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  • Twin Spires New Interface

    Is anyone else a Tiwnspires user? I've been a customer since they were You Bet and it's always been very user friendly and a great, simple way to wager. They just launched a new interface that is terrible. This would be a great case study for B-School, about how a company could develop and launch such a poor user experience. For a day or so, you were able to go back to the old interface, but they've taken that down. What a shame. It's going to cost them in the long run.

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    Agree 100%. It is very difficult to move around and navigate. Maybe like other things, once you use it a little bit, it will get easier.


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      you can still go back to the old way just click on Bet Now and scroll down to Classic or whatever you used before
      That's of Saturday morning today


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        That doesn't seem to be working. A few days ago, in Preferences you could go back to the old formats but not anymore.


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          I agree and called to ask a simple question and when the person who was helping me could not answer a simple question she hung up on me.I called back and asked to talk to the person in charge at that moment and after 5 minutes somebody came on and I expressed my complaints and that somebody hung up I was told to check my cell phone as that was impossible.Looking for another Betting outlet.


          • Mrvolo
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            Just called and you can still use old web site but that is only temporarily.

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          I agree. It's a complete mess. I like Twinspires Express/Pro. Go to BetNow and select Twinspires Express/Pro. Then select your tracks and click OK. It gives you the race number, minutes to post, account balance, and an easy betting platform on your tracks. If they take that away, complain like hell.


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            I haven't had a problem with the Express Pro or the Classic and I played there yesterday

            No One should ever hang up on Mr Volo