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WEEK 14 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 14 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    The Wisconsin kids stepped on their curds vs ARI, and that put at least 20% out of pools, and probably more. It cost McCarthy his job, and now Joshy-Boy McDaniel will probably see if he can get Mr. Rodgers to another SB. TENN went down to the wire, but won, and that's all that counts in these pools! SEA won for fun, but SF lost their main RB early, and were going in for scores a few times, but the chickens got some nice defensive plays, or that game would have been a lot closer. Lizzy was a good girl this week! I asked Santa if she'd fit down my chimney!

    WEEK 14...Sphincter tightening time! Don't run scared and pick the big favorite every week if you happen to have them to choose, look for the teams that are good, but don't have most of the people on it IF POSSIBLE...One upset now can take your pool down to where you can split, or at least down to a point where any week can get you some money. BE BRAVE LADS!

    Not many reading this thing these days, but rockman for some reason wants me to post some stuff, meaning he's off his meds, or not taking enough of them!! LOL!


    PITT @ OAK...PITT lost a tough one to LAC, BUT, LAC is a damn good team and is hot on the heels of KC for the division, and possibly a #1 seeding. OAK will get up for the game, like any team does when Ben the rapist comes to town, but expect PITT to come out strong, as BALT is sniffing their rivets, and can't afford a loss here that is a gimmie.

    CINN @ LAC...LAC is rolling, and CINN is rolling...OVER! Hard to see where LAC loses, as the the carrot of the division and a high seed. CINN is on life-support.

    NO @ TB...NO off the mini-bye and the loss to Jerry's Kids. They need to win to stay in the hunt for #1 seed. TB will want to knock off the top dogs, but gonna fall just short. TB with #1 offense in the NFL...Not sure of their strength of schedule though. NO owes them one for the upset early in the season.


    These could be in the first group, but I just have a feeling about a few of them that make me think they will be close games...It might just be the burrito platter I had at lunch too, but whatever I'm feeling, it's affecting my judgement!

    BALT @ KC...Hunt is out at RB for KC, Flacco might be back in for BALT. BALT has a good D, and if they can slow KC down some, it gives them a chance to stay in this one...BALT still in the playoff hunt. I think KC will find a way to score enough for the win.

    DEN @ SF...RB Brieda is out this week, and that made a big difference in the game with SEA...Backup Wilson ran hard though. DEN D is tough, and I think they can find a way to win this one on the road as they got a little something going on.

    NE @ MIA...MIA knocked them off in fishville last year, and MIA is just cocky enough to think they can do it again. Beating their big brother means everything to them.

    JAX @ TENN...JAX is not a good team, but TENN is not a great team, and had to pull out a win vs. NYJ last weekend...Doesn't give me huge confidence, but they should get it done at home.

    NYG @ WASH...Sanchez...Nuff said. Their backup is??? I can see NYG grabbing a roadie here.

    NYJ @ BUFF...I'd rather sniff car exhaust then watch this one. BUFF D is tough though...Might be an under the radar play.


    INDY @ HOU...INDY and HOU have been rolling pretty well, but I think INDY can go into HOU and make it a close one. I think HOU wins, but trust your gut.

    CAR @ CLEV...Cammy has a hurt shoulder, and on a bad roll. CLEV a good team to go against, but I don't trust them until they show they can win again.

    ATL @ GB...Who the hell knows how playing without McCarthy will affect the cheeseballs...Maybe Rodgers explodes, or implodes as their season is toast.

    LAR @ CHI...Trubisky back at QB...I will lean LAR here, but CHI D might be able to slow LAR down enough to keep them in it. Might.

    DET @ ARI...Flip a coin...ARI as I keep saying is spunky...Still trying to get better, and getting a few wins in the process.

    PHILLY @ DAL...PHILLY 'might' be waking up out of their coma enough to give Da Boys a game...Must win for them if they don't want to be roadkill.

    MINN @ SEA...SEA D still isn't great, and MINN has a decent run game, and a good run D, which has been the chickens strong suits. Tough one to pick, but it would give SEA a giant step towards the playoffs if they can pull it off. WIll be a close one.

    That's all I got. Just take whomever Volo takes cuz he's the POW King!!!!!
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    Not in any pools. But love reading the writeups. Use them in my ML Parlay bets. As for the survivor pools, I just make mind bets. And so far I've lost my mind many times over!


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Do you just go opposite of my plays?! LOL! I hope you are somehow making big money this season!

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    I like the fact NYG and BUFF got some love...Good under the radar picks IMHO. This feels like a week a lot of teams picked could lose and pools could be down to near the last few picks...Again, that could be extra spicy teriyaki I had for lunch talking!
    ADAM 1 ADAM 2
    Click image for larger version  Name:	adam1w14.JPG Views:	1 Size:	20.6 KB ID:	3791 Click image for larger version  Name:	adam2w14.JPG Views:	1 Size:	18.9 KB ID:	3792
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      The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick of the Week issssssssssssssssss...

      BUFF...The BUFF D is very good, and NYJ offense sucks as does the BUFF offense...I will take the defense of BUFF to get a few turnovers and score a TD to win a 10-6 game! When two crap teams play, take the home team!

      SEA won, and takes another step towards the playoffs that many thought was a fantasy at the beginning of the year...

      I'm just pretending that I could buy back in after Week 3! And now, Week 9 & 11! LOL --- I think it's a good exercise to prove to yourself that there are teams that never thought you'd pick at the beginning of your pool, that look attractive at the end of the season.

