a defense that still gives max effort for Coach McDermott. They went in to the Meadowlands last month and won by 31. With the home advantage at New Era field, a depleted Jets rushing attack and the return of a rusty Darnold from his foot woes, they should be able to cover. GL all.


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                COLTS +4.5 (W HILL)

                Despite all the wins, the level of competition has been low, and I still think don’t think the Texans are anything particularly special.

                After being shut out last week by Jacksonville, the Colts should show a much better effort in a game that both teams desperately need for playoff positioning.


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                  One of my bets this weekend.

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                POW 11-2
                Ravens +7 -20 @Wynn and Strat but if not allowed +6 1/2 South Point
                Going with the better defense here and although one of my losses this year was picking against these Chiefs, Five of those wins came vs some of the leagues worst teams. Ravens going good last 3 games and I know it's tough two weeks in a row on the road and KC now 1-4 ats in last 5 games. I think this is where they start missing Hunt in the backfield vs this D


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                  This is a omen,only two people I know on this blog and along with Bears this is my other bet.Lets all cash.

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                6-6-1 Houston Texans -4 1/2 everywhere.

                Colts almost scored against Jacks. This game they might end up owing points against the Texans defense. Luck will suck as Houston cruises at home.Colts coaching staff just has made too many questionable decisions to have any confidence in them.
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                  POW 9-4

                  Cleveland Browns +1 (CG Technology)

                  Carolina has a miserable record on the road this year, and Cleveland actually has a winning record at home. Carolina is still dealing with a bunch of injuries, and Cam has been a model of inconsistency this season. I like the Browns chances of coming out a winner this week, gimme the Browns!!


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                    NFL POW 7-5-0 7pts ytd

                    NY Giants -3 westgate

                    Its got to be worse to be down to a 3rd qb than to lose a high maintenance wr (albiet one that can throw tds!!)

                    If big blue can score 27 in regulation against Da Bears monsters then they can score enough to cover against the banged up Skins

                    Eli isnt the better qb in many matchups these days but todays the day...

                    something like Giants 31 Skins 17


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                      2018 NFL P.O.W. (8-4-0)

                      Miami Dolphins +9 (Westgate)

                      The Patriots are the Dolphins Super Bowl as they look to measure themselves up against the best in the division for nearly 2 decades. The Dolphins aren't very good, but the Patriots aren't as devastating as they once were. NE, Belichick and Brady struggle in Miami for whatever reason and 9 points is just too many. If nothing else the back door is wide open. I expect the game never to really be in too much doubt but yet the score somehow ends 27-23.


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                        POW 6-6-1 (6.5 pts)
                        Dallas -3 (south point)
                        I am hanging by a thread.
                        Mostly a scheduling play. Dallas off the mini-buy playing last on the previous Thursday, Eagles on the short week after MNF.
                        Cowboys on a roll, especially the “D”. looking to at least keep the lead in the division, if not extend it should the Giants beat Washington.


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                          POW 8-5
                          Denver -3 Westgate

                          Denver is coming off three straight wins. I see that playoff push continue today. The 49ers don’t have the offensive talent to move the ball efficently against a good Broncos D. Denver has played well even in games they have lost. Broncos keep rolling.
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                            Carolina/Cleveland over 47.5 [ consensus ] Two really sucky defenses here,especially Cleveland against the run and passes to running backs [ McCaffery anyone ] Since Mayfield started week 9 Cleveland has one of the most effective passing offenses. All spells an easy over...