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Week 13 & 14 results of the ViewFromVegas NFL (Bowl contest later today)

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  • Week 13 & 14 results of the ViewFromVegas NFL (Bowl contest later today)

    Hello...this is the weekly thread that we post to give the weekly winners and update the leaderboards of our popular NFL & NCAA contests that we host at our dedicated contest site at

    I dropped the ball last week as I was swamped with getting ready for our VSiN Bowl Guide that came out today, so we have two weeks to recap here as well as update the NFL standings with 3 weeks to go in the season! In addition, please note that I'll be opening the Bowl ATS contest with a new thread in which we'll also be tracking the standings through the three tiers of bowl games (make 7 ATS picks per tier...we have to hand-grade the cumulative scores separately here as they'll be getting added to the season records on the site and the bowl contest is totally'll see how it works when I post the OFFICIAL contest thread for that).

    In Week 13 of the of the NFL contest, we five players go 5-0 (phatman, sidewinder105, tospeke, Wes.Tijuana and yisman), so we go to the tiebreaker of whose teams covered by the most combined points and that goes to yisman at +54. He wins dinner with yours truly or a ViewFromVegas shirt if he's not coming to Vegas anytime soon. Congrats to all those with perfect marks for that week:

    In Week 14 of the NFL contest, we had just two playeres go 5-0 (Bama06 and Philly107), so we again go to the tiebreaker and Bama06 is our weekly winner by a score of +44.5 to +39.5. Again, congrats to both.

    Here's the ViewFromVegas NFL Contest leaderboard with Top 10 plus ties as phatman (who went 4-1 in Week 14 in addition to his 5-0 in Week 13) has moved into first place with 45 points, just 1 point ahead of gofer2. As you see, we have 13 (including a nice mix of longtime members of VFV Nation and some newbies, many of which have been hot lately) within 4 points of the lead with 3 weeks to go:
    phatman 45.0
    gofer2 44.0
    r00seman 43.5
    Ermine 42.5
    patkeats 42.5
    yisman 42.5
    tospeke 42.5
    Archie8 42.5
    TEXAN73 41.5
    Coachv29 41.0
    dubgee2002 41.0
    Jahiegel 41.0
    fent dog 41.0
    Week 15 lines will be available at 3:30 p.m. PT