      Week 1: BALT --- -(W)
      Week 2: SF --------(W)
      Week 3: HOU------(L)
      Week 4: LAC ------(W)
      Week 5: CAR ------(W)
      Week 6: ATL-------(W)
      Week 7: KC --------(W)
      Week 8: CHI -------(W)
      Week 9: DAL-------(L)
      Week 10: GB-------(W)
      Week 11: ARI-------(L)
      Week 12: INDY-----(W)
      Week 13: SEA------(W)
      Week 14: BUFF



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        Hard following Liz!

        Just some thoughts LARLAC.KC,NO,

        Now that Rams have clinched, they do need to keep playing well to keep home field advantage over NO. Their biggest test will be this week at CHI and I expect a bit of a let down, they are -3.5 compared to -10 WK13 vs DET( which was a struggle for a while), then rebound strongly vs PHA, and follow up with 2 division patsies,ARZ and SF if they need to win . Trebitski is not very good but has better leadership qualities and more proficient than Daniel, so there is a chance they lose here.

        NO on the other hand has a very tough schedule they face Div rivals Tbay then Car both on the road. Then home games vs a decent Pittsburg then Carolina again. There’s not one gimme there and if Brees plays like he did in Dallas they won’t win any!

        KC also has to keep winning and has a tough schedule made more difficult without Kareem Hunt. It boils down to the Chargers game. If they win that they win the West; but lose it and LAC wins the west.

        LAC in potential let down spot this week. It’s a so called sandwich game Cinci in between PITT and KC. I never saw a team make such a big turn around as LAC vs PITT. They were lucky in parts ,the pseudo snap by the center, the non call false start and double ricochet catch in end zone not to mention two 2 point conversions . In First half everyone knew Steelers were going to win, in 4 th quarter everyone knew Chargers were going to win. They won by a FG but if they needed a TD I’m sure they would have got it: they played the last 2 minutes just to get a FG, they woulda played differently if they needed a TD. The question is can they, do they need to, play that well vs Cinci.

        Last week $200 on Sea produces $243. Thinking to go with Sea again. Minn very bad on the road and Century is no place to play for bad road teams..What you say Rick ! Let’s do it! Sea $243 to collect.$389

        "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
        “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Gonna be a tough one for SEA vs MINN IMHO Barry...MINN D is good, and has a good rush D...SEA offense is average, but is the number 1 rushing team. IFF MINN slows down the run, SEA has proven they can move the ball passing as the O-line is better this season, but lost their main run blocker in Flucker last game. Cousins is a good QB, and they pass well, which isn't one of SEA's strongsuits on D. I think SEA can win, but if they don't, I won't be shocked. Tough play. I'd rather be on BUFF!!! Good luck in whatever you decide!

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        In my 600$ pool with 6 left taking Pitt but not betting $ and laying points.My 3 games this week are Bears,49ers and Jets.Look for a good week again.Almost bet Jax last night but Had a extra Martini and dozed off and woke after kickoff.A no bet lost is a win.GL to all.


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Drinking saves you money!!!

          What teams do you gave left other than Pitt? How many can take Pitt?

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        4 out 6 have Pitt.My 4 weeks are Pitt,Den,Rams and NO.I could take Giants this week or NO and worry about week 17 when it happens.Right now still on Pitt but have till 1 pm Sunday.If Pitt line dips below 10 May switch.For 600$ not excited but would like to win because my wife wants to tell ESPN I won a Survivor Pool.The local bookies in Miami
        want to know who is giving Volo all his winners.


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Just take whomever will get you to next week! A penciled in map isn't a bad idea, but anything can change injury wise and make you need to alter your plan. Week 17 is a crap shoot as who will need a win, and what time games are played. I think the NFL has tried to have teams that affect each other in the playoff race play at the same time though so one team scheduled late, doesn't already know their fate based off an early game result.

          OBJ isn't gonna play for NYG I hear this week...

          I'm not gonna tell you what to do...You are KING VOLO for crying out loud! Ruler of the NFL! ;-)

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        Staying with Pittsburgh and betting Bears,Colts and Baltimore with points.GL


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          Out with Pitt and there was one winner.You kind of tried to help me by asking who I had left but did not pick up on it until it was over.Need Bears to go 3 for 3.Next year is our Survivor year.Thanks for all your input. Volo


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Verrrrrrry sorry you got knocked out...I thought you were gonna win a share, or all of it!

            I thought OAK would give them a game, but PITT could win, but when they went ahead late, it looked good, but OAK got the go ahead TD, and PITT kicker looked like me ice skating.

            You might have ended up on DEN if not PITT...Tough every week, that's why there are hardly any people left in pools. I guess ESPN will have to wait until next year!

            Sorry man...Win some other bets to make up for it! At least you didn't lose out on a million! That pool lost 108 out of 122 as they had to pick two-teams this week, but back to just one-pick for Week 15 I think.

            We'll try again next year my friend. Be well and win POW!!!!
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          Hey Ric
          its HT and Sea is giving this game away. 3 points!

          they finally redeemed themselves in last 5 minutes. Score 21-7 reflected margin of play.
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          "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
          “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Not pretty, but a win, is a win, is a win...They get in playoffs with a win vs. SF Sunday...Many thought they were gonna suck this year, BUT, they don't!

          • Mrvolo
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            They will be on the road and a Dog in playoffs and worth a bet.Pete C. did a great job this year And like their energy.