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  • NFL Week 1 pick selection thread

    Week 1 can be very dangerous as each year teams that we think are going to be good heading into the season don't turn out that way and teams we think that are going to be bad turn out to surprise us. With that being said I like a lot of games week 1.

    ATLANTA FALCONS +1 -I think Atlanta wins the NFC this year and they luck out on a way getting Foles at QB week 1 on the road. Atlanta is a balalnced team with goos speical teams, really good QB and top WR and has a decent defense. I think we will get a really good competitive game tonight but the Falcons squeek by and win this game 24-20

    MINNESOTA VIKINGS -6 1/2 -This game is my blow out of the weekend. I think this is also the game many folks in the desert and through online sites will get hurt the worse as well. Jimmy G is such a trendy QB going into the season and with some of the editions the Niners have made on top of how hot they finished last year many will be on them. Losing Jerick McKinnon is a big deal and I believe will put much more pressure on Jimmy J. The Vikings are always tough to beat at home and I don't see that changing week 1. Jimmy G has a couple forced turnovers and the Vikings win this game going away 27-13

    CLEVELAND BROWNS +4 1/2 -This is like a Super Bowl for the Browns. They finally might have there best team on paper and on the field in years and get to play at home vs a Steelers team to me that's in some turmoil. I think Mike Tomlin is one of the most over rated coaches in the league. Even if Bell plays who know whta type of condition he will be in and how much he will even play. Browns have some offense finally and win a close game 24-22.

    CINCINNATI BENGALS +3 -Bengals are my suprise team this year. O/U win total only at 6 1/2 and this is a play that i pumped. Bengals easily surpass that win total and win the AFC North. They get to play a Colts team that isn't any good. Even with Luck back whom I do like but this is his first regualr season game in a long time. Luck will be rusty and the Colts defense will be exposed. Bengals take this game 33-18

    MIAMI DOLPHINS +1 1/2 -Of all the games I'll have some action on this one does concern me the most. Both teams are usually very inconsistent. Two coaches that aren't proven. But I like the Dolphins at home. Mariota looked awful during the preseason and I think it's going to take him some time to get used to his new Offensive Coordinator. Give me the point plus in humid S. FL and the Dolphins with a 26-21 win.

    CAROLINA PANTHERS -3 -The Cowboys are a mess on the O Line and it's going to be a long day and probably year for Dak. I ilke Elliott to have a good game but other than that every other aspect leans Carolina. Even long time FG for Dallas gone. I might be missing something here but this line makes nosense to me and I like Carolina big. 28-13.

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    Like your MINN and CAR calls Fent. Would love to see CLEV pull the upset!

    Don't be a stranger on the Survivor thread! I know you are in Adam's pool again. I guess I can get a feel for your survivor picks from this thread, but your insight can help all get some wins this year, and make some dough!

    Good luck!


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      Miami is awful and just lost their starting tight end for season.They can not give tickets away.